• Facebook Reels Not Showing: Reasons and Fixes

    | Updated on September 1, 2023

    Are you having problems with Facebook? Are the Facebook reels not showing or working properly for you? Well, you are not alone, so don’t worry. The “Facebook reels not showing on iPhone and Android” issue has also been experienced by many other folks.

    Since changing its name to Meta, Facebook has rolled out several new features that make its top platform, Facebook, more entertaining and engaging. 

    Facebook Reels is one of these features, and since it was previously offered on Instagram, most users are already familiar with it.

    Users can have difficulties when utilizing Facebook reels as a new feature. Many potential causes for Facebook Reels not loading include incorrect configuration, feature unavailability, Facebook app issues, and more. 

    So, don’t worry if your Reels won’t play on Facebook. This article will explain the cause of Facebook reels not showing and offer effective solutions for you. 

    Let’s get started without further ado!


    Reels on Facebook

    Reels are a short-form video style of up to 60 seconds available on Facebook that includes music, audio, and more options. One can also watch reels from other creators and make their reels to share.

    If the creator decides to share their Instagram public reel on Facebook, you can also view Insta reels on Facebook. Reels are recommended based on what may be relevant to you and may appear in places such as Feed and Facebook Watch.

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    Why Are Facebook Reels Not Showing?

    Users have several theories about why Facebook Reels are not showing on feeds. 

    • The Facebook app can have a bug or any other issue. 
    • Server for Facebook might be offline. 
    • The Facebook app is incompatible with your device. 
    • Your device is connected to a VPN. 
    • You might have activated your smartphone’s low data mode. 
    • You haven’t recently updated the Facebook app. 
    • Your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is not working properly. 

    Before further discussing the numerous causes and fixes, it’s also important to note that, as of the time this article was written, neither a desktop browser nor a mobile browser allowed you to view Facebook Reels. This does not imply that making Reels videos on a PC is impossible. It’s just that Facebook Reels simply cannot be viewed on a PC, which might be one reason for Facebook reels not showing issues.

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    How to Fix Facebook Reels Not Loading?

    Why can’t I see reels on Facebook?

    How to see my reels on Facebook?

    Well, you will find answers to these questions in this segment; numerous factors may cause Facebook to malfunction. One user’s solution might not be suitable for another as there can be a different cause of issues. If you experience issues with the Reels option, we need to identify the underlying cause of the issue and permanently resolve it. 

    So, try one of the following fixes to get Reels back to working on the Facebook app.

    Fix 1: Close and Reopen Facebook App

    Closing and reopening the app can sometimes fix problems with the Facebook app. 

    Therefore, quit the app first, then try to open it again to resolve the Facebook reels not showing the issue. Your problem will be resolved, and the Facebook app will operate normally. Try other fixes if the Facebook reels are still not loading.

    Fix 2: Check Facebook Server

    If Facebook reels are not showing on the feed, there may be a fault or glitch in the Facebook app, or Facebook’s server may be offline. 

    There are numerous techniques to determine whether Facebook’s servers are down or if there is a problem or issue with Facebook. 

    You can visit Downdetector, search for Facebook, and then determine whether or not there is a spike in the graph. The Facebook server is down, or there is a bug if there is a spike. 

    Another option is to go on Twitter and type “Facebook down” on the search bar. One can see the most recent tweets about the same. 

    You have no options in this situation; all you can do is wait until the Facebook team fixes the bug or the server is operational.

    Fix 3: Check For Stable Internet 

    An unstable internet connection is one of the most frequent causes of Facebook reels not showing. Therefore, the initial step is to evaluate and confirm a reliable internet connection. 

    To see if your connection is the cause of the Facebook app problem, try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data.

    Fix 4: Logout and Login Again On Facebook

    Log out of the app first, then log back in to fix the Facebook reels not loading problem. The problem should be resolved, and the Facebook app should function properly. Try alternative remedies if the Facebook clips are still not showing.

    Fix 5: Clear Cache

    Most of the time, clearing the app cache will fix any problems with Facebook apps. 

    Clear the Facebook app cache to resolve the Facebook reels not showing the issue.

    For Android, Go to settings >> Find Facebook >> Tap on clear cache. Facebook App cache will be cleared.

    For iPhone, Go to iPhone settings >> Go to General >> Find Facebook App>> Tap on iPhone Storage >> Tap on Offload App button >> Again Reinstall the Facebook app.

    Fix 6: Update The Facebook App 

    To fix the problem with Facebook reels not showing, update the Facebook app to the most recent version. If you’re using an old version of the Facebook app, it might not work correctly.

    Additionally, updating the most recent version of the Facebook app will resolve all previously reported bugs.

    Fix 7: Turn Off VPN

    Although VPNs are wonderful for safeguarding your network, accessing services not offered where you are, and disguising your IP from websites, they can interfere with your connection. 

    This is so that VPN services can link you to the website or service you’re attempting to access through servers in other nations. It lengthens the period that data is delivered or latency. 

    Therefore, if you are trying to access Reels while using a VPN, try disconnecting the VPN and connecting directly to your WIFI or mobile data.

    Fix 8: Restart Your Device

    If the aforementioned fixes don’t work, your device may occasionally have a problem rather than the Facebook app. Therefore, quit the Facebook program and reboot your device.

    The Facebook App should function adequately after a device restart.

    Fix 9: Contact Facebook Support Team

    If the Facebook app is still not functioning after applying the aforementioned changes, get in touch with Facebook support as your last resort.


    The above instructions mostly result in Facebook Reels beginning to appear on your feed. And happily, once they appear, they frequently remain on your feed.

    We advise contacting Facebook support for more assistance. I sincerely hope you find this post useful and that you can easily enjoy your reels on Facebook without any hassle.


    Note: No method will work if the Facebook Reel you’re looking for is deleted from the chats. If this is true, then you should avail tracking on your Facebook profile and keep a separate database from the Facebook app. So far, mSpy is the best service for this, as it will allow you to access your deleted chats and messages.

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