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Google Support- What’s in the Store for You?

  • If you are looking for help from Google, there is no support number provided by Google.

  • The numbers claiming to be of Google’s are only spam.

  • You can take help from help articles provided by Google on its Contact Us page.

  • Google doesn’t consider it important to connect with you on the phone for every small issue you have such as lost password,etc.

Google CEO does not think of Google as a web search company rather he thinks of it as a technology company. The main motive of the company is to solve the problems of people with the help of technology. But here’s the catch: Google doesn’t really pay attention to the problems created by its own technical products.

So if you are searching for ‘How do I contact Google?’, here’s what you need to know:

  • There is no specific phone number for Google and if you are able to see one that possibly is a scam.
  • Google provides help by the means of informational blogs that can be read on its official ‘Google Contact Us’ page. On that page, they have provided complete support related information for every single product they have introduced till now. Here is the link for the same-
  • Google is a ‘giant technology company’ that implies it will not entertain every one of you over the phone regarding minor issues like lost passwords or problems while signing in.

Google is busy easing our lives by creating more technological services and their products are widely used all over the world. So expecting them to answer your call in real is something not practically feasible.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t value you or your security is not important to them. Contacting Google support is not just about dialing its phone number, you have other options to get in touch with Google.

How to Call Google?

Contrary to what has been mentioned above, you can contact Google customer service by dialing 1-855-836-1987. But still, no real person will talk to you unless you have a hardware related issue. The other scenario will be that you will only get to hear a recorded voice and that will instruct you which Google help page you must visit. You can also email Google for support at But there is no surety of receiving a response.

Google Support- What are the available options?

Numerous products have been provided by Google. Be it Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome or Maps, the chances are you are going to face issues. Instead of investing time on each and every support related call, Google has preferred the option of providing tutorials or information about the common issues in relation to its services.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Visit the link where you will see a comprehensive list of Google products such as Google Account, Google Drive, Adsense, pixel phone and much more.
  2. Click on the product that you are having issues with and on the next page, you will find some of the topics related to your problem, click on the best-suited one. Let’s look into the Google products one by one:

A. Google Chrome

  • Upon clicking ‘Google Chrome’, you will be taken towards the help page from where you can go through any of the help articles as per the issue you have.
  • From the Community tab, you can go through different posts created by users or describe your issue to get help from other members.
  • From the Announcements tab, you can know about the changes introduced for Google Chrome.

B. Google Account

  • Next comes ‘Google Account’ and on clicking you will find articles related to your Google Account security, privacy, management, recovery, etc.
  • You can also visit the Google Account Help Community from the Community tab to view all the featured posts and get help from other users.

C. YouTube

  • YouTube is another product for which help is provided by Google. You can avail of help for your YouTube account as well as to grow your channel.
  • The YouTube Help Community will provide you answers for all your queries as provided by the users.

D. Gmail

  • If you are a Gmail user, this will be a lot helpful to you. Browse through the articles to get all sort of help for your Gmail account.
  • Gmail Help Community can also be visited to get answers for your questions from other Gmail users by making posts.

E. Google Play

  • If you want to know how to get started with Google Play or need any sort of support, it is the right way. Just enter the issue or select from the articles available.
  • The community tab will take you to all the Features posts related to Google Play.

F. Google Search

  • Google search answers all your queries but if you need help for this search engine, you need to visit this section.
  • Visiting the Google Search Help Community will let you get answers for all your related queries.
  • From the ‘Announcements’ tab, you can check what’s coming new in Google Search and how to use that.

G. AdSense

  • If you are new to AdSense, this guide has all the answers for you. Just click on the icon and select what is relevant to you.
  • Next, you have the community section where you can discuss your questions with the members who are facing the same issues.
  • The ‘Announcements’ tab will let you know about all the changes and innovations made in the AdSense world.

H. Pixel Phone

  • Google has introduced its Pixel phone and if you own that, you will need help that can be obtained from this section. Everything you want to know about this phone can be obtained from here.
  • Google Pixel Help Community has all the information about the updates of Pixel phone and other related details such as device performance, camera etc.

I. Google Maps

  • Google Maps help you with directions and if you get stuck somewhere while using this utility, you can avail help from here.
  • The ‘Community’ tab will also help you with using Google Maps such as Directions and Navigations, Business Information, Location, etc.

