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| Updated on March 27, 2024

The Microsoft Word document format is extensively used in educational and corporate work environments, especially in Windows operating systems. On the other hand, Pages is a word processing software for MAC. 

Although you can use Microsoft Word on a MAC, most MAC users choose Pages. “Pages” is really good; however, issues arise when a file needs to be converted to Docx. You’d face the same problem when converting from pdf to pages format. 

In Pages, you can open documents created in MS Word but you cannot open .pages files in Word documents. So, if you’ve received a .pages file but you need to attach .doc file to an email, then you’ll have to convert .pages file to .docx file. 

“Pages” now comes free with any new MAC or iOS device. If you have an older version, we recommend that you update to the newest version that has the latest features. The updated version of Pages will ensure improved compatibility when converting them into .docx format.

We’ll learn how to convert a Pages file into a Word document on MAC, iPhone, and iPad.

Convert Pages File to Word File on MAC

The process of converting Pages file to Word file on MAC is the same as it is on Windows. Follow the steps mentioned below to convert on MAC.

If you want to save a new Pages document as a word document, then open Pages on MAC and create a new document. However, if you want to convert an existing file, simply open that document.

Go to File – choose Export To – and select Word from the menu list.

A new window screen will appear on the screen. Here, select Advanced Options

From there, you’ll have the option to convert the Pages file into your preferred file format. It gives two options: .docx format or .doc format. .docx format is compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Word. 

.doc is compatible with older versions of Microsoft Office or Word. After choosing the preferred format, click Next.

Pages will save a document to a .docx format as it is the most recent one. 

Click Next and choose a place where you want to save the converted .docx file. 

Click on Export to complete the conversion. 

Although you have converted a Pages file into a Word document, you can always open it and edit the document using Pages on MAC. A copy of that file is saved as a .docx format.

Your newly converted Word document, either in .doc or .docx format, is saved wherever you specified. 

Mostly, the Pages app will convert into Word documents easily, without any extra efforts. The converted document will open without incident in Microsoft Word and look similar to the .pages file.

If the newly created Word document doesn’t look the same, it is due to high-end formatting. Unique fonts, use of emoji, or stylized ASCII, and special characters that are used only by Pages app or MAC OS will make the difference. Such unique characteristics in the Pages document will not be saved when converted into a Word document.

You’ll not face such issues if it’s a simple text, heavy document, or a report, and the converted file should work efficiently in Microsoft Office both on MAC and a Windows OS.

Therefore, it is essential to create files using standardized and simple editing fonts that are available on all platforms. You can avoid using complex formatting and editing characteristics whenever possible. 

Convert Pages File to Word File on iPhone or iPad

Converting a Pages file to Word Document on iPhone or iPad is pretty easy and straightforward. 

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Pages app. 

If you want a new document, go ahead and create one. If you want to convert an existing file, open that document. 

There is an “ ” icon on the upper right corner of the text editor. Tap on that icon. 

A menu will appear with different options. Choose Export.

Different file formats are offered to you to export the Pages document. Choose Word format as we intend to convert to that format.

Once a preferred format is selected, you can save the document to the Files folder, copy the document, or send it to people via email, SMS, or other platforms.

On MAC, you get to choose between .doc and .docx format. However, on the iPhone or iPad, it’ll automatically convert the file to a .docx. As nowadays most people use the latest version of Word on smartphones, it offers ease and simplicity.

We discussed converting Pages files into Word documents on MAC and iPhone or iPad. However, what if you are a Windows user and you want to convert Pages files into a Word document on a Windows PC? 

Here’s what you can do.

Convert Pages File to Word File on Windows PC

This method is not a straightforward way of converting a Pages file to a Word document on the Windows system. It is a dirty workaround and a quick way to do it. 

  • Download the .pages file on your Windows system.
  • Once downloaded, choose the option of renaming the .pages file.
  • While saving the file, change the .pages format with .zip. The file is now saved in a zip file.
  • Open the zip file and you’ll find a new folder named Quicklook in it. 
  • Open the Quicklook folder where your document is saved under the name of Preview.pdf.
  • This means that your file is converted in the pdf format.

If you’re using Windows 7, you will have to download a free pdf reader like Adobe Reader to preview the file. For Windows 8 or later, you get access to a built-in pdf reader. 

You can open the Preview.pdf file and check if it has got all the text. If it’s all good, copy the entire text. Hold the Ctrl key and press A to select all. Then, hold the Ctrl button and press C to copy it. 

Paste the copied content in a Word document. Open a new Word document and paste the content by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing V. The entire content will be copied. 

Save the document. It will be saved in a .docx or .doc format. This process seems to be tedious, but it’s worth the effort.


Converting a Pages file to a Word document on any system or device is quite simple. Thanks to technology, advanced features are offered in all work spheres.

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