Quick Fixes for Discord Login Issues and Related Problems

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Discord is a gaming cum community sharing app that is widely and specifically used non-stop by gamers and non-gamers across the world for hours. The app is in demand for gaming as well as a trouble-free calling while gaming, crediting Discord amongst the most popular chat-gaming applications. But, lately, some resolved and unresolved Discord glitches/Login errors/Problems have been faced by the users. Discord Login Issues can be frustrating at times, but can also be resolved within some quick fixes. 

But, fortunately, you have clicked on the right website, where we will tour you through all the possible reasons, issues, and permanent solutions regarding Discord Login so that you can continue gaming and chat via Discord trouble-free.

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Before getting started with detecting the problem and fixing it, we recommend you to start with these two basic methods: “Restart your Device”(just Power Off your device and turn it on after 5 seconds) and if available, try to “Check for Discord Updates”(just go to the Play Store or App Store and check for the Updates). In case, these first-hand methods don’t work, just follow the page, till the end!

Why is your Discord Not Letting you Log in Suddenly? 

If you have just created your Discord account and are not able to log in, there can be plenty of reasons, like- Changed or Invalid Discord Password, piles of corrupted Cache files, Internet connectivity issues or Traffic, DNS Server Errors, and more due to which Discord is not allowing you to log in to your Discord account.

One of the most user-experienced reasons is a disabled Discord due to Violation of Discord Guidelines. There can be times when you will be experiencing a mass ban wave. At this time, many users are suddenly logged out of their accounts, due to being flagged or diabled for suspicious activities or for violating Community Guidelines

In case, your Discord Account is flagged or disabled, you may receive an email notification from Discord as shown below, which will inform you about your activities that caused your Discord Account to be flagged: 

Notification for discord Account disable

In case you receive the similar email, as shown above, it will confirm that your email is disabled or flagged as a bot. 

To enable your Account quickly, from this state, we suggest you to follow the methods provided further, that will enable you to clear the bug:

Easy Fixes to resolve all sorts of Discord Login Issues 

Let’s start with the click-on methods, to resolve the issues quickly:

Method 1: Reset your Discord Account

You should try changing the password or Username of your Discord Account via Discord Password Support.

Changing the password will not only clear the problem, but it will also improve your Account Security and will automatically resolve any further issues with password leakages. 

REMEMBER: The password change will help you to log out of all the other devices that you may not be aware of. 

Just follow the steps below:

In case, your Discord issues are caused due to Password Issues(Forgotten password or invalid password) you can directly follow the steps to change your password:

  • Step 1: Enter your Email address, and rather than entering your password, click on ‘Forgot your Password‘. 
Click on Forgot your Password
  • Step 2: Discord will send you a verification link on your email, as shown below, to reset your password. Go to your Email and click the link, you will automatically be taken to a page to enter and choose your new password and click on Reset Password
Reset discord password through email link
  • Step 3: Now Enter a new password and click Change Password. You will be directed to the browser version of Discord, with an updated password.
Change Discord password

After the above method, let’s check another method that might help you to clear login errors caused by the Server Issues: 

Here is the video to help you reset Discord password:

Method 2: Change your DNS(Domain Name System) Servers 

DNS translated Domain Services to IP Addresses. 

In case your DNS or IPs are set differently. You can set it by changing the preferred DNS to or the alternate DNS to and check if the fixes have helped.  

For iOS Devices, 

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Go to the WiFi and connect it to the Network
  • Step 3: Select on the Informative Icon and under IP Settings, change DHCP to Static.
  • Step 4: Scroll down the page, and click on Configure DNS
  • Step 5: Select Manual and click your desired DNS Servers. 

Recommended IP Address: or (Google’s DNS)OR 2001:4860:4860::8888 or 2001:4860:4860::8844  

Method 3: Clear App Data Cache 

These junk files can be accumulated and piled up to bloat the background and eventually can cause issues while using the Discord App.

