Amazon’s Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo 4th Generation 2024

| Updated on May 8, 2024
echo 4 gen

Majorly all of us want to be surrounded by the latest technology, to be smart, fast, accurate, and happy. Amazon promises to make these desires true through its developed products like Fire TV (Cube 3rd Gen), Alexa, Kindle, Amazon Eero Pro 6, and many more. One of the finest smart devices is the Amazon Echo 4th Generation, which advocates the idea of a smart home hub, is supported by voice assistance, and holds the ability to control Zigbee devices. 

In this article, we will be discussing the Amazon Echo and reviewing it through real on-ground performances. 

  • Cool spherical shape: 5.2 inches tall and 5.7 inches wide.
  • Voice assistance is present.
  • Recycled fabric plus Aluminium built.
  • Supports smart home hub idea.
  • Strong Bass.
  • Not water-resistant.
  • Voice assistance needs to be developed well.
  • Less glowy.

Amazon Echo 4th(generation) speakers are a significantly epic choice for the user because of the fun new design, with light rings placed at the base. They have made quite an impression, like Echo Show 15 and Astro the robot. This time the speakers surprised people with a spherical shape, enough to startle the market and audience.

Size Dimensions5.2-inch height, 5.7 width
Speaker1.6” front-firing speaker
LED clock displayEcho Dot with clock
Multiple RoomYes
Material50% post-consumer recycled plastics,100% recycled die-class Aluminium
Color optionsWhite, Blue, and Black

Amazon ECHO has smart solar lights and can easily stream songs from various streaming music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and much more.

Exciting Features of Amazon ECHO 4th(Generation)

Amazon ECHO(4th Gen)

Amazon ECHO(4th Gen), original Amazon speakers have got smart hub capabilities as it responds to users’ commands without much effort, making them a necessity for the current generation.

Everything from its size and sound quality is top-notch, with more advanced features than the $150 Echo Plus. Let’s begin with a short discussion on the features of Echo 4th.


This time, Amazon smart speakers’ shape and size are the talks of the town, and why not? The traditional square and rectangular shapes were outdated, and here Amazon developed an eye-pleasing spherical shape. Even the 100% recycled quality: fabric and aluminum support an eco-friendly invention. This cool design has also got its light ring (Amazon Echo Studio has rings on top) transferred to the bottom, giving a less glowy look. Meanwhile, the user gets the control buttons: mic, and volume, on the top panel. On the back, the user gets a power adapter and a 3.5mm audio output. 

Music Quality

Echo has a smaller size with only 5.7 inches of width. The quality of the speaker is greatly enhanced with strong bass and a supporting system for high frequencies. A good bass plus low frequencies will definitely play perfectly in it, while the high frequencies are also impressive. The playing devices are placed below the fabric with a 3-inch woofer and 0.8-inch front fire tweeters, supported by Dolby Audios instead of Dolby Atmos(Echo Studio).

Smart Features

On the back panel, Echo has got 3.55mm audio output and a power adaptor. Its Zigbee device support properties help control the other smart devices nearby. It has a voice assistant feature where “Alexa” is the introductory word through which it responds. This device completely supports a smart home hub ideology, where no extra effort is required to activate any appliance nearby. It has also got the support of Bluetooth and Amazon Sidewalk to extend the low-bandwidth connectivity options.

Machine-Learning and Human Understanding Processor

This time, Amazon has an AZ1 Neural edge processor that is ready to meet the user’s expectations. Earlier, the Alexa-powered voice assistant was restricted to some particular syntax and commands, but the AZ1 processor supports human queries with eloquent answers. So after the invention of the Echo Plus and Echo Studio, the Echo 4th generation has evolved. Not just music but even sports, weather, or international reports can be heard easily through the “Hey! Alexa” command. Isn’t this interesting?


Echo has a really low price of $99.99, which is easily affordable in comparison to other competitors like Echo Studio for $200. This is surprising because, with large woofers and tweeters in comparison to old models and with a more profound cosmetic construction, the Amazon Echo is still affordable to common people.

Amazon Echo can become quite a perfect home companion, thanks to the artificial intelligence functions embedded in its software.

Price and Availability: Amazon ECHO 4th(Generation)

Amazon Echo(4th Generation)

Amazon Echo is a pocket-friendly smart companion that has various compatible features, including perfect sound quality, Bluetooth speaker, Alexa voice assistant, and much more. The table below gives an idea of the varying prices of Amazon ECHO on various retail websites.


