Software Testing: Why is It Important? 

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Entering the market with a new mobile app is often a game of Russian roulette for many companies. After all, it happens that the application that many people have been working on for a long period of time does not receive the desired feedback. And it’s strange why. The features were amazing, the design was attractive, but something went wrong and the ratings didn’t go up. Often the point is a huge number of bugs and flaws that could not be noticed during development.

To avoid failure in the market, every company with a developed mobile application should conduct software testing. The fact is that during the creation of the project, minor mistakes could be made that led to major failures. To avoid such difficulties, such testing will provide the organization with confidence in the product before it is launched.

Software Testing

To describe this in more detail, it is worth noting that this is not only a process of identifying vulnerabilities and errors, but also reveals how the result corresponds to the unique requirements of the company. This stage is the final one in the development of the project since only the launch follows. Testing is responsible for analyzing all the details of the product, which helps to make the application as high quality as possible.

Professionals providing web app testing services often create a mix of automated and manual testing using different tools. This helps to create an ideal product that will meet the requirements of the customer and potential customers or investors.

Why is Testing Useful?

Startups often skimp on testing their apps, but doing so only undermines future credibility if the app is left unfinished. However, this stage is extremely important for a business of any size. Especially for startups that need to make a good impression on consumers. 

Below are a few examples that prove that software testing is necessary.

The Quality is Better

It is important to fix all problems before users themselves find them and report them somewhere on the Internet, which will make your project a loser. Testing will point you to your vulnerabilities that can be corrected before going to market.


Users often share some of their personal information using mobile apps, and this app stores your data too. To keep all information safe, you should conduct topic testing. It will show weaknesses and you will correct them, reducing potential risks.

Communication of the Application with Different Platforms

As new sites, platforms, and devices emerge, your app needs to be optimized for each variant. You can not create only a mobile version of the application for one software, as this limits the expansion possibilities.

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Software Testing Has Many Types, for Example:

  • functional
  • non-functional
  • black-box
  • white-box
  • gray-box

And also let’s quickly look at how the testing process itself goes. This includes several very important steps.

Careful Planning

The first stage involves collecting the necessary data that will help build a general idea of ​​the product. You also highlight those features that need to be tested and investigated for known deficiencies.


During this process, the environment that will be tested is being prepared, and the necessary tools and elements must also be prepared.


During testing, the software is checked, and then the result is analyzed and compared with the expected result to check how everything complies with the standards and requirements.


At this stage, the results are documented so that everything can be presented to management. All errors must be explained correctly.


So, this article brings a lot of useful information about the importance of software testing, as this process really makes it very easy for you to enter the market and provides the company with confidence in its project.

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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