9 Best Homeworkify Alternatives to Unblur Chegg Answers

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Homework and Chegg go hand in hand nowadays. Students look up to Chegg a lot for any kind of homework assistance. Chegg’s motto, “smarter way to student,” is literally reflected through the accuracy and dedication of its services. The ed-tech service is a prime example of how technology affects education in today’s digital era. 

Chegg Homepage1

However, at times, a student’s financial constraints might not allow them to go for a paid Chegg subscription. At times, students can also reap the benefits of Chegg student discount codes. But this offer may not be available all the time. 

The monthly plan, Chegg Study, and the premium one, Chegg Study Pack, cost $14.95 and $19.95, respectively. This can seem hard on the pocket for some.

This is why many have started looking for other options that are either cheaper or free. Among the various treasures of knowledge discovered, one is Homeworkify

Homeworkify Homepage

What is Homeworkify? 

It is an AI tool that works as your homework buddy. And it will do it all for free. Isn’t it a great option? Apart from this, it offers a special feature. It can provide you with Chegg answers without having to take any pricey Chegg subscription. And this is the main reason behind its popularity.

Recently, many students have faced an issue where they are unable to access the ed-tech portal. This can happen for many reasons, the most prominent being the site being down due to heavy traffic. 

So what happens in times of such a crisis? Your assignments are due, you can’t Chegg them, and now Homeworkify is down too? It can’t get any worse. 

Don’t worry; we are here to rescue you. Today, we are going to discuss some wonderful Homeworkify alternatives that will aid you in the long run. With these websites like Homeworkify, you will be able to access Chegg answers in a similar fashion. 

Founded in 2023, Homeworkify is actually a newbie in the educational world. Nonetheless, its usefulness has already made people notice it. It has greatly helped students in all genres and subjects, thus utilizing artificial intelligence to become a trustworthy wingman for students. 

Let us get to know more about this amazingly innovative student assistant that has already gathered the limelight in such a short time since its arrival. 

How Does Homeworkify Work?

Are you one of those students who are tired of homework and assignments? Just one look at the pile of notebooks, and you feel exhausted already. To be honest, it is kind of the story of every student. 

How about an AI-powered homework helper? Sounds good, right? Presenting Homeworkify. A digitally innovative tool that can be your scholarly academic companion. 

It can solve your complicated maths equations, write all the chemical reactions, help you with your research paper, and find you all those answers that are pestering your tiny brain.

Homeworkify is mostly used as a Chegg alternative as it can unblur Chegg answers for free. All you need to do is copy the question URL from Chegg to the website’s search bar, and you will get the exact Chegg answer without needing Chegg’s subscription. 

There are so many exciting and useful features of Homeworkify that make it a go-to choice for students. Let us get to know these features

Features of Homeworkify

Unblurring Chegg answers are not the only specialty of Homeworkify. It is a complete AI solution for students. Just ensure you have an internet-connected digital device from your side. And let the service do its magic. Homeworkify is accessible on both Android and iOS devices, as well as a laptop or PC.

The exciting features of the platform include

  • A homework scanner.
  • A question and answer forum.
  • Mock quizzes.
  • Customizable learning options.
  • Essay Assistant.
  • Exam preparation assistance.
  • Live Tutoring.

The homework scanner will solve all the complex questions with detailed explanations for your understanding. You can ask your doubts through the question-answer forum. 

You can also prepare for your exams through various quizzes, mocks, and learning assistance. The artificially intelligent essay assistant will write well-crafted essays for your assignment. Lastly, you can directly learn from live classes.

Some of these features are subjected to various subscription charges. If you are impressed by the versatile aspects, you should definitely check out the membership plans.

Homeworkify Subscription Plans

There are three types of membership plans. You can choose any of them as per your requirements:

  • Basic: This plan is free but has limited access. You can use it to unblur Chegg answers and make use of the homework scanner and question-answer forum.
  • Plus: For $9.99 a month, the Homeworkify Plus plan includes the additional benefit of mock quizzes and a personalized dashboard. Moreover, you get all the features of the basic plan as well.
  • Premium: The premium plan has all features of Plus and Basic, along with the live tutoring option, at just $19.99 per month. 
  • Family Plan: This plan extends all the features to up to 5 family members from the same account. The Homworkify family plan costs $29.99 a month.

