How to Share Your Screen on a FaceTime Call?

| Updated on February 29, 2024

Has it ever happened that you have been trying to explain something to your friend, but it’s quite hard for them to grab it because you two are communicating via FaceTime? So wouldn’t it be better if you could just share your screen with them, and they would know exactly what you are trying to say? Of course, it would be. 

But the question is, how to share screens on FaceTime? Obviously, sending each and every screenshot to them would be a little tedious. Here, the sharing screen FaceTime feature can come to an aid. Let’s learn how this works and how we can share our screens on FaceTime.

Did You Know?FaceTime was announced back in 2010 by Apple’s owner, Steve Jobs. Since then, it has been one of the most used features of Apple. 

How to Screen Share on FaceTime on iPhone and iPad?

If you are using FaceTime with your iPhone or iPad, here’s how to FaceTime screen share:

  • Initiate a FaceTime call on your device to get started. 


To start a FaceTime call with an Android or Windows user, you need to create a link and ask them to join the video chat via that.

  • Tap on the screen to open the menu and then tap on the sharing option. The sharing screen FaceTime looks like a rectangle with a person
    click on share
  • Click share my screen
    click on share my screen
  • Once done, a three-second timer will appear, and then a black window with your initials will appear on another friend’s screen. After 3 seconds, your shared content will appear on your friend’s screen once you open the app or a website, or you can just swipe up to show them your home screen
  • Now, click on the app or document that you want to share. If you want to show a webpage, simply visit your Safari app or any other browser, and your friend will be able to view it as you are viewing it on your device. 
  • You will be able to see the other person in a smaller inset window, which you can even move around according to your requirement. Just keep in your mind that once you tap on their screen, your screen sharing will pause. 
    FaceTime screen share

The above image shows how the other person on the call will see when you will start sharing your screen with them. 

With FaceTime screen sharing, the other person or persons will be able to get the exact view of your device, the view that you are having. But this was just how you screen share FaceTime; what if you’re in the middle of a discussion and you want to take over from someone who is already sharing their screen? Can you screen share on FaceTime by taking over from someone else? Let’s find out.

How to Take Over Screen Sharing from The Other Person? 

If someone else is on call sharing their screen at the moment and it’s your turn to take over, then here’s how to share screen on FaceTime:

  • On the FaceTime call, tap on the screen to locate the FaceTime controls
  • There, click on the SharePlay icon, which looks like a person with two arcs behind. 
  • Click on Share My Screen
    click on share my screen 
  • Then a window will appear asking if you want to replace the current screen sharing, click on replace existing from there. 
    click on replace existing
  • After this, the other callers will see your initials on their screens until you swipe up and visit some other app or webpage on your device. 

And this was how you could just start sharing your screen on FaceTime and take over from someone else. But this was all about how you share screen on FaceTime, what about stopping sharing your screen on FaceTime? Let’s learn a bit about that too. 

How to Stop Sharing Your Screen on FaceTime?

Here’s how to stop sharing screen FaceTime:

  • From the upper left corner of your screen, tap on the active call icon and then click on the sharing screen icon again once. 
  • After this, you may face a problem where the iPhone camera won’t come back once the sharing has ended. In this case, click on the FaceTime app and then on the camera icon from within the app. This should resolve the issue. 

Did You Know?According to research conducted by Forbes, Apple FaceTime calls are Apple’s top #2 feature that users have been using the most, while interactive photos have acquired the #1 position in the same. 

Let’s now move ahead and learn how to share screens on FaceTime on Mac. 

How to Share a Screen on FaceTime on Mac?

While working on our Mac or Desktop Mac, we may want to share something with our colleagues, friends, or family. But transferring the same to our iPhones and then sharing screens via FaceTime would be a little bizarre. This is why I have mentioned some steps below with how you can easily screen share FaceTime through your Mac or desktop:

  • Initiate a FaceTime call and hover over it to get the FaceTime controls
  • Click on the share screen icon from there. 
    click on the share icon
  • There, you will get an option on whether you want to share a single Window or the entire screen
  • If you opted for a window, you need to pick the window that you want to share
  • But if you opted to share your entire screen, then you can just click anywhere, and the other joiners will be able to see your screen as it is. 

And you are done, let’s move ahead and also learn how we can stop sharing the screen on our Macs. 

How to Stop Sharing Screen on Mac?

To stop screen share FaceTime on Mac:

  • Return to your FaceTime window and click on the share screen icon
  • A window will appear on your screen asking if you want to switch the window, screen, or stop sharing your screen. Click Cancel and then on the stop sharing screen

And you are all done. Well, that was all about sharing screens on FaceTime as Apple is known for its picture quality, user interface, and its adaptive touch, and no doubt, they are all unmatchable.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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