YouTube Vs TikTok- Chinese App Ratings Dropped; Indians Asking for a Ban

| Updated on May 8, 2024

YouTube Vs. TikTok is all you will see trending these days and you must know why. The video titled ‘YouTube Vs TikTok- The End’ was uploaded by a popular content creator ‘CarryMinati’ as a response to TikTok user ‘Amir Siddiqui’

Known as the ‘Roast King of India’, Carry Minati (real name Ajey Nagar) has more than 16.7 million subscribers and he has YouTube’s diamond play button in his name. Amir Siddiqui is a TikTok user with 3.7 million followers and is known for his comedian short videos. 

When And How Did the YouTube Vs. Tiktok War Start?

For those who didn’t watch either of the videos of Carry Minati or Amir Siddiqui must be curious about what led to the rivalry. Least knows that it was the video posted by Elvish Yadav that triggered the whole controversy. On 18th April, he posted his first roasting video on TikTokers and the video got around 8 million views. In his video, he called video-makers as rag pickers, made fun of girls wearing make-up, and whatnot. 

He soon received flak from two TikTokers named Amir Siddiqui and Revolver Rani for his insulting and classist comments. That was the time when supporters from both the platforms started degrading each other to prove YouTube better than TikTiok or if TikTok is more popular than YouTube.

Amir Siddiqui posted a video talking about the unity in the TikTok community and also accused YouTubers of copying the former’s content. He soon apologized for his words calling it an unintentional spread of negativity.

Things got heated up when CarryMinati decided to roast Tiktokers on the request of his fans. It was not his first time roasting TikTokers as he has already done this before. He had even bashed users from similar other platforms like Vigo, Like, etc. But this time he directly hinted upon Siddiqui for his weird hairstyle, his grammar slip-ups, and similar other shortcomings.

Carry even made a record for the fastest 5 Million likes as an Indian YouTuber. To the disappointment of his fans, YouTube soon removed his video from the platform calling it a violation of terms of service. 

Why TikTok’s Rating Got Dropped?

Soon after Carry’s video was removed, #justiceforcarry was trending on Twitter and a lot of celebs posted in his favor.

TikTok also came under fire for another video by popular creator ‘Faisal Siddiqui’ who was seen promoting acid attacks in one of his videos. TikTok got Faisal’s account suspended. But still the Indian YouTubers and users started boycotting the app in support of CarryMinati, leading to a poor ranking of Chinese app on both Google Play Store and App Store. The rating has been fallen down to 1.5 stars and #tiktokban was also ruling Twitter to ban the app in India as the app promotes abusive content including violence.

TikTok has been receiving continuous flak from Indian users for it being a cheap way of showcasing talent. Not only this, a recent statement by TikTok founder stating that ‘He created this app mainly for Jobless and Useless people and he never thought India has a lot of these kinds of people’ called for a lot of resentment from Indians, asking for a complete ban in India.

Why India Is So Obsessed With Tiktok?

Let’s start with the facts first,

As of April 2020, TikTok has been downloaded 467 million times in India accounting for one-third of its total downloads. Isn’t that really huge?

The Chinese app is really popular in India and every other person is familiar with it. The reason is, it is super user-friendly and a single tap gives you access to ample of videos. This has made a lot of people install it on their phone and binge upon videos to kill time.

TikTok even gave a platform to underprivileged that don’t have any other platform to showcase their talent. But soon the content posted by TikTokers turned to become abusive, cringe worthy and hateful (not everything). People started posting anything and everything just to attract likes. And a few likes and comments make them think of themselves not less than celebs. Not only this, few suicides and accidents also happened in India over TikTok videos just because of not getting sufficient likes.

In India, from kids, teenagers, adults, man, women, senior citizens to transgender are using the platform. Not only this, lately a number of Bollywood celebs have started using the platform to be in touch with their fans. And I don’t think there is anything wrong in it.

Here are a few reasons due to which TikTok started receiving a lot of flakes recently:

  • Kids of 5-6 years age acting in such a way that they should not be exposed to at such an early age. 
  • People posting hateful comments, threatful videos, making lewd comments on someone’s appearance that is not acceptable at all. 
  • Teenagers showing nudity and posting pornographic content just to get popular 

YouTube Vs. TikTok- Which One is Better?

YouTube Vs TikTok

YouTube is a popular American video-sharing platform introduced in 2005. While TikTok, launched in 2017, is just 4 years old. But still TikTok has managed to give a tough competition to other social media platforms. So who is the winner of the battle between YouTube and TikTok?

Let’s see.

YouTube is considered the best platform to choose from a variety of videos. From music videos, tutorials, cooking videos, beauty tips, kids poems, gym, exercise, yoga videos, dance, gaming, health to sports, YouTube has everything. Not only this, you can create your own channel and post videos about something that interests you. YouTube has grown into one of the popular mediums to earn money. You need to have a certain number of subscribers and views on your videos to get income flowing to you. You can watch your favorite TV shows and full length movies on this platform.

Whereas TikTok doesn’t offer you this much facility; it lets you watch only 15 or 60 seconds videos. You can also create one by acting or lip syncing on any of your favorite dialogue or song. You can even create videos using your own voice so that others can enact it. You will get followers if people love your videos making you more popular. But TikTok will not pay you directly for any of your videos; however, you can try to get some sponsorship.  It is quite easy to make videos on this platform and edit it using the filters available.

Final Words

YouTube is a clear winner in terms of getting more entertainment and the choices are many. From short videos to full-length movies or shows, you can get to watch from anything to everything. It pays you for your talent once you get the required recognition and has a broader scope. 

TikTok is the best option if you want to get popular without much effort. Even a single video can make you go viral but that can be quite temporary. Moreover, you don’t get a penny for your work. It is a good time killer but is quite addictive as well which is not good for your health and life. 

Though TikTok is giving a tough competition, still it will never be able to win over YouTube. I would suggest people, not to invest too much of themselves on any social platform such as TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and others. Keep it a part of your life and don’t consider it your life. Also everything has its pros and cons; you just need to be better at making a good choice.

Khushboo Chhibber

Senior Web Writer and Video Creator

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