How to Half-Swipe on Snapchat in 2024?

| Updated on February 29, 2024

Who wants to get caught sneaking into the messages while not wanting to be noticed? Well, the Half-Swipe feature surely does the trick on Snapchat. Read out to know more about it. 

“Can I have your snap username?” is a pretty common question in today’s time as Snapchat is one of the most used platforms across the world.  

And there is no denying that Snapchat is certainly an interesting platform with various exciting features (like making streaks, snapscore, etc). And one of those features (not exactly a feature, but a kind of hidden feature) is Half-Swipe on Snapchat. 

Half-Swipe on Snapchat

While there are plenty who know about this and would never wish for a nightmare as given in the above picture, there are still some who are not aware of it or don’t know how to use it. It is a life-saver in many embarrassing situations and often comes in handy while having a conversation and staying low-key. 

So if you want to know in detail about it, join in and read on. In this article, we are going To talk about what does Half-Swipe mean on Snapchat, how to use it, and most importantly, whether it still works. Let’s find out and get started. 

What Does Half-Swipe Mean on Snapchat? 

The Half-Swiping has been around on Snapchat for quite a while now, or you can say almost since Snapchat ever came. Many users use it for their own respective reasons – from privacy to not wanting to be noticed while reading messages. 

However, there are still many out there who have no clue about how Half-Swipe on Snapchat works or what it is. And so, we are here with a simple and thorough guide about how to Half-Swipe on Snapchat and what it is exactly. 

Basically, Half-Swiping on Snapchat is a sneaky way to read someone’s messages on Snapchat without being notified as “opened.” and if you are wondering whether you can still do that, read the following section.

Can you Still Half-Swipe on Snapchat?

While there is no certainty for half-swiping on Snapchat to always be there, as there have been various updates on Snapchat in the past in which the users could no longer use it. 

Hence, there is no telling what the future holds for this sneaky trick of Snapchat. But, if you are still willing to know about it and how it can get done, read on and follow the steps given in the next section.

How to Half Swipe on Snapchat?

As discussed earlier, the half-swipe trick on Snapchat is not permanent and there is no telling when it will be gone in any of the updates like it did in the past. However, it is available at the time of writing, and we are going to give the steps for how you can half-swipe messages on Snapchat.

  • Open Snapchat and tap on the chat icon.
  • Then select the user whose message you want to half-swipe.
  • Now press and hold the bitmoji of the user and swipe right slowly until you can see their message(s).
  • After that, you can read the message for as long as you want, but if you take a screenshot, the user will be notified. 

If you think that this method didn’t work for you, you can try other methods as well and see if they work for you. 

  • Using An Older Version of Snapchat 

Every method or action comes with its own pros and cons, and the same is the case here. If you want to use the half-swipe feature on Snapchat, you can try it out by finding a pre-update version. But keep in mind that this version will not be available on Google Play Store or App Store as new updates keep coming in with the latest version available.

And the method will work only if you are an Android user. In addition, you will be unable to use any latest features by Snapchat, even if you somehow manage to get a pre-update version from June that took away the half-swipe feature. 

So shady ways like this can cause damage to your device and not worth the risk either. And on top of that, there is no guarantee for how this unofficial update will work. However, the final decision is yours to make. 

  • Enable Airplane Mode on your Device

This is another way to see the other users’ messages without letting them know. It is pretty simple – all you have to do is turn on Airplane Mode and head over to the conversation. Once you are done reading the messages, close Snapchat completely and turn off the Airplane Mode. 

Now, when you open Snapchat again, the other person won’t be notified about it. Even though this isn’t the way to half-swipe, you can manage to read the messages without being noticed. 

So, using these two ways, you may now be able to half-swipe on Snapchat. The version of Snapchat and the time during which you are using Snapchat are imperative. Hence, keep these two points in mind before trying to use this feature. 

But does Snapchat notify the other person when you half-swipe their messages? Because this situation can surely turn embarrassing and awkward. To know about it, read on. 

Does Snapchat Show When you Half-Swipe?

As of 2022 (and at the time of writing), Snapchat’s latest version is v12.08.0.32 Boo . And it also has the feature of half-swipe. Hence, if you are using this version, it supports the half-swipe feature for now at least. 

In June 2022, a lot of people were raising questions about whether the option is not there anymore after an update of Snapchat. They even made jokes and memes about it all over social media and flooded it with update’s news, as shown in the image above. 


Does Snapchat inform you when you half-swipe someone’s chats?

It didn’t used to, but now it does. Snapchat’s half-swipe trick allowed users to read the message from other users partially without being noticed, but it apparently notifies the users now.

Can Android users install the pre-update version of Snapchat?

Yes, Android users can simply go to APK Mirror and select any version that they want to update.

Is it possible to access the feature of Half-Swipe on Snapchat from both Android and iPhone?

The Half-Swipe trick can be done on any device compatible with Snapchat, as of now at least, irrespective of the device.

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