For Windows,

  • Step 1: Go to Windows Data Files and type %appdata%\discord in the search bar on the top of File Explorer to see the following screen:
Search for Discord cache files in file explorer
  • Step 2: Find and Select on Cache, Code Cache, and GPU Cache.
  • Step 3: After selecting the above, click on Delete

For Mac,

  • Step 1: Go to Finder, and click on Go from the Menu Bar. Scroll down in this tab and click on Go To Folder. 
  • Step 2: A text pop up will appear in Go to Folder tab, enter  ~/Library/Application Support/discord/ and Click on Go Tab
  • Step 3: Look for three folders: Cache, Code Cache, and GPU Cache. And delete these three folders. 
  • Step 4: After finishing the steps above, click on Save.

For Android Devices,

  • Step 1: Click on Settings
  • Step 2: Select and connect to your WiFi Network
  • Step 3: Select on the I tab, besides the network
  • Step 4: Scroll down to IP Settings
  • Step 5: Select on Static
  • Step 6: As the new section opens, enter the Ip Address of your choice to continue using the Discord App hassle-free. 

For PC,

  • Step 1: Go to your Google chrome or Web Browser through chrome://net-internals/#dns
  • Step 2: As you open the above link, you will see the following page and from here, you have to click on Clear Host Cache:
Clear host Cache for DNS Services

If the above methods haven’t worked yet, easily check the following method:

Method 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Discord App

Try deleting the App and Installing it again, either from the App Store, from Play Store, or through the Web Browser.

Intermediate Methods to Fix Discord Login Issues 

There are some other methods that can help you to detect and resolve the Discord Login issues automatically. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Check your Discord Status

There can be times when Discord App Services can be down and weak, worldwide. To check, firstly, go to Discord Status and if the same has been confirmed. Just wait till the Services get back on track.

Or you can go to Downdetector, and check for Discord Connectivity Status.

In case, your patience and wait are gone in vain and you’re still unable to continue using your Discord Account. Just read out the user-friendly manual.

Now, you can check and resolve all the issues with a click!

Also watch this related video:

Method 2: Resolve Troubleshooting Error in Discord App

If there are troubleshooting errors while using Discord through windows10, right-click on Discord File Explorer>>Select Troubleshoot Compatibility. This will automatically scan and fix your Discord Errors. 

Method 3: Discord Hacked

Discord can be Hacked at times, and to resolve it, just directly go to

Discord Support for Hacked Account and Submit your Request regarding the Hack Issue. 

If by any chance your Discord Account is not working through Phone or you are unable to Login your Discord Account via phone, we have an alternative for you, as listed below: 

Discord is not logging in through Phone? 

Use Discord through Web Browser 

You can easily use the Discord App directly by logging into the Google Web Browser through Discord Web Login

After clicking on the Website, directly login to your Discord Account and you are good to go!

New Login Detected?

See what to do!

If you are suspicious of a new Discord Login, you should practice these two steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Make sure to connect and contact the Discord Support 
  • Step 2: You can set your Mobile devices  as the primary Mobile devices, so that you can easily check through the notifications, if someone tries to log in to your Account.  

For this, you will be shown with the location, device and the IP, then two buttons- “yes” or “no”. This will decrease the verification time for Discord Login through another location. 

You can also watch this related video:

Avoid Discord Login issues

Preventive measures to protect Discord from facing Login Issues or any other issues, so that you don’t get frustrated with all these problems again and again: 

Method1: Enable 2-Factor Authentication 

To enable 2-Factor Authentication, just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Go to Discord Settings at the bottom left and click on Enable 2-factor Auth on the following page:
Enable 2-factor auth in Discord Web Browser
  • Step 2: Enter your Discord Password to verify and click on Continue:
Enter your Discord Password
  • Step 3: As you see the following screen, follow the prompts and instructions and click on Activate:
Activate Google Authenticator

Method 2: Take Help from Discord Help Centre

If nothing is working out, just directly go to the Discord Help Centre. 

Or, follow the steps below: 

  • Step 1: Go to Discord Support and click on Help Tab on the following screen: 
Discord Support 
  • Step 2: As you click on the Help Tab, just enter the keywords of your issues and queries regarding Discord in the following bar: 
Enter your Queries in Discord Help

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