6 Essential Facebook Ads Matrics in 2024

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Your marketing strategy for this year needs to be planned now. To achieve success in 2024, goals, objectives, and the desired success must be determined from last year’s data. Your Facebook business page will need to know what’s popular with your customers. Facebook keeps adding new metrics to track different aspects of your business. During the next six to twelve months, what key Facebook metrics should you monitor? Learn more here.

Organic Reach

Organic reach is a way of tracking ad performance on Facebook and represents the number of people who saw one of your posts without purchasing it. One way of doing is to use the Voluum Tracking Software. Or, Facebook Insights lists organic reach under the Posts tab. By dividing the number of organic users by the number of updates you post, you can determine your organic reach.


Imagine you have 50,000 users and have published 20 updates this month. It will result in 2,500 organic views.

Organic Reach

Users’ impressions are counted based on how often their posts appear on their timelines. You can measure these by looking at how often your posts appear on the newsfeed and the right rail. The number of impressions you get is important because it tells you who sees your content but you have to remember that the more content you share, the fewer organic impressions you will receive.

Since newsfeeds are getting crowded, your content won’t be displayed as frequently to the same people who saw it once. If you want to know how many impressions are on your posts, go to Facebook Business Creator, check “Content Library” and click any post you want to see insights on.

Page Likes and Followers

Facebook doesn’t allow you to pay directly for page likes, so they’re considered an “earned” metric.

When it comes to increasing your page likes, you should post engaging content at the optimal time according to your audience’s preferences and your industry. Look at the overview tab in your page insights to see how many followers you have connected with.

Top Posts

The most popular posts are those that top contributors have shared. Make sure that your audience finds value in content that top contributors share. Visit the top posts section under insights, and then click on the tab for top contributors to see which posts are engaging your audience.

Retention of Facebook Audiences is Very Important

It indicates how long your audience viewed your video and whether the overall video is too long. The screenshot shows the drop-off at 0:22, which is very low if the video length is 2:30. The content does not align with the audience.

The Facebook algorithm encourages users to connect with your content when analyzing video metrics. It allows Facebook to recommend your content to more users who may be interested in your niche.

Facebook Referral Traffic

How many people clicked your Facebook post and went to your website. Measuring this metric allows you to determine how persuasive your content is and what types of content are popular.

Using referral traffic to measure how effective your social media content is is a great way to monitor its effectiveness. It is assumed that a post will perform better than others if it attracts more visitors to your website.

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