• Impeccable Alienware Aurora 2019 Gaming Desktop Review

    | Updated on August 14, 2023

    To enter the gaming world one should have gaming resources, graphics(GPU), operating processors, and maintaining SSD.

    In the vicinity of gaming desktops, Alienware too launched its masterpiece Aurora 2019, with exemplary 9the generation processors, 8GB RAM, and 1TB storage.


    Its quintessential display and design have taken mass attraction, so let’s go through its specs studied below. 

    Key Takeaway: Though the processor, GPU and storage are worth features to ask for in Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 but the price of $1,999 is a lot expensive to pay for it.

    Specs of Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 

    Dell Alienware Aurora 2019

    Respective specifications of Dell Alienware from its processor to its storage has been placed below in a tabular format to make it convenient for the users. Let’s have a look at it thoroughly.


    DesktopAurora 2019
    Processor9th generation, Intel Core i7 
    PortsApprox. 13 USB Ports
    Four type -A
    One type-C
    2 USB Gen 3.1 Port
    Ethernet Port
    SD card reader
    HD audio inputs and outputs
    Storage8GB RAM
    1TB Storage
    64 GB SSD
    Processing Speed4.7GHZ

    Feature of Alienware Aurora 2019 Gaming Desktop

    Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 Gaming Desktop, a next level sleek design has applauding features to lure the gaming freaks. Let’s see its interesting features one by one.

    • Processor

      Rating: ★★★★★

      Alienware Aurora 2019 9th generation processor Intel Core i7 manifests a processing speed of 4.7 GHz. The gaming persona of this desktop gleams with a decent inbuilt processor which embodies a paragon speed for the gaming freaks, withstanding the current metaverse in the next generation of gaming.

    • Storage

      Rating: ★★★

      What a disturbing element “insufficient storage” can play while we are running the desire to play the new 3D gaming vogue. Though Aurora has 8GB of RAM and 64GB of SSD, it still doesn’t fill the needs to the brim of a user’s demand.

      Poor SSD might lead to late overloading and ruin the mood of a gaming nerd due to weak performance in operating.

    • Ports
      Ports in Aurora 2019

      Rating: ★★★★★

      Alienware Aurora 2019 surprises one with approximately thirteen ports which are there to serve various needs of the gamers. Ports connect our device efficiently to the power supplies, sound stereos, charging & much more.

      It has four Type-A, and one Type -C with power-delivery virtues to enhance the experience of the gamer.

    • Display
      Display of Nware Aurora 2019

      Rating: ★★★★★

      Nware Aurora 2019 embodies a revolutionary design that tempts at its very first look. Its stylish sleek design with stupendous curved design is marvelous in addition to the  best processing speed and numerous ports assigned.

    • GPU
      GPU of Alienware Aurora 2019

      Rating: ★★★★★

      Graphic Processing Unit is the basic and pivotal feature of a gaming desktop that serves the graphic needs of the different games available in the market. With marvelous 4.7GHz graphic processing speed, it rules the thrones of gaming desktops in its launch in the year 2019.

    • SSD

      Rating: ★★

      With decent RAM of 8GB and a hard drive of 1 TB its 64GB of SSD does not meet the needs of gaming desktop processor performance and will most probably delay its operating feature in the very beginning. 

    • Pleasing Thermal Features
      Thermals control system in Dell Aurora 2019

      Rating: ★★★★★

    Aurora 2019 can withstand harsh thermal conditions and is inlined with a great cooling system containing valves that control its thermal units.

    Pleasing Performance of Alienware Aurora 2019

    Below are some well-studied pleasing gaming performances of Dell Alienware Aurora 2019. Go through them to discover the incredible Alienware Aurora 2019 performance.

    • Applauding Processing Speed
      Aurora 2019 and its processor

      With the 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor, it swiftly runs the system with a processing speed of  4.7GHz. This model is blessed with an exemplary CPU speed which balances the operating speed with outlined desires of a gaming world.

    • Praising GPU Unit
      GPU of Aurora 2019

      Graphics can either let you relish the game or disrupt every enjoyment or view through disappointed GPU speed. With Aurora 2019 NVIDIA GPU RTX 2070 you don’t pay the charges of dismantled graphics due to its 8GB GDDR6 RAM.   

    • Marvelous Display
      Excellent display of Nware Aurora 2019

      One of the major reasons behind selecting the Nware Aurora 2019 would be the attractive display that enchants the viewers at the first sight itself. The sleek futuristic view with numerous ports and a pleasing thermal system with its display stays one of the reasons behind its huge marketing.

      The 360 view of Aurora 2019 draws attention towards its case which usually looks a lot enlarged but is compact in structure thus fitting any room environment with multiple ports at the back to connect with other multimedia features.

    • Numerous Ports

    Alienware Aurora 2019 envisions a system that supports multiple ports including the A-type, C-type, two USB Gen 3.1 Port, an Ethernet Port, an SD card reader, and HD audio inputs and outputs, thus answering the needs of every query

    Pros & Cons of Aurora 2019

    • CPU Speed  
    • Display           
    • SSD
    • Hard Drive Storage
    • SSD                             ★★★
    • Price                              ★★

    Final Words

    Gaming desktops require three pivotal features of graphics, processor, and storage to rule the throne in the gaming era. nware Aurora 2019 describes an apt system for gaming geeks, but the only disturbing thing is the price which is too high to cope with. The display and multiple ports might tempt one and can be one of the reasons for its existing high market value. 


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    Ans: Alienware works specifically for computer desktops. Additionally, it also takes notebooks, media center, professional and recertified systems, and gear shop accessories manufacturing.

    Ans: Alienware headquarters are present in the Greater Miami Area, East Coast, and the Southern US.

    Ans: Usually, the considered speed of the best gaming desktop processor is 3.5GHz to 4.0GHz and Dell Alienware Aurora 2019 excels in this processing speed and thus is considered in the lane of the best gaming desktop.

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