Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

| Updated on February 6, 2024

Tracking a mobile phone has become effortless in the present digital world. You would require a great app or a service, a decent internet connection, and a PC or a Smartphone. 

However, when you say a decent service or app, consider looking for the one making a significant difference. Numerous ineffective solutions available in the market would not work properly but could contaminate your device with malware. 

Here is how you could make the most of a cell phone tracker. It would be a great offer that is not only reliable, free of malware but also works relatively well. 

Rest assured you would not require any special technical knowledge to get it to work. 

3 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free 

Foremost, you would wonder if you could track a cell phone location. Rest assured it would be relatively easier to track a cell phone by number. All you are required to do would be to type the number into software and voila, you get the desired solution. However, it would have considerable restrictions. 

Find below three ways to track a cell phone location free of charge. 

Find Your Lost Phone with mSpy

Part 1: uMobix – The Best Undetectable Cell Phone Tracker App 

With children becoming ingenious, it could be relatively difficult to protect them from various threats online. Let us delve into the uMobix cell phone tracker to keep your children safe online. uMobix has been a relatively safe and powerful tracking app. 

uMobix Unique Tracking Features to Track a Cell Phone 

Find below a few essential features to help you track a cell phone with ease. These features would help track a cell phone without any charge. 

GPS Tracker 

uMobix would provide you with a precise real-time location of the user. You would also know about the recently visited place’s history of the user. It would enable you to track your loved ones with ease. When your loved ones allow GPS locations on their smartphones, the app would process all information on the visited places. 

Text Message Tracking 

uMobix enables you to monitor all sent, received, or deleted messages. You could also receive timestamps along with the contact information of the user. It enables you to monitor both incoming and outgoing messages. It enables you to highlight them so you were aware of what your loved ones are hiding from you. 

Track Outgoing and Incoming Calls 

The app would keep you updated with the various activities of the targeted user. You would be able to keep the tabs on calls by accessing their call logs. You could access all records of the incoming and outgoing calls. 

The software has an adequate scope of improvements. Nonetheless, you could try the cell phone tracker app to ensure the safety of your loved ones. 

Part 2: SpyBubblePro – Best Way to Track Your Spouse Location 

It would be imperative for you to protect your child from bad content online. It could be inclusive of data theft or adult content. However, it would not be easy for you to track your loved ones using the traditional control methods. 

As a result, the SpyBubble app would be your best bet to meet your respective needs. The app would give you a decent idea about what your child is up to online. You could access your child’s phone easily. 

The phone tracker app could be used for tracking the activities of your child online. It is relatively easy to use. You could access the activities or content your child accesses or engages in through their smartphones or other devices. 

Let us delve into the essential features of the app. 

Facebook/WhatsApp Spy 

Social media apps have become immensely popular presently. It would not be wrong to suggest that children having profiles on such platforms deem it the best place for meeting, interacting, and learning about things in the world. However, social media has been immensely addictive. You may come across child molesters harming your child. Therefore, you would require the SpyBubble app for tracking any abnormal activity on your child’s Facebook/WhatsApp accounts. 

Android/iOs Spy App 

SpyBubble could be installed on your Android device. It would be inclusive of various steps including creating a free user account and choosing the desired subscription plan. You would be required to prepare a target device for installing the app, download, and install the application. Henceforth, customize the essential settings on the device, verify the setup, and begin tracking. 

The app has been relatively simple to set up and use on the iOs device. It would be easier than setting up on Android. The reason would be you require credentials from iCloud to access the targeted iOS device. Alternatively, Android devices would need physical access to the targeted device. 

Find Hidden Pictures & Chats 

You could find photos, videos, and hidden chats in her gallery. You would be able to make the most of the app for finding hidden chats on her mobile. You could save chats locally if you desire. 

The cell phone tracker app has adequate knowledge about every tool the cheaters use for hiding their affairs. They have more than ten years of experience in the industry. They would help you with an investigation to end your anxiety. 

Part 3: Trace a Phone Number within Minutes with GeoFinder 

Numerous people would want to know about the location of their loved ones. Most of them would like to keep it discreet. You could track someone through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but it would require him or her to share his or her phone’s location. It would ruin the very idea of being discreet. A good location tracker app would be Geofinder to help you keep track of your loved ones without letting them know. 

Geofinder has been specifically designed for tracking the location of the targeted device within minutes using the phone number. The app functions by sending a message. Therefore, the app has been highly compatible with iPhone and Android. No matter what phone you have, Geofinder would work on your phone. 

Finding a targeted phone number is relatively easier on Geofinder. All you need to do is to go to their main website, enter the phone number whose location you intend to find, and click the find button. You would reach a page where you would require creating an account to continue finding the location of the targeted number. Pay the required fee to find the location of the phone number you target. 

Geofinder cell phone tracker app sends a message to the targeted phone. Since the message appears to be system-generated, it would not make the targeted person suspicious of granting permission of his or her location. Ensure the targeted person clicks on the link sent in the message to share his or her location with you unknowingly. Without him or her clicking on the link, you would not be able to see their location. 


Since the present time and the online realm have not been safe for your children and they may be careless with their credentials, you would be required to ensure the safety of your loved ones. These phone-tracking apps would ensure you keep your loved ones safe by tracking their online activity along with their location at all times. 

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