My Successful Experience in Increasing Email Marketing ROI

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools that provide you with an opportunity to return your initial investment 30 times. However, like any tool, it doesn’t work unconditionally; you need to handle it expertly. I was in your place without knowing what to do and where to go, and now I’m ready to share my experience in boosting email marketing ROI.

The very first thing you should understand is your goal. You can’t just launch a marketing campaign hoping that it will be efficient. What is efficient? How do you define this term? Is it good when you receive the 15% email marketing return on investment? And 20%? Whatever actions and marketing tools you choose, the main aim is to maximize the return on your earnings, and you need to start with the sum you want to get. It will help you to understand which strategies are good and which are not so efficient to help you. 

In this article, I’ll share 9 useful tips you can try right now, along with some convincing reasons to install the VPN extension. You can download the trial version to understand how you can benefit from such applications. I use VPN all the time. 

But now, let’s return to the basics and define what the ROI is. 

What is the ROI?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter which field you’re in, the world of business is especially fond of all manner of jargon, including buzzwords, acronyms, etc. That’s why people who work in other industries can’t understand marketers. And it may be daunting for you at first as well. Once you get your feet wet into the realm of email marketing, most likely, you know that your task is to understand how to maximize ROI. Or, in other words, how to make as much money as possible from everything that you do. But this understanding may feel short of a good definition. So, what is ROI? It is the income generated from any form of campaign you launch to promote your business. It stands for Return On Investment, which is generally expressed as a percentage of the cost. If you’re a math person, you can use the formula where ROI = (Income-Cost)/Cost. And now, when you know where to start, let me provide you with my personal experience and the most useful tips. 

1. Segment Your List

Whenever I need to set up an email campaign, I always start with my list segmentation. Want to know why I do it? It just allows me to make my emails more targeted. When you receive a random message, you won’t open it. But when you see something that is created for you, you’re much more interested. This strategy is supported by statistics since the segmenting of marketing campaigns can help to get the 760% increase in revenue.

There are different options for how you can divide your email list. I use such characteristics as:

  • demographics;
  • purchase history;
  • stages of my sales funnel;
  • behavioural data.

Sometimes I face situations where it is not so easy to find some information, and it is where the VPN Chrome app helps me. 

However, it is up to you how you will segment your list and what works best for your company. You should experiment to understand what exactly works for your business. 

2. Personalize Emails

Speaking of targeting, you can also work through your email content to make it more interesting to concrete people.

When I was a newbie, I started with some simple things. For example, I used the recipients’ first names in my greetings. All my colleagues used something like “Hey there!” and it was boring. 

If you’ve done your homework with segmentation well, you already have more insights to make your emails more personal. For example, if you see that someone has just purchased on your website, don’t miss the opportunity to send a follow-up email with thanks or one more attractive offer. 

But I would recommend you to test them well to ensure you don’t address people by wrong names and any other details.

3. Pay Attention to the Deliverability of Your Letters

When I was young and brave, I paid a lot of attention to the content of my emails. I tried to make them more interesting, more creative. I’ve used VPN extension for Chrome to find as much information as possible. But there is one thing that wasn’t so obvious. It is deliverability.

I was unpleasantly surprised that some of my emails didn’t consistently reach recipients’ inboxes. They were perfect, but junk and spam filters don’t care. Of course, you won’t increase your ROI if your prospects even don’t see your emails. So, think of clean and quality content, don’t use spammy words, and always check your marketing stats to know your current performance for sure.

4. Choose the Best Time

When emails became popular, we all thought that it doesn’t matter when exactly you send your letter. The recipient can open the inbox and check the mail whenever one wants. However, it doesn’t work this way. The time you reach your customers can have a huge impact on engagement rates. If you want your prospect to open and read the email, you should choose the best time to send it. And it means you should understand your audience. Sometimes I use the VPN Chrome app to explore content published in other countries to get to know other people better. Some businesses prefer Monday mornings, while others find Wednesday afternoons the most efficient time to check inbox. 

Don’t forget about the time zones as well. 

5. Optimize Your Content for Mobile

The world is constantly changing, and modern people are much more likely to use mobile phones to check their mail. That’s why I always double-check to ensure my emails look perfect not on computer screens only but smartphones and tablets as well. And it goes not about applications like Gmail, but for mobile web-versions as well. I even use the VPN extension Chrome to see how people from other countries will see my content and whether all links are working correctly. 

This tip sounds so obvious, but you should understand that your prospects receive so many messages that they can easily delete the one that doesn’t render on their devices well. 

6. Come Up with Attractive Subject Lines 

I always say that you don’t have so many opportunities to attract the recipients’ attention. All previous tips, when your email is delivered successfully and looks perfect, maybe useless if your subject line is just boring. Some tips from me will help you with it:

  • Make it concise and personal;
  • Use strong verbs only;
  • Don’t tell lies, and don’t embellish;
  • Provide readers with an idea of what you’re going to tell about;
  • Convey a sense of urgency.

However, you should always analyze the methods you’ve already tried. That’s why it’s important to check statistics: to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

7. Don’t Forget About the Call to Action

How do you expect your readers will do something if you don’t even ask them?

Including CTA (calls to action) in your emails is a great way to achieve your goals. When people see a button Order Now, they feel this desire to click. Provide them with an opportunity: tell them what to do. It doesn’t mean you should be rude and too persistent, but If you’re just dipping your toe into email marketing, it is very important to be proactive. It will definitely boost engagement and increase ROI!

8. Add Visual Content 

The text content was enough in the 2010s, but it is almost 2021, and you need to come up with something more creative. You can add a video, an animation, even memes if they look appropriate. Think about what your audience likes, and play with it. Visual content is a great opportunity to stand out among other companies and make your emails more memorable. 

When I experiment with the content, I always use the VPN extension Chrome to ensure my emails look good.

9. Always Track and Test

I have started with the point that you always should set goals and track them. If you don’t know what your results are for the previous month or year, you won’t succeed in the next ones. VPN for Chrome extension helps me to analyze my results and to test new strategies in different markets. Marketing is never the same, it is constantly developing, and the more data you have, the more you understand about your company and your audience.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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