Best YouTube Comment Finder Tools In 2023

| Updated on February 13, 2024

Do you want to increase the number of people who see your YouTube video

Have you ever searched through your YouTube videos for a comment you simply had to respond to?

When searching for a specific comment on YouTube, it can be challenging to find it. For this reason, a good YouTube comment finder tool is now crucial for anyone attempting to expand their audience on the platform.

Each YouTube video has a separate section for comments. It’s easy to locate a specific comment in a YouTube video with a small number of comments. But navigating through a comment section with hundreds or even thousands of comments can be very time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes even impossible.

You might need to learn specific information about YouTube comments you or other people have posted. Fortunately, there are a few YouTube comment history finder tools available. The information provided below can be useful if you’re having trouble coming up with a workable solution.

I’ll review the top tools to search YouTube comments in this post so you can find what you’re looking for more quickly and easily.

Let’s Get Going!

What Is A YouTube Comment Finder?

With the help of a free online tool called YouTube Comment Finder, you can search through and find specific comments on a YouTube video.

These tools are fantastic if you’re looking for a particular comment or want to view all the comments on a particular video.

A complete toolkit for comment modification has not yet been developed by YouTube. Combining the available tools and free YouTube comment finder applications has made it simpler to delete inappropriate, offensive, or unprofessional comments and interact with real YouTube subscribers.

You can therefore use a free third-party browser extension or website to search for information instead of browsing YouTube comments.

How To Search YouTube Comments Efficiently?

Users typically conduct a YouTube comments search by opening the desired video and scrolling down to look for comments. If they have a specific goal in mind, they can also use the Ctrl + F function to find comments that include specific words. 

Additionally, you can visit your channel and view all of the comments left on your videos by clicking on Comments in the left panel. 

These conventional official methods, though, are cumbersome and ineffective for finding comments. If you want to find YouTube comments more quickly and wisely, you can rely on some third-party YouTube comments finder tools.

Youtube Comment Finder Websites

These YouTube comment finder tools will enable you to find any comment on YouTube, whether it is the first or most current comment. These tools work as YouTube shorts comment finder too. Let’s start by taking a look at some websites where you can find and search YouTube comments for a certain video.

  1. YT Comment Finder

One of the easiest-to-use and straightforward comment-finding tools on the internet is YT Comment Finder. It has amazing outcomes and is free to use. 

You can use YT Comment Finder to search for comments on a certain YouTube video, channel, or video ID. Let’s see how this works.

  • Click SEARCH after entering the name, channel, or VideoID of a video or URL link address. 
Enter Video URL
  • Locate and select the Search This Video option next to the desired video.
  • To find the results, enter the keyword from the comments and press the SEARCH button.
Search The Keyword

With YTComment, you can view the overall general information of the YouTube video or channel, and all you have to do to find a comment is, just put in the word you’re looking for to obtain a list of all the comments that pertain to that term or its synonyms.

  1. HADZY

Another YouTube comment finder is HADZY. It can search, categorize, and analyze YouTube comments as well as look up and find comments for a certain YouTube video. 

HADZY Homepage

It functions similarly to YTComment Finder. You just need to enter a share link or URL from a YouTube video into HADZY’s search field. 

Then you may read the whole history of YouTube comments on any video by just clicking “paste on the clipboard.”

You may sort the comments there by replies, likes, and posting date. You can thus search for the oldest or most recent remark on this video. As a first YouTube comment finder tool, finding the first 10 comments on a certain YouTube video is also easy with HADZY.

Aside from all of this, HADZY also includes a special function of Youtube statistics. It allows you to keep track of the most common phrases used in the comment section and the most frequently asked questions by your followers by clicking the View Statistics button. 

On their homepage, you may view a user-friendly YouTube instructional video and get all the information.

  1. YouTube First Comment Finder

Although YouTube offers settings to find out the first comment on a video, doing so is a cumbersome process that can be accessed by the creator only. There is a website that can locate and filter out the first remark of the desired video on YouTube. 

  • The target video’s link address should be copied and pasted into the YouTube URL column. 
  • Select Get Video. 
  • The first comment for the pasted video will eventually appear in the right part of the website.

YouTube Comment Finder Extensions

Apart from the above mentioned websites, there are some YouTube comment finder extensions too that can help you to find out your desired comments.

  1. YouTube Comment Search (YCS)

A Google Chrome extension called YCS YouTube Comment Search lets you search through the contents of comments, responses, chat replays, and video transcripts for the currently playing YouTube video. 

More than just finding YouTube comments, YCS’s search engine for comments also offers language search, the ability to check time stamps, conversation replay, and much more. 

  • Open any video on YouTube that has comments and begin playing it after installing YCS. 
  • The YCS extension should appear in the top right corner of your browser. A search bar will then show when you click it, above the comments. 
  • Simply enter your keyword and press “Search.” After that, you will get the desired outcome.
  1. “Show YouTube Comments While Watching” Extension

With the help of this Chrome extension, you may view comments as they are made on YouTube videos. 

You will see the comments in a side panel where you can sort them by responses, top comments, or most recent comments.


These are some of the best YouTube comment finder tools to search comments on YouTube that may make the process of finding comments on any YouTube video quicker and easier and unquestionably benefit your channel’s SEO.

You can keep track of the positive and negative comments on your videos with the help of YouTube Comments Finder, which helps to monitor your YouTube performance.

When you are out of ideas for YouTube videos, you may utilize this as a marketing technique by looking at the questions that other people are posing in the videos of your rivals. You’ll have a better idea of what people want to see as a result, and you can base your content creation on that.

I hope that this was a good and informative read for you. 


Why do YouTube comments disappear on YouTube?

Some channels put comments on hold for a short period of time so the creator can review them. All comments may be held or just those that contain a certain set of words may be subject to this comment moderation. If your YouTube comments don’t show up, they have either been removed or are awaiting review.

How do I see my YouTube comments history?

The left-hand navigation menu can be found on the YouTube homepage. When you select “History,” a panel titled “History Type” will appear on the right side of the screen. Then, just choose “Comments.”

You’ll see a list of your YouTube comments on the following page. These will be presented in reverse chronological order, beginning with your most recent YouTube comments.

Can Youtubers see deleted comments?

The creator of the video won’t be able to see a deleted comment if it was posted on a YouTube video but deleted before the creator could see it. But If the comment’s author has enabled comment email notifications, the comment might still be viewable and accessible through email.

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