Snapchat Now Lets You Create and Send AI-Generated Images: Only for Snapchat+ Subscribers

| Updated on January 24, 2024

Generative AI has been making waves for the last couple of years and everybody is hopping on the bandwagon. Every major tech platform is utilizing generative AI in one form or another. 

Snapchat is not going to be left behind, they also announced new AI-generated visual features for Snapchat+ subscribers. This exclusive feature allows users to create and share unique images with their Snapchat best friends planets. This move from Snapchat indicates that they are embracing AI tech to stay ahead of the curve. 

How AI-Generated Images Feature Work with Snapchat Plus? 

Available only to Snapchat+ users, this new feature is accessible from the app. By tapping on the AI button on the toolbar situated on the right side of the camera interface, users can start creating customized snaps. This will open a new window where users can input the text prompt or choose a pre-available text prompt. Now, wait for a minute or two for Snapchat AI to generate the image based on the prompt. Users can also customize it and include a message before sharing it with friends. 

The new Snapchat+ feature is similar to already available generative AI image creators like DALL-E, Firefly, Bing Image Creator, and more. But the best part is that it is available within the app. 

Apart from this, Snapchat is rolling out several AI-powered features like Extend. This one allows the users to increase the distance between the subject of a photo and the camera by filling the background and putting more data in. 

The Plus subscribers can also use Dream, the generative AI selfie feature from Snapchat. This allows users to create creative images of themselves based on specific themes. This new nifty feature adds a fun element to the selfie-capturing process. 

These announcements show that Snapchat is looking to build on AI tech and enhance the user experience in the process. Snapchat already had a few AI features but with this they are doubling down on AI. 

Snapchat+ costs USD 3.99 per month and the company claims that it has more than 7 million subscribers. 

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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