Gmail won’t load- Troubleshooting the Most Prevalent Gmail Issue

| Updated on March 1, 2024

I was in the middle of a conversation when he called me up and said ‘it’s not working’, I was dumbstruck. I surprisingly asked why, what happened now? Everything was fine when we last talked. 

He said, No! It has not been working for the last hour. 

After a gap of two breaths, I enquired, what are you talking about?

“He replied, Gmail! What do you thought?”

I quickly googled the problem and told him all he could try to make his Gmail working again and hung up the call.

It was the most technically embarrassing situation of my life. So I thought why not share this incidence with my readers as well what workarounds will save them from the stress.

What is Wrong with Gmail? 

Even I have faced this problem when Gmail won’t load for hours and hours. When this happens, the possible reasons are:

  • Your browser is not compatible with Gmail.
  • One of the browser’s extensions is not working with Gmail.
  • Browser’s caches and cookies are overpowering Gmail.
  • Gmail is down

If you are wondering ‘Why won’t Gmail load?’, let me tell you, you are not alone.  It is one of the most common Gmail issues and now we will go together on a trip to the troubleshooting lane.

Gmail is Not Loading? How to Make it Work Again?

First of all, let’s take the official route. If you visit the Gmail Help Centre, you will find an entire section dedicated to the ‘Gmail won’t load’ problem. Here are the solutions Gmail has provided you for the problem:

  1. Gmail is compatible with a number of browsers; you just need to make sure you are using one of them.
  2. Not only browsers, their extensions or add-ons can also be the culprit. They can prevent Gmail from working and you can just temporarily turn them off. 
  3. Get back to the sign-in page of Gmail after clearing up all the caches and cookies of your browsers.

That’s all with the official thing. But I have a few other tricks for you as well.

What Else To Try If Gmail Is Not Working?

The above solutions may or may not work for you; here is what else you can try:

  1. If Gmail won’t load in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or whatever browser you use, just switch the browser you have. In case if it helps, you don’t need to proceed further.
  2. Check if the Gmail is down, it is rare but one of the important steps. Visit G Suite Status Dashboard and have a look at Gmail, if it is going through bad times.
  3. The antivirus you have installed might be busy interfering with Gmail. Temporarily disable the antivirus software and check if it helps or else put it back to work.
  4. Open a different website using the same network and check if the internet is working properly.
  5. Make sure is added to the list of allowed sites of browser, if not; manually adjust the settings of your browser.
  6. Reinstall the browser as at times it may act weird and can be the reason for this Gmail problem. Make sure you install the latest version of the compatible browser and not the unsupported one. 

Now, you know what to do when you can not access Gmail and there is no need to call up someone. Furthermore, if Gmail is not working on your Android device or iPhone, similar solutions will work with a bit of alteration. You can try reinstalling the email app, changing the browsers, or switching to a different network.

Hopefully, I answered all your queries regarding “Why is my Gmail not working” Happy Gmailing!

Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert

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