You can try all of these plans and features for free during the trial period as well.

We can see how useful of a tool it is. However, like every other thing on the Internet, websites like Homeworkify can also be inaccessible from time to time. 

This can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from excess traffic on the website, your antivirus or firewall restricting the site, and many more.

That is when you need to find some Homeworkify alternatives. Today, we are going to talk about ways to get Chegg answers without using Homeworkify and also get to know some other websites like Homeworkify. Let us begin with two such methods that are offered by Chegg itself– the free trial and the inspect element method. 

Unlocking Chegg Free Trial 

For anyone who does not know, the homework assistance service, Chegg, also offers you a ‘free trial version’. You get to check out all the features of the service entirely free of cost for a period of 4 weeks. Just don’t forget to cancel your Chegg subscription or membership at the end of the allotted 4 weeks. 

So if you want to try out this option, just read and follow the next few steps:

  • Now click on Sign in, followed by taping on Sign up to register for a new account if you don’t already have one. 
  • Now follow the instructions.
  • Specify whether you are a high schooler or a college student, along with your year of study. 
    Chegg Sign Up Steps
  • Enter your Credit Card details. 
  • Now you can avail of all features of the service till your trial period expires.

This is the first method to enjoy Chegg benefits without any charge. However, the obvious limitation of this method is the awfully short deadline. This is alright if you are going to need Chegg’s assistance just for one question or exercise. 

But for recurring usage, this might not come in that handy. One trick could be to create multiple accounts. You would just need several email IDs and Credit Cards. 

Nevertheless, this is sort of unethical, and you are also going to run out of credit cards. Then what? No more Chegg? But guess what, we have more tricks up our sleeves. Next up is a sneaky hack that can be a Homeworkify alternative for free Chegg answers, even without needing a Chegg account. 

The ‘Inspect Element’ Hack

The monthly subscription to Chegg will cost you $15.95. Chegg’s in-depth review and its pricing will inform you about all the options available. 

This may seem like a decent deal if you are to use Chegg extensively for the entire month. Even so, this pricing is mostly going to suit those who will not need Chegg after the month ends. 

For those who have only 1 or 2 queries to deal with, this subscription plan would seem wasteful. They need to opt for other sources or tricks.

We also have one such trick to suggest. This one is a tried and tested technique that can also be of use to you. This is the ‘inspect element’ method. You can also utilize this method by accessing Chegg without an account. 

To utilize this:

  • Go to Chegg.com, scroll down to Homework Help, and click on it. 
    Homework help’ on Chegg
  • Scroll down the page and go to Course Help.
    Course help
  • Now select any book and chapter you need answers for. 
  • You can either type your question, choose from the recently asked questions, or select from the books listed at the end of the page.
  • After that, you get to choose the exercise number of the chapter.
  • The answer will be displayed now.
  • You can see that the answer will be hidden from the non-Chegg user.
  • Now, right-click on the blurred answer.
    Right-click on the blurred answer
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click on ‘inspect’ on the menu.
  • A separate window will appear with the source code of the page.
  • Now, hover your mouse pointer over the code and wait for the answer to get highlighted. This part of the code is responsible for blurring the answer. 
  • Proceed to change the value of the <div> class to “None”.
  • Your answer will now be clearly visible to you.


As of March 2022, this technique has essentially stopped working. This was actually a loophole that was detected and corrected by Chegg.

This trick may or may not be workable, but it is worth giving a shot. 

If these tricks do not work for you, you can try some alternatives. There are many apps and websites like Homeworkify on the market that can be of great. Check these out in the next section, and don’t miss out on your lessons.

