Zoom Vs GoToMeeting: Which Is Better?

| Updated on May 8, 2024

Online video gatherings are rapidly becoming the norm for many people. Earlier people were only concerned with wifi calling. But with the rise of these online video platforms, choosing the most reliable one can make your online meeting experience more memorable. 

Fortunately, both Zoom and GoToMeeting have come at the top of the list.

Both of these video conference platforms allow their users to host and attend various online meetings, conferences, and presentations at the comfort of their homes. Although launched much later than GoToMeeting, Zoom’s developers have used this extended timeframe to their advantage. 

So, it is no wonder that Zoom can stand side-by-side with GoToMeeting, one of the longest-running conferencing platforms.

Let us do a quick GoToMeeting vs Zoom rundown to see which tool is better for your needs.

Zoom Vs GoToMeeting: Usability

Video Quality

Aside from their similar web conferencing tools, both platforms have excellent video quality. They support HD video resolution, so you would not have to worry about looking pixelated in your meetings.

These two video conference platforms, however, require a stable internet connection. GoToMeeting demands only 1Mbps for HD calls, while Zoom requires at least 3Mbps. Hence, subscribing to an excellent broadband plan can let you enjoy your video conferences without any problem.

Among the best broadband packages to suit these criteria come from Sky. Once you subscribe to any of their plans, you automatically get a broadband shield from Sky to protect your online activity. If that does not get you on the hook, you can also make use of their deals feature to get discounts on your next plan.

Web Conferencing Tools

Zoom has everything a business team would need for their online conferences. It boasts of excellent web conferencing features, making your meeting and collaboration a lot easier. In terms of fun, Zoom also has a variety of virtual backgrounds and a Touch Up My Appearance feature to make you look more presentable. Some of its best characteristics include:

  • video conferencing
  • multiple screen sharing
  • two-way audio & video
  • private real-time chat
  • recording & playback
  • on-demand webcasting
  • presentation streaming
  • presentation tools
  • breakout rooms

But the thing that Zoom lacks is a robust scheduling management tool. Here is where GoToMeeting comes into play.

GoToMeeting has a reliable built-in scheduling management tool, enabling you to schedule your online meetings beforehand. On top of this feature, it also provides you with other tools to make your conferences more organized, engaging, and fully interactive. Some of its best characteristics include:

  • agenda & scheduling management
  • invitation & attendee management
  • legislative meetings
  • minutes & materials management
  • pre- and post-meeting tools

Zoom Vs GoToMeeting: Accessibility


Your GoToMeeting vs Zoom dilemma becomes more complicated when it comes to how large your group is. Zoom lets you host a meeting with a maximum of 100 participants for its Free plan. However, with a simple upgrade to its Business plan, you can get up to three hundred attendees. Meanwhile, its Enterprise plan can host a maximum of a thousand participants.

GoToMeeting, on the other hand, only allows up to 3 participants on its Free plan. Upgrading to its Professional and Business plan can allow you to invite a maximum of 150 and 250 people, respectively. Meanwhile, its Enterprise plan can host up to three thousand participants.

The remarkable thing about these two conferencing platforms is that you can generate a unique link for every meeting you hold. Your attendees only need to click on that link to enjoy their features without signing up for an account.


Both Zoom and GoToMeeting are accessible on your web browser. You can also get desktop apps on almost all available operating systems- Windows, macOS, Android, iOS. However, GoToMeeting does not offer an official Linux desktop app.

Zoom Vs GoToMeeting: Pricing Plans

Zoom and GoToMeeting both offer a Free plan with a 40-minute video call restriction, topped with their participant limitations. Aside from this, GoToMeeting only provides a few of its main features in this type of plan, making Zoom the better option for people who want to avoid paying.

It also offers a more flexible pricing plan for those who want to pay monthly. However, if you want a more affordable one-year commitment package, GoToMeeting offers slightly lower prices than Zoom. Below is a summary of the two conferencing platform’s pricing plans.

Source: Zoom Website

Source: GoToMeeting Website

Which Is Better?

Knowing whether GoToMeeting vs Zoom is the right web conferencing platform solely depends on your team’s specific needs. They provide you with similar features and tools that would make your online gatherings more engaging and interactive. They also support HD video calls, making your presentation qualities more appealing.

In terms of price, Zoom’s free plan may be a better option for smaller companies. It allows greater flexibility because it can host up to a hundred participants compared to GoToMeeting’s three-participant limit. However, larger companies can make use of GoToMeeting’s Enterprise plan, which can have up to three thousand participants.


Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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