“Instagram is not Working”: Issue Explained and Solved

| Updated on February 29, 2024

In the world of social media, Instagram remains on the top with cool features unfolding from time to time. However, as said, with a great role, comes greater responsibility. And the same is the case with Instagram!

Many users are complaining about the issue of Instagram not working. And so, we are here to help you out with the problem! If you are also facing the same issue, stop tweeting about it and read on!

In this article, we are going to discuss what are the reasons which are causing the issue of “Instagram not working” and also list the other common issues that users usually face on the mega social media platform. Fret not, as there are some pretty easy solutions that can help you out with the issue. So let’s start right away!

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Why is Instagram not Working?

If Instagram is not working, there can be many factors contributing to the issue. We are going to discuss the list of some of them which might be the reasons for the cause to be occurring:

  • There can be network connectivity issues from your end. 
  • It might be possible that the issue is with the device that you are using Instagram on rather than Instagram itself.
  • There might be an Instagram outage.
  • You may not be able to log in to Instagram from anywhere or everywhere.
  • An error in creating or uploading a new post, reel, or other content on Instagram.

So these were some reasons why Instagram may not be working and what you might face while using Instagram. Now let’s see the other common issues that you might encounter.

Other Issues with Instagram

Apart from the issue of “Instagram not working”, the users find themselves struggling with some other issues as well. Here we will be listing some of the common errors that the users often face on Instagram:

  • Instagram feed issues– If you are facing feed issues on Instagram, that is a common issue faced by many users on Instagram. The issue of “Couldn’t refresh feed ” also often happens when Instagram releases its new features.
  • Instagram messages disappear – If you notice that your Instagram messages are getting disappeared, it can be due to the Disappearing messages feature of Instagram. And if you or the person you are chatting with has not turned it on while the messages continue to disappear, the other user may have blocked you. 
  • Instagram account is limited or blocked – Most of the apps have set limits to certain actions that the users take. For instance, you can’t post more than 100 tweets per hour. 

Similarly, on Instagram, you can’t follow or unfollow more than 200 users per day. And so, in order for the app to function smoothly, you must make sure that you are not going past any of the set limits. 

  • Instagram’s servers are down– If you are unable to do any action on Instagram, like not being able to share posts or stories, don’t think that it is always the fault at your end! It is rare but not impossible for Instagram’s servers to be down. You can check this out to confirm whether it is down or not by the website istheservicedown. The moment you search “Is Instagram down?”, it will appear on top with the results.
  • Music Problems– It won’t be something new if you have faced the issue of music on Instagram. This issue has been on the app for quite some time now and many users have reported it. It usually happens when users try to put or add music to their stories and posts. 
  • Users can’t access their accounts on Instagram – Many users have complained about facing the issue of Instagram not letting them log in to their accounts. It can be an issue from Instagram’s end, and you can read about it by going to their Support page, where all the issues and their solutions are discussed by Instagram.

If you have faced any of these issues, the following solutions may help you to get away with them. So now let’s jump right into how to part!

How to Fix the Issue “Instagram not Working?”

Now that you know what can be the reasons for the issue “Instagram not working”, let’s discuss the solutions in brief to solve this issue:

Restart the App

Restarting will give a boost to the performance of your device. It may sound plain jane, but the most basic steps sometimes do the trick. So try rebooting your device and check if it resolves the issue. 

Issues with the Instagram App

There is a possibility for the issue to be lying in the Instagram app itself. If there are bugs that need fixes on the app, check that the app is up-to-date, or maybe try reinstalling it from the Google Store or the App Store. 

Check for Updates

Apart from the glitches in the app, if Instagram is outdated as well, it is better to check whether there is a pending update available for Instagram in the Google Store or the App Store. If the app is outdated, it can cause issues in proper functioning.

Check your Internet 

One of the most common mistakes that users make is not checking their network connection. If you have poor connectivity, it is most likely that Instagram is not working due to that. So make sure that you confirm having a good internet connection while using the social media platform.

Check if Instagram App is Down

As discussed earlier, you can check if Instagram’s servers are down. To check this out, you can confirm it by using the website istheservicedown. Just go to Google, and type “Is Instagram down?”. Once you hit enter, the website will appear on top with the results.

Clear the Cache

In case the methods explained so far didn’t work for you, you can try clearing the cache of the Instagram app from your device. As caching improves app performance by saving app information in local memory, there can also be issues with your device not receiving the latest information from Instagram. 

Clearing cached data will force Instagram to retrieve the latest information. It can also help to clear your browser cache if you’re having issues with Instagram from your device’s browser.

Contact Instagram Support

If the methods discussed above didn’t work out, you can try contacting Instagram support. The steps are as follows:

  • Open Instagram and go to your profile icon.
  • Now click on the three-line menu from the top-right of the screen. 
  • Click on Settings from the top of the options.
Click on Settings
  • Select Help. 
Tap on Help
  • Tap on Report a Problem.
Click on Report a Problem
  • Here, you can describe the issue you are facing and even add screenshots for the error.
Describe your issue in the field.

This way, you will be able to contact Instagram directly and mention your issue to them briefly.


Is my Instagram not working because it has been disabled?

As per Instagram, the user will get a message telling them that their account has been disabled when they try to log in. The accounts may get disabled without warning if they don’t follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.

How to fix the issue of Instagram music on Instagram?

If you want to solve the issue of Instagram’s music error, make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection. Also, check that the app is not out of date.

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Senior Writer, Editor

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