J. Google Drive

  • If you need help to use or manage Google Drive, you can visit the ‘Google Drive Help Centre’ to browse through the relevant articles.
  • From the ‘Community’ tab, you can visit the ‘Google Drive Help Community’ to take part in the Featured posts.

K. Google Ads

  • Google Ads help you advertise your products and if you need help to get started with it, click on the ‘Google Ads’ icon to know everything from setup to management.
  • Visit the Google Ads Help Community tab to get all the answers you are looking for related to advertisements.
  • For new features and announcements, you can click on the Announcements tab where you will find all the new changes and improvements made related to Google Ads.

L. Google Photos

  • Google Photos contain all the photos and videos of your device, if you face any difficulty in sharing, managing or creating a backup of your photos, this section has all the answers for you.
  • From the community tab, you can read all the relevant posts and take what you find useful for you.
  • Upon switching to ‘Can’t find your photos?’, you can get help to restore your deleted pictures or backup related issues.

There are some of the Google services for which real-time support is available:

Google Drive

  • Google Drive is the one and only app-based service for which real-time support is offered by Google. You need to follow the steps in order to request a chat or initiate a conversation via email with Google:
  • On the Google Support page, select Google Drive.
  • Click ‘Contact us’ and select a topic or a category related to your issue if asked for.
  • Click Request chat or Email support.

Now, follow the on-screen instructions to initiate a chat or an email conversation.

Google Adwords

When you advertise on Google, you get the opportunity to speak with a real customer representative. The reason is that a huge chunk of Google’s profit comes from businesses that pay Google to show them at the top of the search results.

You can call at the Google Ads Phone Number +1-844-245-2553 if you need help related to Google Ads.  Google Ads experts are always available to provide help with creating a new account. You can also visit the link in case you need help support for your existing Google Ads account. You can simply browse through the FAQ’s page, visit Ads Help Centre or Google Advertiser Community or increase your knowledge by reading free online tutorials.

G Suite

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps for Work, is a collection of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and others. If you are a G Suite administrator, you can avail support from a real person that is available round the clock and is included in your paid subscription to G Suite. You just need to visit the link and there you will see three support options:

  1. Phone Support
  2. Email Support
  3. Chat Support

On scrolling further, you will find answers to some common topics related to G Suite or you can directly enter your query in the search box.

Google Help Community

Another way to obtain support for Google products and services is by visiting the Google community page. On clicking a product you get to read the help articles or you can click on the community tab where you can describe the issue in the search box or go through the given posts.

So if you have gone through this guide properly, you must know that Google will speak to you if you are ready to spend some bucks on advertising, or you belong to Google Business category. For the rest of you, Google troubleshooting articles is the answer.

Gmail Support

Gmail is one of the most prominent email services provided by Google. It is used by billions of people on an everyday basis. While using this email service, it is very normal to face certain issues such as:

All these issues can happen with any of the Gmail users and once that happens they start looking for customer service of Gmail on the internet.

You will find a number of spam numbers claiming to be the real Gmail Customer Support service, but to your surprise, ‘there is no such thing as Gmail Support Number’.

As Gmail is a service provided by Google, you can contact them regarding Gmail issues as well.

Request a Chat with Google

  • Once you reach the Google Contact page, follow the instructions to reach the Gmail support section.
  • At the top right corner of the screen, click on ‘Contact Us’. This option is available for only a few Google products. For the rest of the products, you can avail of the ‘Help’ forum option.
  • Click on ‘Request Chat’ to begin a live chat with the specialist.

Contact Google via Email

  • Go to the contact page of Google and go with the directions to reach to the product support section.
  • Click on the ‘Contact Us’ option and select ‘Email Support’ from the options provided.
  • Fill in the details of your request and if you don’t get the chat or email support option, you can go through the Google Product Forums and choose your Google service.

Contact Gmail via Support Centre

If you still want access to the Gmail Support team, reach out to the Support Centre. There is no Gmail number or email address to help you except the steps provided here:

  • Launch the Gmail Help Page by clicking on the link
  • Choose from the categories given on the help page. Click on a category and it will further expand into related topics. Alternatively, you can search for a topic from the search box by typing in a related word or phrase. Select the closest from the menu that appears.
  • Click on one of the sub-topics and thereafter select the suitable help article by clicking on the links given under the topic.
  • For some help articles, you may be required to enter certain information, just follow the instructions.
  • Read the complete help article and follow the instructions provided to fix the Gmail issue you have.

If that doesn’t help, you can go back to the help page and choose a related topic.

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