Some Websites Like Homeworkify 

Homeworkify has helped dozens of students since it was founded in 2023. Those who are on the lookout for good Ed-tech tools for online education can significantly benefit from Homeworkify. Its simple and supportive interface makes it an apt choice for all learners– from high schoolers to alumni. 

You know, you can just hand over all your homework worries to the portal. But what if it’s not accessible? And you also cannot use Chegg free trial? We have the perfect bundle of solutions for you. Here is a list of some apps and websites like Homeworkify that will assist you in solving your homework troubles.

CourseHero Logo

Course Hero is also an ed-tech website, just like Chegg. It offers you access to a huge variety of textbooks and their solutions. Not only that, but the website also provides expert guidance from tutors through personalized sessions.

Similar to Chegg, Course Hero is also a paid service. You have to buy the subscription, with prices starting at $39.99 per month. 

Even though Course Hero doesn’t directly offer free resources, there are ways to access its content without paying a penny. 

  • You can contribute to the Course Hero community by uploading your own notes and study materials. For every 10 uploads, you get to unlock 5 documents on Course Hero.
  • You can also like content uploaded by others. When you read at least 5 documents on Course Hero and give each of them ratings, it guarantees you access to 1 document or 1 question you like.
  • Just like, you can rate others’ content to gain access to any Course Hero document of your choice, others can read and rate your content too. When 5 of your documents get read by Course Hero users, you gain access to 1 document. 
  • Likewise, if people give 5 thumbs up to one of your articles, it will unlock 1 Course Hero document for you.
  • There are also techniques to unblur Course Hero answers. These also can be of help to you. 

These sorts of options make Course Hero a smart alternative to Chegg. Just as you paste the question URL from Chegg on Homeworkify, this time, enter the same question on the Course Hero website. You will find the answer, and you can use one of the unlocks you have earned to access it. 

  • Impressively vast collection of study material.
  • The available material is well-researched.
  • The content is up-to-date.
  • The platform offers scholarships.
  • Free trial, and free access is granted on uploading content.
  • The subscription may seem costly to many.
  • The tutors earn less because the platform tries to make classes affordable for students.

One thing that makes Course Hero a great choice is its thorough explanation. Course Hero provides step-by-step solutions to questions, which can sometimes be supported by video explanations as well. 

Slader is now Quizlet

Slader is quite a popular name among students. And very recently, it has merged with Quizlet. It started with the aim of offering free educational support to students worldwide. This free digital tool is like a social media for education, where members can post and answer queries. As of now, it has over 3 million answers for almost 275+ textbooks. 

Quizlet started with only Mathematics and Science, and later added Arts and Humanities in 2015. You can either browse the resourceful series of pre-answered textbook exercises or post your own questions and await for their answers. In any case, go for only the verified accounts. 

If you want answers to any Chegg question, just copy and paste it on the top search bar of Quizlet. And you will find answers to the queries. 

Quizlet (Slader) Homepage

After Slader got acquired by Quizlet, the merger added many new features. Starting with an Ad-free premium subscription that starts at $9.95 a month. This will include an uninterrupted, Ad-free experience, accessible even offline. Additionally, you get customized study plans and progress reviewers, and all textbook solutions.

The Quizlet Plus Subscription
  • The free version is accessible and useful for everyone.
  • You can get all your queries answered even without purchasing the subscription.
  • Very user-friendly interface.
  • Covers 275+ textbooks in 8 different subjects.
  • A convenient homework help for all high schoolers and college goers.
  • Some answers could be wrong, as anyone can reply to your questions. So, you need to dig out the expert answers.
  • The digital tool offers free solutions to students but earns from launching ads on the website and application. This can be very annoying and distracting for students.
  • There is a chance your question can go unnoticed and unanswered.
  • The homework assistance from the Slader may be considered cheating by many educators.

This Homeworkify alternative is one of the best solutions for all your mathematics-related troubles. And the more exciting part is how user-friendly and efficient it is. 

You just scan the equation or problem you need to solve, upload it, and you will be presented with the solution. You can choose the approach and solution that you find most relevant and understand it with the step-by-step explanation provided by the app. 

