Newsletters for Marketing Newbies: 9 Tips to Get You Started

| Updated on March 21, 2024

Marketing for your business is all about driving engagement, converting prospects into customers, and creating strong brand recognition. While you may have all of your other bases covered, an effective email newsletter may be the home run that your business needs to make it a grand slam. Newsletter platforms like klaviyo email marketing agency help brands increase valuable engagement for both big and small. Beginning your own newsletter campaign is not as difficult as it seems, here are nine tips to get you started.

Create an Objective for Your Email Newsletter

The first step in starting your email newsletter is to figure out its objective. Even experts like klaviyo email marketing agency will want to know what your goals are for generating a newsletter. Think of who the audience is and what they will get from reading your email newsletter, and what you seek to get in return. Will your newsletter look to increase web traffic, sales, a following, or loyal customers? Answering these questions will help lay out a plan of attack as promotional deals, blogs, updates, and exclusive perks can be shared with your email base. After figuring out the general idea behind your email newsletter, it’s important to know how often it should be sent out to users.

Select an Email Marketing Platform

In order to properly service your email base, you’ll need the assistance of a newsletter software platform like that offered by klaviyo email marketing agency. These software platforms help facilitate mass email delivery, ensuring that your newsletter doesn’t end up in someone’s spam folder and actually gets delivered. Another important reason to have this software is to be in compline with GDPR standards as you’re likely to handle some user data which you want to keep safe. Newsletter software can also help with analyzing how often recipients are engaging with your emails, giving you the ability to pivot your campaign to better serve users.

Generate an Email List

Of course, you can’t start an email newsletter without first having a list of emails to send them to. To get a list of users you’re going to want to comply with GDPR standards and have them opt-in to your mailing list with a prompt somewhere on your website. One of the most common ways to get a person to sign-up to your mailing list is by offering a discount as soon as they reach your website with a form to enter their information. Social media is another easy way to get people to sign up by making posts about your newsletter, regardless, klaviyo email marketing agency can help manage your growing email list.

Design Your Newsletter

Probably the most entertaining part of starting your own newsletter is designing its look. Most newsletter software platforms have a set of templates that are customizable, klaviyo email marketing agency has a variety of themes that can match the look you’re aiming for. Some considerations when thinking of a style to use is how heavy on text, photos, and links you want your newsletter to be. Simple designs seem to be the most effective for many business categories, ultimately the final say is yours.

Use Impactful Subject Lines

Your newsletter is going to avoid landing in your user’s spam folder with help from klaviyo email marketing agency, so make sure they engage with your beautiful curated newsletter with attention-grabbing subject lines. Just like the blogs you have linked in your email, you want to not only inform your customer base on what they’re about to read but get them there through concise wording. Being direct and accurate with your wording will ensure a greater chance of your newsletter getting read, mix that with shedding light on the excitement inside for your short, but sweet headline.

Make Emails Personal

Most email platforms like that from klaviyo email marketing agency, let you personalize the user experience with information gathered during opt-in. Engagement usually increases when emails are addressed to the name of the receiver, it’s a personal touch that makes users feel like they’re valued customers. Going deeper with user information, you can tailor the type of products that are offered to specific customers and even the time of day they are most likely to engage with your content; all with the help of email marketing software.

Use Your Branding

Your business’s branding is as important as the products or services you offer. Keeping your identity relevant throughout your newsletter is a great way to increase brand awareness with your customers. Use the same writing style, colors, and other visual cues seen throughout your website and product offerings when designing your newsletter.

Avoid Spam Triggers

Although you may make it past most spam filters with the right email marketing software, you still want to avoid mistakes that will stop your newsletter’s effectiveness. Try to stay away from subject lines that are overtly exaggerative, refrain from addressing recipients as “friend” or “dear”, always include the option to unsubscribe, and avoid strange fonts and formats. When in doubt always consult experts that use your software platform or check certain phrases against a list of spam triggers.

Promote Action 

Finally, your newsletter should make users engage with more than just reading your emails. To promote action, only allow for a limited amount of information as you want to link to a full blog post or product landing page to get conversions. Although it is perfectly fine to give exclusive and engaging content in your email newsletter, the focus is generally aimed at bringing back customers to your shop, albeit virtually or in person. Use persuasive language that brings a call to action to all of your readers, as right now you should start using these tips to get your own newsletter started today.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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