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| Updated on February 14, 2024

Launching new software is very exciting. It is even more incredible if it is going to lead to receiving better results in a business that are expressed by the increased number of customers and more impressive profit. Some business owners make a decision to release the product without testing but it turns out to be senseless in many cases. In this material, we are eager to tell you why we think this way.

What Testing Services Can Be Provided by Various Companies?

There is a great selection of them in fact. Remember that testing services and quality assurance normally come together. So, here is what a businessman can opt for:

  • QA stuff which includes managing the work of a team, suggesting regular test reports, planning the testing activities, and so on;
  • Actual testing that can be expressed in developing test cases, getting the test data ready, preparation of the test environment, and informing the client about how the process is going;
  • One-time testing. Such a procedure is less complex and may revolve around localization, functional, usability, performance, and other kinds of testing;
  • Getting ready to arrange the testing which is about providing the tools and frameworks for automated testing, writing test scripts, etc.

This is about it. As you see, there is a real variety of the stuff to order.

What Software Can Be Tested?

Those planning to receive the software testing services ask this question rather often. And, it’s not even surprising at all. Well, here is what is included in the list of the products that should undergo a testing phase (ideally):

  • Mobile and desktop apps. Reliable companies deal both with the apps on Android and iOS apps. You can request usability and mobile functional testing. Performance, security aspects, and compliance can also be dealt with in case you feel like you need it. It is very cool when you can receive quality analysis and statistics;
  • Web applications. The testing can be done for various browsers. As in the case of the mobile and desktop apps, you can opt for testing of all the same aspects;
  • Enterprise and SaaS software. As for enterprise software, it should be developed according to all the necessary requirements. This aspect can be checked without any problems. If any changes are going to be relevant, they can be introduced and after this, additional testing can be launched too. In the case of the SaaS software, special attention has to be paid to the external API testing, backup and security;
  • IoT and big data applications. IoT apps require to include functional and integration testing that has to be performed according to a careful and well-thought plan. Big data apps testing is a complex process that requires thoughtful preparation too;
  • Ecommerce and medical device software, etc. The most crucial factors of success for this kind of software are perfect usability on all kinds of gadgets, great functionality, fine performance, and integration with the services the business might need. All of this has to be tested adequately before the release.

A Good Software Testing Company: What Will It Suggest to You?

If a business owner wants to receive qualitative software testing services, he should come across a trustworthy company that will help to do everything the way it has to be performed. Below, you can get acquainted with some of the brightest features that will serve as a sign of a fine firm to trust and order the services at:

  1. The quality of what they do can be proven by the appropriate certifications;
  2. Reports. They have to be involved in the services they provide as long as the businessman should be in charge of what is going on (including how much he has to wait, what stage testing is at, and this kind of stuff);
  3. Adequate timelines. Expecting to get the testing results for too long may lead to all kinds of issues and the loss of income is the worst of them. It should be enough to devote one to three days to the research and getting acquainted with the project that has to undergo full testing. As for the period necessary for testing, the minimum time that has to be devoted to such work starts from two weeks. The exact figures are going to be given after thorough consideration of the project’s details but they should not go off the limits you have set completely;
  4. Relevant experience and basic knowledge required for completing all kinds of testing you are interested in;
  5. Other stuff that might be important to you.

Never hesitate to ask questions and clarify what the process is going to look like.

Some More Proofs Telling Why It is Important to Order Such Services

Apart from the fact that the business will go to an absolutely different level, here is what also should be considered:

  • The bugs in the software’s performance may be unseen and they can be pointed out only within the testing activities;
  • If the errors are detected at the step of testing, it will be cheaper to eliminate them (than for instance do this a few months after the product has been released);
  • This is especially crucial for startups and complete beginners. If they fail at the very beginning, it is going to be hard for them to gain extra confidence and begin everything all over (from scratch).

Software testing services also allow businesses to feel more confident about their product and this psychological aspect is also crucial.

More Detailed Info about the Kinds of Testing

First of all, testing can be divided into automated and manual. Automated testing might be code-based and codeless. 

Besides, there are two most common types of testing: functional and non-functional. Let us see what they are all about.

Functional testing aims at dealing with each of the multiple functions that characterize an app or certain software. Here are the types of such testing:

  • Integration kind. This has to deal with the individual components after they are put into a whole;
  • Unit type. In this case, special attention is paid to the components to track whether they function in accordance with the basic requirements;
  • Sanity. Logical reasoning is a key focus here;
  • Regression. The value and importance of such a phase are crucial. Such a kind allows testing after some of the relevant changes have been brought to the software or application you have;
  • System. Verifying the compliance is the main task that testers try to set here;
  • Smoke. In this case, the staff is involved in testing the simplest functions of a certain app such as the ability to enter it or log out;
  • Interface. Such a kind of testing makes it possible to reveal whether communication between two software systems is efficient enough.

And now, we are ready to get to the non-functional testing. The key focus of it is dealing with such vital parameters as performance, trustworthiness, and usability. It is also subdivided into several kinds you can get acquainted with below:

  • Stress testing. It is a great chance to reveal whether the software can function beyond the regular performance in a proper way;
  • Checking performance. Usually, in this case, the testers study the speed at which the app or another software functions;
  • Volume testing. For such a type of testing, the staff increases the data volume and watches what is going to happen with the software in this situation;
  • Security. We bet that everyone realizes how important this branch of non-functional testing is going to be for any business. If there are major troubles with the safety and clients start to lose their data, it may threaten a company’s success a lot. The customers will just switch to somebody else able to provide better protection of personal data. That is why it is better not to neglect such a type of testing;
  • Trustworthiness test. If we speak about this in short, it allows checking how long the app can work without crashes;
  • Usability. The simplicity of use is what this is aimed at.

It is a business owner who makes a final decision regarding the necessity to hire an expert or a company who are going to provide proper software testing services as software testing is something that is important in its own way. However, opting for such a solution is linked to more stable performance of the product and better results in general.

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