Let us understand this with an example. We have a question to solve that you have written down. Now you launch the Photomath app on your phone.

The app will automatically activate your phone’s scanner. Now you use it to scan the question. Do remember to adjust the scanner’s frame size in order to capture the whole problem. 

Upload query on Photomath

After uploading the question, you will be presented with a solution within a few seconds. The solution is presented to you in as many forms as possible. For instance, if the mathematical equation can be solved by using a graphical as well as a step-by-step method, the Photomath app will offer you both. 


Now that you have the solution, you can also see a “Show Me How” tab at the end of each solution. Click on it to get a detailed explanation for the solution(s).

Get an explanation for each step

With Photomath, you can find answers to elementary maths, word problems, and even geometry. The range starts from second-grade maths to senior-year calculus and statistics. 

Photomath Pluss
  • The approach and rendition of the application is quite unique and fun, yet very efficient.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Completely free of cost
  • It lets you solve and understand the solutions at your own pace.
  • The application is proficient in 250 types of functions.
  • Students can become addicted to the application.
  • Students can become dependent upon the app and not try to solve question on their own.
  • Increases the use of mobile phones.

You can take your learning one step ahead with the paid version, Photomath Plus, which provides audio and visual learning sessions to give you an in-depth understanding of the subject.

A one-stop destination for all your crazy homework needs. Crazy for Study has also proven itself to be a worthy Chegg alternative. With 100% accuracy, 50 million+ homework answers, and an easy-to-use mobile application, Crazy for Study has become the go-to choice of many students. 

Crazy for Study Homepage

Though the service has a paid version as well, even the free version is more than sufficient for students. The process is similar: just copy the Chegg question into the search bar of Crazy for Study, and you will get a similar answer to Chegg. It also provides detailed answers, just like Homeworkify


Once you sign up, you have a free account that can be used to access textbook answer keys to a variety of subjects starting from Math, Law Engineering, Science, Social Science, and Business to many more. You can either explore the pre-existing solutions manual or post your own questions. 

You get instant expert answers to most of your queries. In case of any delay, Crazy for Study promises a 30-minute answer delivery at the latest. 


With the free account, you get to post 50 customized questions each month. For anyone who needs more, the paid service offers entire textbook solutions and an unlimited number of questions for prices as low as $6.5 per month. 

Crazy for Study Subjects covered
  • Helps you with your assignments and homework.
  • You can ask any number of questions with the paid version.
  • The thorough textbook solution manuals are excellent.
  • Increases screen time.
  • Students start heavily relying on the platform.
QuizPLus Logo

Quiz+ or QuizPlus is also one Homeworkify alternative that can help you get Chegg answers unblurred for free. QuizPlus has a huge and extensive range of study material in a wide variety of subjects from mathematics, science, and literature to others like Engineering, Nursing, and Business.

For Chegg answers, you need to copy the Chegg question and paste it on the search bar of the QuizPLus website. Otherwise, you can also type the question in the search bar. QuizPlus will display various answers for you, which will be similar to the Chegg answers with some obvious language differences. 

The QuizPlus library has a knowledge pool of 20 million questions answered, which you can access anytime. The free version of the website is quite functional on its own, but the paid subscription brings even more features with it, like efficient quizzes to study from. 

  • The huge question bank contains a lot of pre-answered questions, which are easy to refer to.
  • You can also personalize your study experience.
  • A legit and well-connected community of learners and educators.
  • You can change or end the subscription whenever you want.
  • The platform has not launched its mobile application.
  • Not very useful offline.

If you do not wish to access the paid version, you can try to upload some of your own study materials to QuizPlus. This will earn you reward points that can be used to access various quizzes. 

SolutionInn Logo

SolutionInn can help you access Chegg solutions even if Homeworkify is down. Just ask the same question in the SolutionInn search bar and the website will present several relevant answers to you. The first one in the list of answers is the blurred Chegg answer. 

