How to See Your YouTube Comments History on Android, iOS, and Windows?

| Updated on February 29, 2024

Having a record of the longest video ever and being known as a mega video-streaming app, YouTube is finding its way to be more than just that with the help of its new social media–like features. 

However, since the feature of comments goes a long way back, unlike most of the other social media platforms, YouTube lets you keep a check on them. And having a quick rundown of your past thoughts that you put down in the comments of different videos isn’t a bad idea. 

So just like the Twitter user in the above-given tweet, if you also want to know how to see your YouTube comments, and maybe want to make some changes to them by editing or removing them, jump right in. 

About YouTube Comment History 

Have you made up your mind about making a comeback to a heated argument in the YouTube comments, or regret making a bad remark on someone’s video? 

And since we live in a fast-paced world, we don’t blame you for thinking about making changes in the comments. So it is quite certain that all our opinions from now and then won’t age well. But worry not, as you can always go back to view YouTube comments and understand how to check your YouTube comments.

First, let’s learn a bit about YouTube Comment History. Basically, YouTube lets users have easy access to the comments they have posted in the past under different videos. It is obvious that remembering all the videos under which you have made comments isn’t possible, especially if you comment often. 

So for that, there is the feature of Comment History on YouTube. It makes it easier for users to view all their posted comments altogether in a single place. In this article, we will give the simple steps for ‘how to view your comments on YouTube.’

Now let’s look at the possible reasons why a user may want to revisit the old posted comments on YouTube. 

Reasons Why One Might View Past Comments

There can be plenty of reasons why one would want to see past comments on YouTube. Be it the feeling of nostalgia to a change of opinion, let’s have a quick look at some possible reasons. 

  • To generally go through your old comments to reminisce.
  • For sharing a comment with someone.
  • To edit a comment or make changes to it.
  • For deleting a comment that one no longer wants to stay posted.
  • To check the response to the comment you made in the past.

So these can be some possible reasons why one may want to visit their past comments again. Now let’s see how to view your YouTube comments or how to find your YouTube comments for the respective reasons. 

How to View, Edit and Delete your YouTube Comments? 

If you are wondering, ‘how to see my comments on YouTube?’ or ‘how to view your comments on YouTube,’ the answer is here. 

We will now be giving the steps for the process for “how to find my comments on YouTube” in Android/iOS, macOS/Windows, and TV – Samsung and Android.

On Android

If you want to view, edit or delete your YouTube comments on your Android, you can do it on the YouTube app. The steps given below are for ‘how to see all your youtube comments’:

  • Launch the YouTube app and log in to your account if you haven’t.
  • Tap on your profile icon from the top right. 
  • Now scroll down and select Your Data in YouTube.
  • Then you will be redirected to Your YouTube dashboard page. Tap on More > Comments.
  • When you click on any of the videos, your respective comment on it will be highlighted and visible.
  • Tap on the three dots given on the right.
  • Now, the options of Edit and Remove will be visible. You can select the one you want to and make the wanted changes.

You’ll be able to understand how to see all your YouTube comments

 By following the above-given steps. With very little difference, these steps also apply to iOS. 

If YouTube videos are not playing on iPhone, there can be various reasons behind it. Not only that, but a similar case can also be with YouTube videos not playing on Android.

However, we are going to discuss a different method, using which you can delete YouTube comments on your Apple device. 

On iOS

Now that you have understood ‘how to see comments on YouTube’ if you are an iOS user, and you want to remove the old comments permanently, here are the steps for it:

  • Now sign in if you are asked to, and select Cancel on the appeared prompt.


If the prompt does not appear for you, it can be because the YouTube app is installed. So you can refer to the previous Android section to make changes in the comments on iOS.

  • Now click on the YouTube video where you want to remove the comment.
  • Click on the three-vertical dots given on the top right < click on Delete

The comment will now get successfully deleted. To view, edit or delete the comment(s) on your macOS device, you can refer to the next section.

macOS and Windows

For viewing, editing, and deleting comment(s) on macOS or Windows, here are the steps that you have to follow:

  • Go to YouTube and login if you aren’t logged in.
  • Now tap on the three horizontal lines from the top left of the page and click on History.
  • Under Manage all history, click on Comments.
  • You will now be redirected to your comments history page. Here, you will be able to view your latest comments to the old ones.
  • For making changes or deleting the comment, click on the link next to Commented on, and you will be taken to the YouTube video with your highlighted comment.
  • Now you can click on the three vertical dots icon on the right of the comment and select Edit or Delete option. 
  • You can also delete the comment directly from the comments page by clicking on the x icon on the right of the video.

If you use your TV to view YouTube videos, you can view your comments on that as well. However, the conditions apply to the model that you are using. So make sure that in the limited list of Smart TVs, yours is also included.

