Ditch the Beta Blues: iOS 17.3 Official Release Brings Security & Collaboration – Third Major Update Since September 2023

| Updated on January 23, 2024

Apple released iOS 17.3 on Monday(22nd January 2024), offering the latest iOS trends for iPhone users with new features like stolen device protection, collaborative Apple Music Playlists, and more. 

These features have been in beta testing since December. The key feature of this update is Stolen Device Protection. This feature will enhance the security of accounts linked to a device. To get this feature, go to iPhone or iPad settings and update the software by tapping on General and then choosing the software update menu. 

This is the second big news from the company after they revealed the shipping date for Apple Vision Pro last week. 

Stolen Device Protection

Stolen Device Protection

With stolen device protection, iOS 17.3 adds an extra layer of security for accounts linked to the device. With this feature enabled, users will be required to use either Touch ID or Face ID to access sensitive information. And the passcodes won’t work to bypass biometric authentication. 

Apart from this, there is a security delay. It adds an hour delay between two biometric authentications to access settings for enhanced security. This feature will definitely come in handy when the device is stolen or lost. Visit the Passcode settings on your device running iOS 17.3 or higher to enable this feature. 

Apple Music Collaborative Playlists

Apple Music Collaborative Playlists

The new Apple Music Collaborative Playlists feature allows users to collaborate on playlists with other Apple Music users. With this, users can now create and share playlists with friends and family and also react to songs with animated emojis. 

New Wallpapers

New iOS Wallpapers

iOS 17.3 also includes new wallpapers called Unity to honor black history and culture as part of Black History Month. 

There are other smaller improvements and bug fixes in this update including the ability to stream media from an iPhone to televisions in select hotels. This will allow iPhone and iPad users to stream content without logging into Hotel TV with their credentials. 

They also announced that there are improvements for crash detection in all iPhone 14 and 15 models. Users can also check AppleCare and Warranty information for all devices with the same Apple ID.

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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