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| Updated on May 8, 2024

YouTube has fascinated a wide audience since its birth in the year 2005. It has got a wide 2.5B audience which stays engaged with various entertainment and informational content. YouTube continuously updates its platform with tempting features to please its vast audience, like introducing the Dark Mode on Youtube. For example, YouTube recently introduced a reel feature, although this idea has been stolen from Instagram. 

Similarly, YouTube Premium, the best monthly/yearly subscription package for users, was brought in the year 2014 to provide users with numerous incentives. Do you desire Ad-free videos with a free YouTube Music subscription, well YouTube Premium keeps you all covered with its mindblowing services.

In this article, we will be reviewing the YouTube Premium membership briefly with the help of facts and service feedback from customers. Without any further ado, let’s begin by acknowledging various convenient offers YouTube provides.

What is YouTube Premium? 

YouTube Premium was launched in 2014 in order to provide worldwide users to get Ad-free YouTube services through a mere premium subscription. So, simply an Ad-free YouTube service is called YouTube Premium. There are several incentives around this subscription package which also includes free YouTube Music. 

The subscription charges are $11.9/month to $119.9/year, which are worthwhile for a pocket-friendly user. So users get access to more than 1B hour of video content with no disturbing advertisements or surveys in between. Through unhindered services, one can easily watch even the longest YouTube video with no breaks. 

There is much more to know about YouTube Premium except for just the Ad-free content. The list of services that come along with YouTube Premium membership has been listed ahead.

Everything Offered By YouTube Premium: Services and Free Subscriptions

Can you have free trials to taste the service of a Youtube Premium subscription? Well, the answer is affirmative. There are a huge array of Youtube Premium fascinating offers that allow the user to cheer up with joy. The list of all the convenient perks is below.

  • First, as discussed, the user gets free access to YouTube Music with no disturbing advertisements to deter the user’s enjoyment and fun. So, happily watch private videos on YouTube with no disturbing element in between. 
  • It also allows the user to download music or videos on YouTube and get offline access easily. 
  • With YouTube Music Premium, users can easily listen to music on Google Home or Chromecast Audio.
  • Background Play is the best feature of the YouTube Premium subscription package, where your played video won’t stop or get interrupted even if you swap to some other application. 
  • It also includes Ad-free YouTube Kids with an offline play feature. Children can have uninterrupted access to the YouTube entertainment world.
  • Ad-free benefits in YouTube Originals also.
  • One of the obvious services is that Ad-free videos can be played easily on YouTube with no detriments.

Above were various incentives provided by YouTube Premium, which benefits only 13 years old and above users. 

Do you know: The YouTube Students premium membership plan allows its students to taste YouTube Music and YouTube Premium with just a $4.99 price? Meanwhile, YouTube uses a third-party verification service to check eligibility. 

YouTube Premium Accessibility and Parental Controls

Users can easily begin their YouTube Premium journey with 30 free trials. YouTube Premium also allows access to customizable subtitles wherever possible. Also, videos can be played in various languages with options to activate/deactivate the subtitles whenever needed.

Parents who want their kids to have an unhindered YouTube experience with zero advertisements can unlock YouTube Premium offers where YouTube Kids is too available as an incentive. Even if there are network issues, children can easily watch their pre-downloaded YouTube videos offline. 

Pros and Cons of YouTube Premium Membership

It is essential to know both benefits and loopholes of the YouTube Premium subscription plan before giving it a try. The table below gives a brief description of YouTube Premium Membership’s strengths and weaknesses with the help of the table below.

  • Background playing is present
  • Offline downloads
  • Free YouTube Music, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids service
  • Free trials available
  • Easy process to get a YouTube premium
  • No Ads, No surveys
  • Expensive subscription plan 

How Much Does The YouTube Premium Cost?

For an individual person’s YouTube Premium access charge of a Premium subscription is $11.99/month. YouTube Music charges $9.99/month, and with the whole Premium package, you can save this money all together with Ad-Free access to both music and videos, a big cracking deal to gauge for. The annual individual plan of $119.9 is hefty to be considered. 

The family plan charges are $22.99/month and can be shared with six members of the family. Therefore six accounts can happily access the YouTube platform whenever they desire and have a crazy ride into the entertainment world.

After learning the various YouTube plan charges, YouTube seems rather a little more expensive except for the student plan. Well, it is also suspected that YouTube Premium is going to be more pricey for some selected countries like the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Japan. 

Are YouTube and YouTube Premium Services Majorly Different?

Yes, the user feels a change in their experience at YouTube when they switch to YouTube Premium. Primarily, you will notice a “Premium” button present beside the YouTube icon on the top of your YouTube screen, which identifies you as a YouTube Premium service holder. 

You can easily open YouTube Premium on two gadgets even if you hold an individual plan. Also, phone users are allowed to play their YouTube videos in the background, while they can shift to some other application and wander along therefore, you get to listen to the audio while ignoring the video part. For example, podcasts, which are highly preferred to be heard instead of seen.

With YouTube Premium, the user doesn’t get disturbed by interrupting advertisements and surveys, while in normal YouTube, you have to either wait for the “skip” button or watch the whole Advertisement. So, if you are using YouTube to create your own quality video, you can get wide ideas without any interruption.

Our Verdict: Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

YouTube provides a fantastic service of Ad-free entertainment through its YouTube premium membership. The free access to YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, and YouTube Original is a whole lot but with an expensive subscription package. From the monthly charges of $11.99 to annual charges of $119.9, the subscription value seems rather a peak value to be paid. 

Even though the Ad-free access to YouTube’s various services is unmatchable, the subscription amount doesn’t balance the price value. If you, as a user, agree to pay, YouTube gives a mindblowing experience through all the entertainment videos, music, knowledge, and kids’ stuff it has. The only way to deter you from enjoying the Youtube entertainment service is when your YouTube is not working

Closing Thoughts

In the article, we discussed YouTube’s Premium services and the various incentives it holds for the user. The subscription service with different monthly, annual, and family packs had huge offers for the user, where Ad-free music and videos were guaranteed with no popping surveys too. It has got cool features like background playing, offline downloaded videos, and whatnot.

You are surely going to love this unhindered experience which will be a getaway to safe and secure entertainment. Not getting much exposure to commercials and surveys turns the user’s experience to cloud nine, and this is the primary goal of the YouTube Premium subscription.


Is YouTube Premium worth a service?

If you are a keen YouTube user, YouTube Premium services are worth spending on. From Ad-free entertainment to free access to YouTube Music, Originals, and Kids’ makes, YouTube Premium is worth a service to spend on.

What is the best way to get discounted YouTube Premium access?

You can choose VPN services to change your IP address and safely unlock the cheaper Premium subscription present.

What are the disadvantages of YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium subscription plan is very expensive, and it also doesn’t hold any discounts.

Can I share YouTube Premium with friends?

Yes, with the YouTube Family pack, you can share the Premium service with up to 5 friends.

Is YouTube Premium more expensive?

If you wanna have an Ad-free YouTube experience, try opting for the YouTube Premium subscription package, which is rather a little expensive, starting at $11.9/month.

Is YouTube Premium and YouTube Original the same?

Once you get a YouTube Premium subscription, your experience and access to YouTube get better. Including various free access like YouTube Kids and YouTube Music, users also get free access to YouTube Originals.


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