Samsung TV

If you have a smart TV, be it Samsung or Android, and you want to view, edit or remove comments from YouTube, it is not necessary to do it via your TV only. It can be easily done with the help of the YouTube app on your phone as well. All you have to do is: 

  • Sign in to your YouTube account. 
  • Now go to your profile icon from the top right.
  • Then scroll down and select “Commented on.”
  • After that, you will be able to see all the comments chronologically. 
  • If you want to make changes, tap on the three vertical dots icon.

By following these steps, you can simply view and edit the comments on your TV. However, make sure that you have the latest version of the YouTube app on your smart TV. If you are unable to view the comments on your TV, it can be due to a slow internet connection. 

But what if you want to share your YouTube comments with others? Read on the next section to find out. 

Share Your YouTube Comments via Desktop 

It is a pretty simple process to share your YouTube comments. However, it can’t be performed via mobile as it will violate the privacy terms of the users. So now, we are going to list down the steps to share comments on YouTube via Desktop. 

The selected comment(s) can be shared via desktop. To do so, all you have to do is follow the steps given below: 

  • Go to YouTube on your desktop and log in to your account/channel.
  • Then tap on the menu icon from the top left.
  • Now go to the comments history and tap on the video where you have made the comment you want to share.
    Tap on the selected video.
  • Once you reach the video, your highlighted comment will be there.
  • Now you can copy the link and tap on the share icon, or directly share it by pasting it wherever you want to.

Using these steps, you can easily understand how to see your comments on YouTube and share any of your comments that you want. If you want to get rid of all the comments and delete them altogether, the steps for it are given in the upcoming section. 

How to Delete YouTube Comments History?

It is a few steps process to delete YouTube Comments History. Just simply follow the steps given below, and you are good to go:

  • Open the YouTube app on your device. 
  • Now tap on the profile icon from the top right of the screen.
    Tap on your profile icon.
  • Then click on Settings
    Tap on Setting
  • Now, choose Manage all history.
  • Then click on Delete.
  • After that, select Delete all times and the comment history will get deleted. 

If you plan on deleting a comment on YouTube specifically, with YouTube comment finder tools, it might become a bit easier. Another important question is whether YouTube lets you see the comment history of other users. Let’s find out.

Does YouTube Show Other Users’ Comment History?

So now that you are aware of how to view, edit and delete comments on YouTube, let’s see if other people can view your YouTube comment history. Because if that is the case, it can get a bit embarrassing. 

As you can see by the tweet, the user is sharing their opinion about the video streaming platform, letting other users see your YouTube comments’ history.

But not everything you see on social media is real, so is there really any truth to this? Well, though the highlighted comments on YouTube are a slightly related thing, being able to view any particular comment can be tricky.

As we can view our own comments individually, other users can only view the latest comments that a user has made on videos. If you are wondering whether “are my YouTube comments shown in the exact data from start to end?”, don’t worry, as it would be a violation of privacy. Although, what’s interesting is that there are still some tricky ways to watch private videos on YouTube.

Closing Thoughts

Posting comments to put out your opinions about different videos is all fun and games until you find out you gave the wrong info or made a rude comment. So it is quite obvious that the first thought that may come to your mind would be to view YouTube comments and edit or delete them. 

And who wants to let the past comments haunt them when they can be simply edited and deleted, right? So, there are different methods explained in the article about ‘how to view my comments on YouTube’ for various devices, from phones and desktops to TV. As YouTube is a mega video-streaming platform that is slowly turning into more, it looks like people would like to visit their past comments now and then. 


How to view YouTube Comment History?

It is pretty simple to view YouTube Comment History. The steps for it are as follows:

  • Go to YouTube and log in to your account.
  • Then tap on the Menu icon from the top left of the page.
  • Select History.
  • From the right menu, click on x Comments given at the bottom.
  • Now, you will be redirected to the Comments History page. You can view all your posted comments here.
Can I see all my comments on someone else’s YouTube channel?

While YouTube lets you view the recent comments that other users have made under other videos, it does not let you view all their comments altogether under any specific video. It will clearly be a violation of the user’s privacy.

HOW to turn off comments on YouTube?

Turning off comments on YouTube is a simple process:

  • Go to the YouTube Studio app.
  • Tap on Content from the left sidebar.
  • Now click on the thumbnail of the video from where you want to delete the comment(s).
  • Then tap on the pencil icon from the top of the screen.
  • Click on the More option from the bottom.
  • Lastly, head over to Comments > Disable Comments.
Why can’t I see my posted comments?

As per YouTube Help there can be two reasons why a user may not be able to see their comments, and they are:”

  • Your comments are marked as spam.
  • The channel’s settings for comments filtering have your comments pending section to
    review by the owner.
IS it possible to mass delete YouTube comments?

As of now, there is no feature or option by YouTube to delete all comments at once. If
you want to delete any comments, the only option is to clear the comments history
altogether at once.

Why can’t I see comments on my video?

If the YouTube comments aren’t showing up, it is possible that the comments are not
enabled. To enable them:

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