Praiseworthy Laptop Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Mobile Review, 2024

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Graphic cards are the most essential feature in gaming laptops, and therefore, gamers make major investments in them. Nvidia has been one of the most powerful graphic card manufacturers, trying to enforce a gaming world that is stupendous through several evolved features, for example, ray tracing. 

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Mobile is called one of the fastest and most compatible graphic cards, but there are still many cards that are much more powerful and competing in the market. For example, Nvidia’s competing best graphic card is: Nvidia RTX 4090 vs. the RTX 3090.

Well, this article talks explicitly about the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 video card and discusses its benchmark performance, its workings, reviews, and much more. It would be fun to know if this video card is worth it in 2023. Let’s find out without further ado.

  • Decent memory support of 8GB.
  • The Memory speed of 14000 MHz helps run the extensive modern titles.
  • The power consumption of 150 watts is less and therefore appreciable.
  • In extensive modern tiles, the frame rate drops to a meager rate.
  • The core speed of the mobile GeForce 2080 is lower than the desktop version.
Date of Introduction06.09.2019
Core Speed1380-1590(Boast Speed)
Memory Speed14000 MHz
Memory Bus Width256 Bit
APIDirectX 12_1, OpenGL 4.6
Transistor Count13.6 Billion
Memory TypeGDDR6
Power Consumption150 Watt
Notebook SizeLarge
Exciting FeaturesNVLink, DLSS, Raytracing, VR REady

Benchmark Performance of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

The RTX 2080 graphic card has been announced as the fastest graphic card by various critics, so let’s find out if it really does so and also pleases the gaming geeks.

  • Design: This video card is based on the Turing architecture with a 12 nm FinFET process. It has 13.6 Billion transistor counts and 2944 unified pipelines.
  • Core Speed: GeForce RTX 2080 is a slower card than desktop RTX 2080, as its core speed of 1380 with a Boast speed of 1590 is very slow. This seriously leads the user to suffer from decreased frame rates and weaker graphic performance. Although RTX 2080 can still run modern gaming tiles within 4K settings. 
  • Power Consumption:  The card doesn’t charge much power while working; its power consumption unit is only 150 watts, and therefore this is one of the pivotal reasons why users prefer this graphic over other cards.
  • Memory Speed: This feature is basically an asset for the graphic card, and therefore, it determines how well textures and other processing will be held. Being one of the essential graphic features, users prefer around 6GB to 8GB of memory speed support for up to 1080p gaming. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 offers a maximum of 8GB of memory support with memory type GDDR6 and a memory speed of 14000MHz.
  • Performance:  It blesses the user with up to 4k gaming support and modern gaming tiles, but with reduced frame rates that would definitely ruin the game quality. Some of the exciting features in graphic cards are Raytracing and VR-ready capabilities. Although there are various VR-ready laptops available in the market to choose from. It has DisplayPort 1.4 already and also has HDMI 2.0b, HDR, Simultaneous Multi-Projection (SMP), and H.265 video en/decoding support.

These were some of the benchmark features of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080. Now let’s learn some of its drawbacks.

Drawbacks of Nvidia RTX 2080 Graphic Card

Before buying a video card, it becomes essential to know its cons too. Some of the loopholes in the performance of the Nvidia 2080 card have been presented below.

  • The card is able to run 4K gaming titles but at a degraded frame rate. 
  • The core speed of the card is 1380, while its boasting speed only extends up to 1590, slower than the Nvidia RTX 2080 desktop version. This speed doesn’t support appreciable gaming quality throughout.

These were some negatives noted in the functioning of the RTX 2080 card.

Price and Availability

The table below showcases the market presence of the card through its price and availability details.

Retailing StorePriceAvailabilityRating
eBay$394.99 ($76.32 for shipping)YesNot rated

Customer Reviews

The reviews of customers are beneficial and must be heard before buying any technical stuff online from the market. Here are some of the honest and unbiased views of customers on the Nvidia RTX 2080’s performance.

  • “The RTX 2080 may offer almost-identical 4K performance to the cheaper GTX 1080 Ti, but the addition of ray tracing and DLSS could well be enough to make it one of the most lust-worthy graphics cards on the market.” ~ Ryan Jones
  • “I bought this card for a new build that I was putting together. I paired this card with an i9-9900k and 32 GB of 3200mhz RAM. I put it all on an Asus Rog Strix z390 E motherboard. I installed everything and booted up the computer, installed everything, opened MSI afterburner, and started playing. Mainly I play Apex Legengs right now, so that is what I am going to base this review on; I’ve had the card for two days and have not had a chance to try any other games. Anyways, booting up Apex and leaving everything on mad settings, 1440p 144hz, the card runs at 70-95%. Auto boost clock running at 2050 out of the box with no tweaking. I have pretty good airflow, but running this card with these settings, the temp peaks at 55c and does not dip below 144hz. So far, with performance, I am absolutely pleased.” Defio
  • “Also, and this has no effect on my review; the first day I had the card in, everything ran perfectly. My temps were slightly higher, but that was because I didn’t plan far enough ahead to realize that the motherboard only offers 2 Chassis Fan Headers and a couple of others, so I only had 3 fans running in the case. Since all my fans are Corsair and I did not want to buy splitters, I purchased a commander pro to control fan speed and RGB. To get the iCue software to control the PWM fan speeds, I had to update iCue to the latest version. I put everything in, booted up, upgraded, played with my speeds, and started playing. My gameplay went from 144 fps butter smooth to 100-120 fps and stuttering. Would I buy it again? Yes, I would.” ~ Donald
  • “You can really feel the quality and attention to detail just by holding the card; it definitely does not feel cheap. Personally, I love the reflection on the super card; it goes with my build and looks super clean. Its representation in Kina feels like an Apple product. With its all-aluminum build it packs some serious power, easily dominating 1440p and 4k games, especially games for ray tracing. I would stay away from the 2080 Ti, it’s way too expensive,  I feel as if the 10 -15 fps difference is not worth it for that much performance. I think the 2080 Super is the sweet spot. but if you have the money go for it or sli with the 2080 supers. I love that it is quiet, like extremely quiet, probably because I upgraded from a GTX 1060 to an RTX 2080. I can just tell the difference and appreciate its noise level. Anyway, that concludes my review. It’s a definite comp if you’re thinking of buying this high-end card.” ~ Braid

Should You Buy It?

Yes, this can be a worthy investment for gamers, especially for one who wants to watch the old gaming restrictions and freedom in 1080p. This card also allows 4K gaming with modern gaming titles, and that’s fantastic news. If you desire a perfect graphic card, then turn to another Nvidia option because the core speed and memory support of this card are not pleasing.

Closing Thoughts

Graphic cards that are dated, like the RTX 2080, still give an exemplary performance, and that’s something to applaud. These technologies have always helped the customer gather worthy memories as they have major basic features covered in their benchmarks. 


Is the RTX 2080 a good card?

Yes, the RTX 2080 graphic card is a significant card that provides appreciable graphic support in limited settings.

Is RTX 2080 a good card in 2023?

Although there are several options on the market for users, the RTX 2080 can still be a leading card for beginners who prefer to play only in 1080p.

Does the Nvidia RTX 2080 run 4k?

Yes, other than giving an exemplary performance in 1080p gaming, the RTX 2080 supports gaming at 4k with up to 60fps.

Does RTX 2080 support ray tracing?

Yes, the RTX 2080 is capable of providing the ray tracing feature to its users.


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