Troubled AirPods User? Easy Fixes When AirPods Won’t Connect to Your MacBook

| Updated on February 14, 2024
  • Place the AirPods in the case before connecting if you are unable to connect AirPods with MacBook
  • Updating your macOS might make it compatible with the AirPods in case you were facing compatibility issues

“AirPods are supposed to connect with ease. Why are they not connecting? Wasted so much money for something like this” Proceeds to throw them in anger

Dora is here to explain. This statement comes from an average AirPods user. Do not be an average AirPods user, instead, have Get Assist as your personal companion to troubleshoot your way out of this. 

AirPods are known for their compatibility and ease of use, but at times, users can find themselves in the midst of connection issues such as “AirPods won’t connect to Mac” or “AirPods are disconnecting”. For all the users who are experiencing something similar with their MacBook, follow the blog till the end to know how you can fix this issue with the use of some simple troubleshooting tips. 

Probable Causes Behind Why AirPods Keep Disconnecting

Here are some of the probable reasons for the infamous question that says, “Why aren’t my AirPods connecting properly?

Any Other Bluetooth Device is Connecting to your MacBook

If there are any other devices connected to the audio output, you need to make sure to disable all the other connected devices or speakers when you are using your AirPods for personal or professional chores.

If the Battery is Dead for Your AirPods

The simplest fix to this issue is to place your AirPods in the charging case when they are not being used. One should also keep in mind to charge the charging case, as your AirPods cannot be charged if the case is dead.

When You are Controlling Your AirPods Unintentionally

AirPods are delicate, and we mean that literally. They can be controlled with the faintest of touches. This is why AirPods often are activated with clothing or when you are physically trying to adjust them in your ear.

Effective Methods to Fix When AirPods Won’t Connect to MacBook

There can be a number of reasons why a user might encounter this issue with their AirPods. 

Selecting Your AirPods When They are Inside the Case

Similar to the pairing process, simply keep the pods in the case, flip the lid open and select your AirPods manually from the list of devices to click on the connect button. 

Signing in from the Same Apple ID

One of the major perks of using AirPods is that users do not have to pair them with a device, provided that the device uses the same iCloud account as the primary one. If that is the case, pairing is a piece of cake. In case you are signing from a different Apple ID, chances are that you may face the issue at least once.

Choosing the AirPods

Oftentimes, users have complained that even after connecting the AirPods with their MacBook, you can simply try to click the volume icon or the Bluetooth icon to select the pods as the output device. Play a couple of songs to check if this fixes the issue for you. 

Charging the AirPods

Chances are that you are thinking way too much and your AirPods are just out of power. Charge the charging case and the AirPods fully and try again to check if the AirPods still won’t connect to the Mac or not. Checking the battery of the AirPods time and again can be a good way to avoid such issues. 

Disabling Bluetooth Service on Other Devices

It is quite possible that your AirPods are connecting perfectly, just not your MacBook. In order to stop this from happening, make sure that the Bluetooth service for all the other devices has been turned off.

Opening the Lid of the Charging Case When Connecting 

This generally applies to the initial pairing, where you have pressed the setup button for quite some time. Make sure to keep the case lid open while following all the steps for the initial process. 

Connecting the Charging Case to a Power Source

In case the battery case of your AirPods is damaged in any way, connecting it to a power source can be of help. The power source can either be your MacBook or the socket of power itself.

The Updation of MacOS to the Latest Version

At times, certain updates don’t support new Apple devices, and maybe that is the case for your device. Updating your system will not only make your device compatible with the newer accessories such as AirPods, but it will also enhance the overall security and performance of the system. 


The minimum requirement for the first second and AirPods Pro are macOS Sierra, macOS Mojave, and macOS Catalina respectively. 

Switching the Bluetooth on

This is one of the most common situations that users encounter while trying to connect AirPods to MacBook. Simply click on the icon that is available in the top right corner of your screen. In case you are unable to connect even after enabling the Bluetooth, some other factors might be in play here. 

Restarting the MacBook

All sorts of glitches and bugs can be taken care of in one of the simplest ways, that is, by restarting your device.

Removing and Re-Adding Your AirPods

Remove your AirPods with the help of the steps mentioned below when they are connected with the device but are not playing any audio.

Apple logo<system preferences<Bluetooth list and remove the device from the same. Connect them with the device after a while as a fresh pair to check whether that fixes the issue or not.

Cleaning the Charging Case

The charging case plays a pretty important role in the sync process and if for some reason, you are unable to connect your AirPods to your charging case, you will likely face this issue. Dirt and dust may be potential reasons behind this connection issue for the AirPods with the charging case.

Cleaning Your AirPods

It is not necessary that the dirt will only affect the charging case, the same can be said for AirPods, which can further prevent the pods from charging properly.

Resetting the Apple AirPods

If you feel that there are too many bugs and glitches and the device connectivity is affected by all these, try resetting the AirPods. Once you have reset your AirPods, you will need to connect them again with all the devices that you frequently use.

Contacting the Support Team of Apple

This comes off as the last resort when there is no hope. The team may provide you with appropriate solutions or even replace the AirPods in case you bought them recently.

These are some simple yet effective methods that may come in handy when the user is facing a connection issue with the MacBook for AirPods. Certain users have also mentioned that their AirPods keep disconnecting from their devices even though they have paired them in the correct manner.

If this happens to you at regular intervals, maybe it’s time you dug deeper into it.


The solutions mentioned above apply to both the first and second generation of AirPods, and for all the variations of both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

MacBook Hack for AirPods

Users may have come across plenty of different hacks for their Mac laptops, but this recent hack has taken the world by storm. Most of you might be thinking, “yeah okay dude, we already know about these hacks” but that isn’t the case with this one.

Users can stick their AirPods at the top of their screen. Of course, to some, this might be old news, but Twitter users are still going crazy about something so simple yet cool. There is no official document on whether it damages the laptop, but then again Apple has made a reputation for restricting users from doing things, third-party applications being the prime example.

Let us now answer some of the popular questions that are trending on the internet about AirPods and MacBooks.


Can AirPods be used with devices other than iPhone?

Yes, one of the reasons why AirPods are popular is because they are compatible with every device that supports Bluetooth transfer, be it Windows, Android, or even Linux for that matter.

Is it possible to connect two different MacBooks with the same AirPods?

Yes, but the sad thing is that you can only be activated with a single device at a time. It is impossible for users to have two sets of active AirPods simultaneously, although you can share two AirPods on an iPhone while sharing audio at the same time.
And this is it! This is all that one needs to know about the connection issues and the appropriate fixes for it with their MacBook laptops. We hope that this blog has all the answers that you were looking for. 

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