Facebook Reels Not Showing: Reasons and Fixes

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Are you facing Facebook reels not showing on profile issues? Well, then you are not alone, so don’t worry. This problem has also been experienced by many other folks.

Since changing its name to Meta, this platform has rolled out several new interesting features. Facebook Reels is one of these, and since Instagram Reels has already taken the limelight, most users are already familiar with it.

However, many potential causes behind this issue may include incorrect configuration, app issues, and more. As said, this article will provide you with effective solutions for Facebook reels not showing on iPhone.

Reels on Facebook: An Overview

Reels are a short-form video style of up to 60 seconds available on Facebook that includes music, audio, and more options. One can also watch reels from other creators and make their reels to share. Therefore, as for now, it has been considered as one of the potential ways to enhance engagement. 

If the creator decides to share their IG public reel on Facebook, you can also view them on your FB account. However, you might face issues like, Instagram not sharing with Facebook. Reels are recommended based on what may be relevant to you and may appear in places like Feed and Facebook Watch.

Why Are Facebook Reels Not Showing?

Facebook Reels Not Showing

Users have several theories about why my reels are not showing on my Facebook profile. Some of them are listed below:

  • The Facebook app can have a bug or any other issue. 
  • The server for Facebook might be offline. 
  • The Facebook app is incompatible with your device. 
  • Your device is connected to a VPN. 
  • You might have activated your smartphone’s low data mode. 
  • You haven’t recently updated the Facebook app. 
  • Your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is not working properly. 
  • The user had chosen to lock the Facebook Profile

Apart from the above-mentioned, there is a limit on Facebook reels. However, the limit varies depending on your location and the version you are using. 

How to Fix Facebook Reels Not Loading? 

You might wonder why my reels are not showing on my Facebook profile. 

Well, you will find answers to this query further in this segment. To your knowledge, numerous factors may cause Facebook to malfunction and one user’s solution might not apply to another, as there can be different cases. 

So, if you experience issues with the Reels option, consider trying one of the following fixes to resolve it.

Close and Reopen the Facebook App

Closing and reopening the app can sometimes fix problems of not showing reels with the Facebook app. 

Therefore, quit the app first, then try to open it again to fix the Facebook reels not showing the issue. Your problem will be resolved, and the Facebook app will operate normally. 

Check Facebook Server

If Facebook reels are not showing on the feed, there may be a fault or glitch in the Facebook app, or Facebook’s server may be offline. 

There are numerous techniques to determine whether Facebook’s servers are down or if there is a problem or issue with Facebook. 

You can visit Downdetector, search for Facebook, and then determine whether there is a spike in the graph. Another option is to go on Twitter and type “Facebook down” on the search bar. One can see the most recent tweets about the same. 

You have no options in this situation; all you can do is wait until the Facebook team fixes the bug or the server is operational.

Check Facebook Reels on the Desktop

If you are facing this issue, consider switching your account to another device. Devices should include iPads or computers. Therefore, if you find the reels section on another device, then the problem is with your device and not from the FB end. 

Check For Stable Internet 

An unstable internet connection is one of the most frequent causes of Facebook reels not showing. Therefore, the initial step is to evaluate and confirm a reliable internet connection. 

To see if your connection is the cause of the Facebook app problem, try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Logout and Login Again On Facebook

Log out of the app first, then log into Facebook again to resolve the reel not loading problem. The issue should be resolved, and the Facebook app should function properly. Try alternative remedies if the Facebook clips are still not showing. 

Clear Cache and Cookies 

Most of the time, clearing the app cache will fix any problems with Facebook apps. However, it is worth noting how to do that using Android and iOS devices. 

To fix Facebook reels not showing on Android phones:

Go to settings >> Find Facebook App >> Tap on clear cache.

To fix Facebook reels not showing on iPhone:

Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> Find Facebook App>> Tap on iPhone Storage >> Tap on Offload App button >> Again Reinstall the Facebook app.

Update the Facebook App 

To fix the problem with Facebook reels not showing, update the Facebook app to the most recent version. If you’re using an old version, it might need to be fixed.

Additionally, updating to the most recent will resolve all previously reported bugs.

Turn off VPN

Although VPNs are wonderful for safeguarding your network, accessing services not offered where you are. However, you must remain aware of anonymous VPN and proxy risks

So, if you are trying to access reels while using a proxy, try disconnecting it and connecting directly to your Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Restart Your Device  

If the aforementioned fixes don’t work, your device may occasionally have a problem rather than the Facebook app. Therefore, quit the Facebook program and reboot your device.

The Facebook App should function adequately after a device restart.

Contact Facebook Support Team

If the Facebook app is still not functioning after applying the changes above, get in touch with Facebook support. You can consider writing to them and explain your reason with full details. Hence, wait for some time for the revert. 

Apart from the above-mentioned, consider checking who blocked you on Facebook. As the FB reels will not load if someone has restricted your profile. 


The above instructions mostly result in Facebook Reels beginning to appear on your feed. However, you can choose a suitable solution depending on your problem.  And happily, once they appear, they frequently remain on your feed.’

In case nothing works, consider contacting Facebook support for further assistance. Consider writing the issue in a detailed format for better understanding.


Do Facebook reels go on your profile?

The reels you post will appear in places like the Facebook feed, and reels section. Whereas saved reels can be viewed in the drafts section. 

How do I make reels appear on my Facebook profile?

To make a reel appear on your FB profile, you must be updated to the new version of the app.

Why is Facebook not showing videos?

The videos may not load due to a disturbed internet connection, app bugs, VPN enabled on your server and more. 


What are reels on Facebook? —  Facebook Help Center

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