How to Spy on Boyfriend’s WhatsApp Messages

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Usage of WhatsApp is increasing exponentially. It is now being used to not only chat with someone but also to talk to someone on voice or video calls.

And not to mention it has become a personal favorite for cheating boyfriends. If you too are having doubt that your boyfriend is also not being faithful to you then you need to spy on his WhatsApp messages as well as on calls. But how can you spy on your boyfriend’s WhatsApp messages and calls without him knowing?

Do not worry, in this article, I am going to tell you exactly how to spy on your boyfriend’s WhatsApp messages remotely without him knowing. And if you want to know how to track his WhatsApp calls also then you can check the track WhatsApp calls guide on Spylisticles.

How to Spy on Boyfriend’s WhatsApp Messages?

It is actually very simple to spy on your boyfriend’s WhatsApp or Facebook messages. All you have to do is take their cell phone, open WhatsApp and check whatever you want to check.

Wait, let me guess you have already tried this but you haven’t found anything, right?

Because deleting messages and calls immediately is one of the signs of a cheating partner. So whatever you are trying to find has already been deleted.

But do not worry, as I said, I am here to help. There is a better way of tracking your boyfriend’s calls and messages on WhatsApp. This way involves installing a spy app on your boyfriend’s phone.

How to Track Boyfriend’s WhatsApp Messages?

As discussed, the best way to spy on your boyfriend’s text messages without him knowing is by installing a spy app on his cell phone. And the spy app that can help you do that is TheOneSpy.

Firstly, you will have to visit TheOneSpy’s official website and purchase a plan that suits your budget. After that, you need to install it on your boyfriend’s cell phone. For this, you will need physical access to your boyfriend’s phone for around 10 minutes. It is very easy to install and it even shows you an installation guide to help you.

Once the installation is complete, you will have to log in to your TheOneSpy account. After logging in go to the WhatsApp option available under the Logs menu option. Here you will be able to see all of your boyfriend’s chats.

The screen will be divided into two tabs, one is Messages and the other is Voice Messages. By default, you will be in the Messages tab.

This tab is again divided into two parts, one is Users List and the other is Conversations.

The Users List consists of all the names and numbers of the people to who your boyfriend talks. If the phone number is saved on his cell phone then you will be able to see the saved name and if the phone number is not saved then you will be able to see the phone number itself.

You will be able to check the whole conversation with any of the contacts by clicking on it. Once you click on a contact name or number then the Conversations part of the tab will show you the exact conversation with that person.

The thing where TheOneSpy excels over other spy apps is that it even tracks deleted WhatsApp messages. And it not only tracks them but also shows which messages were deleted by putting a red flag over that text message. Therefore, you will be able to see and know what all messages has your boyfriend deleted to hide from you.

TheOneSpy also shows you a time and date stamp with every WhatsApp message. So that you can know at what date and the time your boyfriend exchanged messages.

Most spy apps can track WhatsApp messages but very few are even able to track WhatsApp voice messages. And TheOneSpy is one of them. You can view your boyfriend’s voice messages in the Voice Messages tab.

You can listen to all of your boyfriend’s voice messages by simply clicking on the play button. TheOneSpy also lets you download these voice messages for future use. Therefore in case you want some proof, you can download these. The date and time stamp with every voice message shows you exactly when that voice message was received.

Is There a Free Way of Checking Your Boyfriend’s WhatsApp Messages?

Yes, there is a free way of checking your boyfriend’s WhatsApp messages. But as discussed earlier, it is not a feasible way.

If you really want to spy on your boyfriend’s WhatsApp messages then you will have to use a spy app. And needless to say, there are other benefits of a spy app.

With a spy app, you will not only be able to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages but will also be able to spy on your boyfriend’s location and track his other social messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. And this is just one part of it, there is a whole lot more you can do with a spy app.

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