AOL Subscription Cancellation in Simple Steps

| Updated on March 15, 2024

AOL is incredible, but some users can’t manage the cost of it any longer and they like to keep their AOL email address for free. There are users out there who like free account whereas there are few users who want to discontinue their email account with AOL. 

If you have prepared yourself for AOL account deletion and stored your important email data, you can pursue the cancellation using the methods given below. Pick the one that suits your needs. 

Cancel Your Paid AOL Plan:

Paid plan can be canceled or converted to free whenever you feel like, as it is just a matter of few steps. So, to cancel the paid plan and change it to the free, you need to follow the steps mentioned here underneath.
  • Login with your “Username and Password”.
  • Click “My Services”.
Click on AOL My Services
  • Click “Subscriptions”.
AOL Mail Subscriptions
  • Open “Manage” written against your plan.
  • Verify your account if required
Verify your AOL account
  • Click “Cancel” and then “Cancel MY Billing”.
  • Choose the reason for canceling from the drop-down menu.
Choose the reason for canceling
  • Click “Cancel My Billing”.
Cancel My Billing

Important things to consider:

  1. You cannot assume that you cancel your plan or shift to the free one, in between the billing span and the company will pay you back the remaining amount, instead, you have to complete the entire billing cycle and then cancel or change your subscription.
  2. The billing will be continued separately even if you have an active premium subscription.
  3. AOL has the right to cost you charges or surges before you make the cancellation.

How to Cancel Premium Subscription:

The premium options of the AOL subscription offers you with the extra layer of protection. It is the best way to keep the computer safe and secure. But if you are not happy with it and want to cancel the premium subscription, follow the steps given below:

  1. First, sign to your AOL account.
  2.  Then scroll down and open the “My Account” option.
  3. Click on “My Services” and then “Subscription“.
  4. Tab “Manage” and then choose the plan you want to cancel.
  5. Click “Cancel Billing“.
  6. Choose the cancel for deactivating.
  7. Click the “Cancel link” from the bottom of the page.

How to Cancel Account of the Deceased Person?

After the unfortunate death of a person, the ownership can be transferred to another closely related user account. Or you can contact the AOL support team by calling on 1-800-827-6364 and speak to the representatives.

How to Change the AOL Account Plan?

If you want to Chane your higher-paid AOL plan to lower plan, try the steps given below:

  • First, log in with your Username and Password.
  • Then type in your Web browser.
  • Open “My services”.
  • Then Subscription to open the account information.
  • Click on manage and then change plan (next to the account you want to change).
  • Tap on “Change plan”.
  • On the confirmation page, change the subscription to a lower-priced option instead of simply canceling your account.
change the subscription


In case if you want to cancel your AOL plan, click Cancel my billing by choosing a reason and you will become a free AOL user. Now, you won’t be billed for using the AOL service. 

Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert

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