SolutionInn Homepage

The site offers 2.5 million textbook solutions along with free textbooks for students. With the free trial version, you can ask 15 free questions. And if you like the services, you can opt for the premium plan with unlimited questions with quicker answers, and personalized tutoring classes. 

  • Top-notch solutions from a knowledgeable team of experts.
  • Their live chat support responds instantly.
  • Free shipping of textbooks to the doorstep.
  • A boon for the busy lifestyle of the students.
  • Can make students lazy.
  • Sometimes it gets difficult to remove the account details.

All the users of social media must have heard of Reddit, even if they haven’t used it. Reddit is a place where you can dump all your curiosities and there would be numerous users that would turn up to answer you. And, now Reddit has entered the education sector as well. That is why it found a place in this list of websites like Homeworkify. 

When it comes to Chegg’s answers, there are many Reddit forums that can have the exact unblurred answers. Users of Reddit, copy the exact Chegg answers through their Chegg account and post them on the particular Reddit forums that may help students. Just search for such forums and you will get Chegg answers in no time. The special forums of Reddit work are entirely free of cost.

  • An amazing resource for students as you can find answers to your queries, textbook suggestions, and much more stuff, free of cost.
  • Can connect to a large crowd and seek their opinions and suggestions.
  • It offers you a lot of information in one place rather than looking for multiple websites.
  • Answers can be wrong as anybody can access the platform.
  • Some people can troll your questions and can leave harsh and ruse comments.

Discord started as a chatroom for gamers, but has now become a leading social media app for non-gamers as well. This rising popularity has made Discord have many dedicated servers for various distinct genres like memes, charity, cryptocurrency, magic, and even education. 

There are Discord servers that have the same theme as Homeworkify, post a Chegg question and find the answer. These servers are created to help students who cannot afford a Chegg membership. 

Discord Servers

Telegram is also a chatting app that can be used to talk to your friends and family. We can chat, call, or video call them and pour your heart out. However, unlike other chatting apps like WhatsApp, Telegram has an additional feature where you can join chat rooms as per your interests or needs. 

There are chat rooms or groups for downloading media content, or to discuss a global issue with like-minded people. Likewise, you can also join chat groups that can give you Chegg answers for free. Just search for such a group in the search bar and join it. After that, drop your question. The members of the group might help you and share a Chegg solution for your query. 

  • Easier to manage all media in one place.
  • Video and Audio quality is decent.
  • Chatting is made easy with lots of options to personalize your experience.
  • It is a secure platform.
  • The option of a ‘dark theme’ soothes the eyes of the users.
  • Can be very distracting with the multiple chatbots available.
  • Users may encounter adult content.

Both Discord and Telegram are great options as a free alternative to Chegg. 


From any medical emergency to some fascinating life advice, Quora has answers to all. It is a public platform where people can share their opinions to help and guide others. 

Similarly, anyone in need of Chegg answers may also seek out Quora. Just like any other social media website, Quora also has users who will share actual Chegg answers to assist others. 

However, as anyone can reply to you on the platform, it is advisable to be very cautious while going by the answers. For this factor, Quora is way less reliable than Homeworkify

  • An amazing resource for students as you can find answers to your queries, textbook suggestions, and much more stuff, free of cost. 
  • Can connect to a large crowd and seek their opinions and suggestions.
  • It offers you a lot of information in one place rather than looking for multiple websites.
  • Answers can be wrong as anybody can access the platform.
  • Some people can troll your questions and can leave harsh and ruse comments.

To Summarize 

Educational assistance is needed by every student in mostly all subjects. The aforementioned tricks and resources prove to be a massive helping hand for students. No matter which ed-tech service you use, accurate and free homework help is in high demand. 

All the above-mentioned apps and websites strive to offer quality and affordable educational solutions to students. We have carefully curated this list for you to refer to in your time of need. 

Homeworkify is indeed a fan favorite. Nevertheless, it is an AI-based tool that can be inaccessible when the site is down. In times like that, we hope our list of Homeworkify alternatives will come in handy for you. 


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