It is amazing to watch the different price options of the Amazon Echo(4th Gen) for users, whereas the eBay website promises to deliver the same brand new Amazon Echo device for only $67.99, plus the open box variant is present at half that price. 

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Customers Reviews

Before buying the Amazon Echo, go through the customer’s experiences and know the real performance of it.

  • “Sound Quality Pros: I really enjoy music from different genres and I like to tinker with equalizer settings so that I get the fullest sound out of even a cheap speaker. I also like when a speaker(s) can pull double duty as a surround sound system for my television as well. That’s what attracted me to the new Echoes. Regarding music streaming from Amazon Music HD, I must say the sound is really smooth and crisp. I adjusted the equalizer settings for the individual devices in the Alexa app to boost the midmost, followed closely by the treble and a moderate bass setting (if they are paired in a stereo pair or Home Theater, adjusting one device automatically adjusts the other).” ~SubieNewBie
  • “Well, I have to say I love that it’s a speaker that has Alexa on it. If I had to complain though it would be easy, truthfully. The music function. I had the advertised Unlimited Plus music feature, after it was advertised as the only way for my grandmother to play certain old songs she was looking for with ease instead of her asking and then getting a different song with an advertisement worked in. However, it worked out for 2 seconds because I thought, why not pay more and get an Amazon Echo dot too for her room so she could listen through the house? So that apparently added almost 20 bucks a month to a free service we had before.” ~Arthur
  • “It kills me to only give 3 stars for this product because I love the entire Echo/Alexa series but this Echo 4 is just nothing special compared to the other ones and can never hear me when I call it. Sometimes I call it 7-9 times before giving up and asking Google Nest or another Echo device. The ring light on the bottom is a poor design choice as well. “Highway240
  • “Alexa Echo is an amazing device, the sound quality is awesome…. the only drawback I felt is that the device has to be continuously plugged into a power socket. I live in a place where there are frequent power cuts, and unless the device comes with a battery charge as well, it is of no use to me. The only reason that I am returning .” ~ Sunita V
  • “The Echo 4 is actually beyond my expectations. It is physically fairly heavy, but the quality of manufacture and finish is good. There is a standard screw thread tripod socket on the bottom of the Echo 4 and the power cable is about 2 meters long. I have two Echo 4s which I easily paired using the Alexa app on my iPhone into a stereo group with left and right channels. I was also able to choose several streaming programs, including Amazon Music (default) and Apple Music. You can also use TuneIn, Spotify, and Deezer. The amount of bass is very impressive and a bit heavy out of the box but you can adjust the bass, treble, and midrange using the app or by asking Alexa.” Peter Cawthorne

Our Verdict: Is Amazon Echo 4th Generation Worth It?

We highly recommend the Amazon Echo (4th Gen) speakers, which do an outstanding job of engaging its users with top technology and good music. The voice assistant and Zigbee device controlling properties of it draw major attraction. This device has definitely evolved from its older variants. It’s definitely a highly recommended Amazon product with a budget-friendly background.

Closing Thoughts

The article tried to bring readers closer to the newest developed technology, the Amazon Echo (4th Gen). These speakers are believed to truly enhance their user’s personal experiences, whether it’s about music quality or controlling the Zigbee devices correctly. In a developing world, new technologies truly impress the audience through their enhanced features; the Amazon Echo (4th Gen) is one of them.


Is Amazon Echo(4th Gen) a worthy product to spend on?

Yes, absolutely, the Amazon Echo(4th Echo) is a worthy invention due to its absolutely perfect shape, built material, sound quality, and smart features like voice assistant and Zigbee device control facility. It’s a smart companion to bring smart home hub thoughts alive.

Does Amazon Echo(4th Gen) have good sound quality?

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) has applaudable sound quality. Whereas the new AZ1 processor supports more user-friendly features by understanding various human commands and responding to them with eloquent answers.

Where to find Amazon Echo at an affordable price?

Amazon Echo prices are already user-friendly, but for cheaper deals, one can go through the eBay website, which has low-priced offers in the Echo (4th Gen) open box and auction list.

Who are some of the competitors of Amazon Echo (4th Generation) in the market?

Some of its competitors include Amazon Studio, Amazon Plus, and Google Audio Bluetooth speakers.

When was Amazon Echo(4th Gen) released in the market?

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) was released at the end of 2022.


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