Discord Login | Steps to Login to Discord via a Mobile, Desktop, and Browser?

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Discord was launched in 2015, and considering its popularity, users are now able to use it for messaging, voice calling, and playing music. Even though there were more than 19 million active servers in 2023, some users are still unable to perform Discord Login correctly. 

So, this guide has been created keeping in mind the same; on reading further, you will get a clear idea of how to log in to Discord on different devices and how to be a pro at it.

How to Log in to Discord Through a Web Browser?

Once you create an account on Discord, you should know that there can be more than one way to log in to it. One of the most common ways to login to this instant messaging app is to use its official website. 

There’s no need to install any application or program on your computer, and all you need is a web browser. Follow these steps:

  • Open the web browser, which can be Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (for Mac), and go to discord.com.
    discord dot com
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button given in the top-right corner of the screen.
    Click on Loginc

From here, you will get two options to log in to Discord. Let’s take a look at the steps for each.

Discord Login With Email Or Phone Number

If you want to proceed with the generic way of entering your email or phone number, follow these steps:

  • On the left side of the login screen, you will have to enter the email address or phone number that you have used to create your account, followed by the password for the same. 
    Enter the email address or phone number
  • After you enter the details, click on the Log In button.

Discord Login With the QR Code

If you’re in a hurry or are not willing to enter the details mentioned in the previous step, you can proceed with the Discord web login via the QR Code. Take a look at the steps:

  • On the right side of the login screen, where you need to enter the details, you will see a QR code.
    Scan the QR code
  • You can scan it using the pre-installed app on your mobile device. This step will not require you to enter any username, email address, or phone number to login in to Discord account.

How to Log in to Discord Through Desktop Web Application?

For quick access to your Discord account, you can install its web application on your PC to stay signed in and avoid the hassle of visiting the website every time you want to Discord browser login.

  • Go to the official website, and you’ll find the option to download the app. Just click on the option Download for Windows if you want to run the app on Windows 7 or a higher version.
    Click on Download for Windows
  • It will download the setup file to your PC or laptop.
    Discord setup file
  • Run the .exe file to install the app on your Windows PC or laptop.
  • Once the setup is finished, run the application and use your credentials or the QR code for Discord Login.


In case you’re using Linux or Mac, go to the Download page on the website, scroll down, and you will find the download buttons for different platforms.

How to Log in to Discord on Your Mobile?

For the absolute convenience of smartphone users, this instant messaging app has its own mobile app that you can install on your iOS or Android device. That said, let’s take a look at the steps for login discord via the app:

  • Once downloaded, launch the app and tap the ‘Log In’ button present at the bottom.
    Tap the Login button
  • Enter your email or phone number linked to your account and the password in their respective fields. Tap ‘Log In.’
    Tap Log In
  • If prompted, tap ‘Verify’ to proceed.
    Verify if required
  • Once verified, you will see the Discord dashboard.


If you are receiving the ‘New login location detected, please check your email’ error, log in to your email address linked to your Discord, and follow the instructions provided in the email to fix it.

How to Log Out of Discord?

Although it is not a difficult task to do, logging out of Discord might be confusing for some. Here is the information you will need to log out of your account on different devices:

Log Out of Discord on a Web Browser or the Web Application

If you’re running Discord on a desktop, follow these steps to log out:

  • In the bottom left of the screen, click on the ‘Settings’ button (gear icon).
    Click on Settingsc
  • A new page will open, scroll down to the bottom, and click the ‘Log out’ button.
    Click Log out

Now, you will be logged out of your account and restart Discord.

Log Out of Discord Via the Mobile App

If you’re running Discord over the mobile app, follow these steps to log out:

  • Tap on the profile icon present at the bottom right.
    Tap on the profile icon
  • Now, tap on the Settings icon.
    Tap on the Settings icon
  • Scroll down and tap Log out.
    Tap on Log out

That’s it; you’ll be logged out of your account and come back to the discord.com login screen.

For a better understanding of the process, you can also watch this video:

How To Get A New Discord Account?

No matter if you are not able to log in to your Discord account or have deleted it, you can always create a new one. Here are the simple steps to create a new account:

  • Enter your email address, create a username for your Discord account, and then create a password; after that, select your date of birth and click on ‘Continue’.
    Create an account on Discord
  • Verify if required, and you are good to go.

That’s how simple it is to create a new Discord account.

Discord Login Issues – Common Problems And Solutions

There’s no doubt that you can face many login issues on Discord. So, if you are also not able to sign in for any reason or are facing any particular error, here are some quick troubleshooting tips for you:

  • Make sure you are connected to a working and strong internet connection.
  • Check if Discord is down; you can visit this link to know if it is operational- Discord Status.
  • See if you have mistakenly turned on Airplane mode on the device on which you are using this instant messaging app.
  • Exit the app, remove it from the background, and then open it again; see if you are able to log in.
  • Make sure you are using the updated version of the app.
  • You can also check if there is an update available for your device’s operating system; if yes, then install it and see if this helps in fixing the login issue.
  • Reinstall the app after uninstalling it if the issue persists.

For more information about Discord login issues, you can watch this video:



How do I open Discord in my browser?

To open Discord in a browser, go to https://discord.com/login.

Can you use Discord without the app?

Yes, it is possible to use Discord without the app; all you need to do is open the official website and log in to your account.

Where is my Discord QR code?

The Discord QR code is present on the right side of the login screen.

Is Discord web safe?

Yes, Discord is a safe app. However, there is always a possibility for malicious activity.

Is Discord a chat app?

Apart from using Discord as a chat app, you can use it for creating communities, voice calling, video chats, and even playing music.


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