• Casio Oceanus: Not Your Ordinary Casio Watch

    | Updated on February 10, 2022

    A combination of Casio Waveceptor and Gshock will create an extraordinary timepiece. This timepiece offers more advanced technology and an elegant look perfect for every man’s watch collection. Casio Oceanus has proven its worth in the market for more than a decade.

    The same with other Casio watches, this model can assure you that it can last long. If you are looking for a timepiece that would match any occasion, this brand can provide what you’re looking for. Get to know more about this elegant and one of the most in-demand models of Casio watch.

    Know More About Casio Oceanus

    If you love to travel around the globe and don’t want the hustle of synchronizing your time manually in every location, then this watch suits you well. This Casio watch’s most outstanding features are that it auto time synchronization based on GPS, which is very convenient for travelers. 

    Aside from that, this model is a solar watch and ideal for your outdoor dream adventures. This watch has micromotors inside, which independently function the dials for stopwatch, hours, etc. Every Casio watch’s durability is not a question because it has been proven for how many years. 


    Casio brand started mainly on electronics before it branched out to watches. So if you question the quality of the Casio brand, you did not know its history that existed already in the 1950’s. Just a hint, the Casio timepiece is made from titanium and sapphire crystal cases that make it more scratch-resistant. 

    Also, Casio Oceanus is one of the most potent timepieces that Casio was able to create. Oceanus’s style and quality are very hard not to buy, especially for those watch enthusiasts who know more knowledge. This is undoubtedly a great buy and will not waste any single penny. Below are some of the best-seller Casio Oceanus you would like to give as a gift or a reward to yourself: 

    Casio Oceanus OCW-G2000RA-1AJF

    This model, also known as GPS Hybrid Radio Electric Solar, comes with a classic blue color and catchy eye design. This model features an easy link to your smartphone, and like any Oceanus, it has time synchronizing ability. If you want to look smart in your meetings or any gatherings, wear this on top of classic eyeglasses and achieve an irresistible spy-look. 

    Casio Oceanus OCW-T100TD-1AJF

    One of the cheapest Oceanus models, the price is roughly around 400$ in the market. If you want a budget-friendly but elegant design, this watch is perfectly fit for your needs. It will surely last longer than you can imagine because this watch’s bracelet is made of steel. 

    Casio Oceanus OCW-T100TD-1AJF

    This watch model is on par with other Casio Oceanus. It is made of titanium, making its outside appearance very attractive. It features a power-saving, radio reception and a lot more, making this watch suitable for any activities, wherever you are. This watch has unique functions. 

    Casio Oceanus OCW-G1200B-1AJF

    Everybody loves black, no wonder why this Casio Oceanus model is one of the high demand and always out of stock timepiece. With its overall black color, this masterpiece is undeniably everyone’s favorite, from its bracelet to the case. You can’t expect less of this model because on top of it is a second curve sapphire. 


    If you want a classy and durable timepiece, the Casio brand will fit your needs. It has survived many years and still makes it to the top as of today. From cheap to luxurious timepieces, this brand can provide everything you need. With the continued technological advancements, this brand continued its innovation to meet the markets demand today.

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