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| Updated on March 21, 2024

Why Unified is a market leader in the dropship services space whose mission is to provide a team and infrastructure for all of your dropshipping needs. When you hunt for apps and services to fuel your business, it quickly becomes apparent dropshipping is a fairly fragmented market sector. 

You may locate a variety of services that integrate with each other, but there are few choices when looking for a complete vertical solution that masters the whole transactional chain from site builds to marketing and from sourcing to fulfillment. Why Unified is the only company we have found to be positioned to make this claim. 

In a nutshell, Why Unified serves two customer bases. One is the store owner and the other is the client who wants a store built and managed for them. Why Unified does both. They build funnels and manage ads for store owners or they create the store and manage it for you. You can find the details on WhyUnified.com.

Why Unified’s business website displays a pleasingly stylish and highly contemporary design aesthetic. There you will see convincing video testimonials by their existing clients attesting to their success and satisfaction with Why Unified’s Dropship Plan.

Why Unified Reviews

Digging deeper we searched out online Why Unified reviews to round out the picture. We concentrated on two review sites: TrustPilot and SiteJabber. Our immediate impression is that SiteJabber might be the site the company steers people to when requesting a review. TrustPilot is more well-known overall and the more likely landing place for unsolicited Why Unified reviews. Even so, there was a fairly consistent set of themes, and the distribution between satisfied and unhappy clients was similar.

The satisfaction rates overall are pretty high and fall in the 4-5 star range. The negative ratings are small in quantity, but as harsh as can be expected when dealing with clients who did not achieve the success they had hoped for. In cases where a client brought their own dropship store, it is not possible to discern if accusations against a service provider are merited without knowing the potential flaws in the client’s own business. 

Pointing fingers over business failures is a pretty common reaction in the online marketing world, but we speculate it is extra true in the dropshipping space because (a) dropshipping is challenging and (b) failures exceed success stories just like other business start-ups. If the client has a low-quality store or products they will fail regardless of the efforts of a hired company.

On the flip side, reading through hundreds of reviews generates the following refrain: a good number of clients say they had been a little frustrated at early results but ended up being highly enthused by their results as time passed. This is hardly surprising as Why Unified is an ads expert and initial results on any campaign can vary wildly, yet the products that will succeed generally gain momentum as the campaign matures and exits the learning stage. 

These are the kinds of commentaries we look for because at the end of the day you want execution on a plan over a reasonable time frame which Why Unified appears to do for the large majority of their clients. 

A key takeaway for us is there will sometimes be a disconnect between company and client over matters like proper ad spending budgets. In such instances, the company’s assessment may be correct, but you will never know if the client deviates from the plan. And those clients may end up trolling the company online and it is hard to ascertain who is actually at fault.

Overall, Why Unified’s online presence is strong and credible. There is no doubt this is a bona fide business with probably hundreds, if not thousands of clients, many of whom are successful and satisfied. There is no doubt there are live people running the show and when you book a sales call with them you’ll see them face to face. So do your research, but also book a call with Why Unified to get the full story to your satisfaction.

Why Unified Pricing

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to what it will cost you to run your dropship store. The bad news is you’ll need to pump some money into advertising. You need traffic and you need advertising to get it. But that’s going to be the case whether you go with Why Unified or not. So when it comes to constructing a budget for your dropshipping business add on the monthly ad budget to whatever you pay a company like Why Unified. That’s just how dropshipping works.

As of May 2022, Why Unified is offering steep discounts at the time of this article if you commit to longer plans. It is obvious they are incentivizing you to make a longer-term commitment and it is smart of Why Unified to do this. It sends a signal to the prospective client that they probably do need to think longer-term in the 3-6 months to get the results they hope for. The beneficial side effect is the savings you gain from the longer plans will make it easier to budget for your ad spending. 

The discount structure for paying in advance is 35% off for 3 months, 50% off for 6 months, and 70% off for 12 months. 

Their Ads Plan that manages ad campaigns for your existing store costs:

$289 monthly

$563 for 3 months (averages to $188 per month)

$867 for 6 months  (averages to $144 per month)

$1,040 for 12 months (averages to $86 per month)

Their Funnels + Ads Plan (the Ads Plan + funnels with landing pages and email marketing) is:

$489 monthly

$963 for 3 months (averages to $317 per month)

$1,467 for 6 months (averages to $244 per month)

$1,760 for 12 months (averages to $146 per month)

Their Dropship Plan (full service done for you site with products and fulfillment) costs:

$689 monthly 

$1,343 for 3 months (averages to $447 per month)

$2,067 for 6 months (averages to $344 per month)

$2,480 for 12 months (averages to $206 per month)

If you are going to use Why Unified there is no good reason to sign up for just one month when you basically get a full month free under their 35% off 3-month plans. If you are fully committed to executing a business plan on a 6 to 12-month basis then the pricing on the longer-term plans is bargain-priced and worthy of consideration. The Dropship Plan in particular at an average of only $206 per month when you buy the annual plan does seem like a great deal.

All three of their plans run managed ad campaigns for you and the pricing advantage here could be significant since Why Unified is a Facebook partner with pricing power advantages that only accrue to those that spend millions on ads.

Why Unified Alternatives

What are the alternatives to going with Why Unified? None really if you want their full done for your package in the Dropship Plan. There are no competitors for this service. 

If you already own a dropshipping store and you need traffic, then you definitely can choose Why Unified or another ad agency if you want to shop around. Because they are so tightly focused on the dropshipping space, you may be better off with Why Unified.

There are sites like AliDropShip that are only competitors on a surface level. They will sell you a WordPress theme with add-on upsells and the ability to add products by browsing AliExpress. That’s fine if that is what you want, but you’re still going to have to spend a considerable amount of time on set-up. And you’ll still need to spend money to validate whether your niche is good and your products will convert. 

The same context applies to Shopify stores. You’ll end up paying for additional add-ons, searching for products, and having to spend on ad campaigns. You’re the boss so to speak, but when everything is up to you then you need to be well funded enough to go through a learning curve while validating your products.

In sum, there are no true alternatives to Why Unified’s Dropship Plan when it comes to a professionally implemented dropshipping store run by a qualified team promoting tested products. There are clear advantages to working with a team that specializes in drop shipping exclusively combined with the risk mitigation that comes with that experience. If you are intrigued by the opportunity to invest in an income-producing web asset instead of running your own dropshipping store, Why Unified’s Dropship Plan may be your golden ticket.

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