Comparison: Zapier Vs. Integromat: What’s the Different and Which is Better?

| Updated on October 4, 2023

Marketing automation is one of the most influential trends on the digital marketing landscape. Research shows that 75% of companies leverage automation in their marketing strategies. For the best results in your automation strategy, you need to leverage the best tools. 

Zapier and Integromat have emerged as the top workflow automation applications in the world. Each of these tools has its unique features, strengths, and drawbacks.

This post explores the two automation platforms to help you decide whether to integrate Zapier or Integromat into your marketing strategy.

Zapier: Automate Workflows to Save Time 

Zapier is the leader in workflow automation, and this platform helps you connect all your apps to automate your repetitive tasks. The software stands out for the comprehensive integrations available for virtually every app. 

This software connects thousands of workflows for your business, and it delivers amazing flexibility to boost the efficiency of your business. Each zap has several triggers and actions which are key to the automation process. 

The Zapier automation tool brings the following to your business operations:

  • Speed/time saving
  • Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Visibility 
  • Scalability 
  • Improved customer satisfaction with prompt feedback
  • Streamline onboarding processes
  • Automatic administration
  • Easy automation setup
  • Versatile integrations 

Integromat:  Advanced Online Automation Platform

Integromat is a powerful online automation tool especially if you are doing a chatbot. It helps users connect their favorite apps, services, and devices on one platform without any need for coding skills. One thing that stands out in the Zapier vs. Integromat Comparison is the beautiful visual presentation offered by Integromat. 

The nice-looking, no-code visual builder allows for a visual workflow that is very intuitive. These make it easy to visualize the complex workflows as you build them.

With this automation tool, you can integrate about 295+ apps. With the amazing interface, you get the tools to automate everything you want in your company. This saves your business money in automation and time. You also get detailed information about execution. 

You can do a lot with this automation tool including:

  • Working with emails, files, or multiple email attachments
  • Parsing values from text
  • Data storage
  • 1-minute  intervals between runs 
  • Flexibility  (You can launch entire scenarios at once or one-time execution of individual modules)
  • HTTP(S) requests
  • Delete a record
  • Option to process data that happened from a specific date
  • Repeating steps within an automation

Zapier or Integromat? 

A Zapier vs. Integromat comparison is difficult because each of these automation applications has its strengths. However, the following are some key takeaways to compare the two:

  1. Zapier vs integromat pricing: While both platforms have a free plan, Integromat allows you to do more within this free package.  Zapier limits crucial features such as creating paths and autoplay to premium plans. 
  2. Tools and features: Integromat has more tools and allows you to do more.
  3. Integrations: Zapier wins hands down with over 1000 integrations. 
  4. Functionality: Zapier lines up tasks while Integromat offers a better visual presentation of the workflow. Testing each step of your workflow is easier with Integromat as you watch things in real-time. For complicated workflows, Zapier is more limited compared to Integromat. 

Wrapping Up 

Liron Katlan (SEO manager) says that The bottom line is that both Zapier and Integromat are incredible automation tools. Before choosing any, you should use the free trial to determine what suits your business. Zapier is easy to set up while Integromat works best for complex workflows.

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