Amazon Introduces Echo Show 15 and Astro the Robot Companion

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Amazon has done it again, they have introduced the Echo Show 15 and a home robot, Astro, that many have attempted to make but quite frankly, failed. Both devices have been carefully articulated to make sure that they are the perfect home companion.  Amazon has obviously made their artificial intelligence a big part of the devices as they both have the Alexa function.  

During the introduction of the tech, Astro made a big impression with its intelligent navigation technology that enables you to send the robot anywhere around the house. The Echo Show 15 did not disappoint either, the device can identify any family member with the Visual ID on the front camera. The two devices can easily handle your personal life from schedules to the security of your home.

Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 has been upgraded into something sleeker and more modern. Instead of being a touchscreen attached to a bulky speaker, Amazon has redesigned the device to mimic a picture frame mounted onto the wall. The smart display comes with a 15-inch, 1080p HD display and can literally function as a smart TV as you can access Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Videos, and Hulu. You can still do what older show 15 displays can do like play music, show weather reports, and news headlines.

Amazon designed the Echo show 15 as a family-friendly device that can easily be accessed, thus it is best placed in communal spaces like the living room, frequently accessed hallways, and the kitchen. The strategic placement of the frame makes it easier for any family member to get access to upcoming calendar events, make schedules, sticky notes reminders, to-dos, and shopping lists through Alexa. It’s so cool that you can ask Alexa to show you the latest Verizon iPhone specials, read out a recipe from the Wegmans ad or remind you to send out dinner invites for Halloween dinner. 

The display allows you to have access to any of your smart home appliances. You can command Alexa on show 15 to turn on the lights in any room or to activate your security alarm. The device gives you access to your security cameras, this means from the display you can check on who buzzed your intercom or browse through security camera displays around your house.

Astro the Robot

The long-awaited companion robot from Amazon is finally here, after four years in development. The robot is designed to give you peace of mind as it can stay and act as your personal home security, check up on household members and be your own entertainment bot.

As far as security goes, Astro is a home monitoring device on wheels. With your permission or when engaged, the robot can patrol the house when you are not there. Astro can be synced with your smart home, which in turn gives access to your Ring Protect Pro app and cameras around the house and can even act as a camera for the app as well. With this, Astro will navigate to a room where an event might have been triggered, record a video, and immediately notify you. If a non-recognized face shows up, Astro notifies you.

With Visual ID installed in the robot, it can get familiar with family members and regularly helps you check upon them. This is especially convenient with an unwell family member; Astro is smart enough to check their blood pressure, temperature, etc., to manage their health condition. Via a command, you can also ask Astro to look at the family member, and initiate a video call. 

Astro the robot is also a great entertainer, just from voice command, you can play your favorite song and even ask to listen to a bit of some beatboxing. Because the bot comes with a 10-inch display, you can also watch an entire movie on it.

We think Amazon has outdone itself. What do you think?

Chitra Joshi

Content Writer & Marketer

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