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| Updated on March 27, 2024

Did you know that more than 1.4 trillion photos are expected to be uploaded online by the end of 2022? This was a prediction by Mylio, and if you think it is outrageous, consider that more than 300 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every day! 

Digital photos are part of our daily lives, whether you are a media influencer commanding a following of tens of millions or just a person who likes to share photos with family and friends on various social media platforms! It goes without saying, therefore, that high-quality and relevant images are critical to winning your target audio’s attention, and this is where AI image upscale comes in!

In this article, we are going to explain what AI image upscaling entails, how the process works, the competitive edge that AI has thrown into the game, and a variety of use cases for AI image upscaling. 

So be sure to read this article to the very end and even learn how you can improve the quality of those faded photos you took almost ten years ago!

What is an AI Image Upscaling?

The evolution of social media applications is at its best, with new platforms like TikTok stealing the show from established brands like Facebook and YouTube. 

These competitive platforms demand newer and better-looking images, and yet almost 80% of images uploaded daily are of very poor quality and contain a lot of digital noise! Some platforms have attempted to solve this problem by incorporating filters to improve photo quality, but this has achieved very little! 

So, how do we solve this problem? Enter AI image upscalers! But what are they? Glad you asked!

AI image upscalers are programs that use AI algorithms to improve the resolution of an image. They are your best bet if you are looking for high-quality and realistic and lively images and will certainly deliver better results than any manual image editor you will get out there. How do they work?

How AI Image Upscaling Works

AI image upscalers are super fast and will deliver results that will simply blow your mind away! And the good news is that you don’t need any special skills to use these tools. In fact, AI image upscalers such as Image Upscaler can enlarge pictures up to 4 times, making them bigger without compromising their quality or making them blurry. They can also increase the image resolution, making them crisper, in a process that is flawless and neat. Traditional upscaling methods mainly operate by increasing pixel levels, which causes pixelation in images, but AI image upscalers effortlessly enhance images, leaving the details crystal clear. 

AI image upscalers work by increasing the resolution of your images with just a few clicks or taps of a button. 

With so many images finding their way to the internet through online posts, many of these photos are taken by unprofessional people and sometimes randomly. These images also tend to be smaller pictures stretched out to fit various purposes, and they tend to lose their quality and detail during this stretching and enlargement! 

AI image upscalers work on images of different formats, JPEG, JPG, and PNG, boosting the impact of your visual content.

Improving on Traditional Approaches

AI image upscalers work based on sophisticated AI algorithms and deep learning convolutional neural network (CNN) technology. Unlike traditional manual image upscalers, which work by first enlarging an image and then figuring out how to refine it to regain its quality, AI image upscalers give images a high resolution and striking sharpness by picking from a collection of millions of similar images. 

By analyzing how an enhanced image would look, they are able to polish an image so that it attains its original appeal, removing blur, and image noise and replacing pixels lost through stretching. Unlike traditional image upscalers, AI tools are ‘automatic’ in analyzing the image and filling in the missing pixels. 

This makes them more efficient than traditional tools which require manual operation to keep their visual quality at higher resolutions. 

Benefits and Use Cases of AI Image Upscaling

It is therefore not hard to see how AI image upscalers have improved the image upscaling experience. Using these tools has many benefits on many levels from personal to business. 

Low-quality images can easily degrade e-commerce platforms and drive traffic away from these sites. Unclear images that look stretched can be a bit confusing to a potential client who needs to decide if your product or service is worth buying. AI image upscalers are turning this around, attracting more traffic with high-quality beautiful images. 

They seamlessly adjust the light balance and colors of your photos on your ecommerce store, making it a place that customers want to visit many times. Real estate and car dealerships also benefit from an enhanced image experience, as do other businesses where the customer’s purchase decision is largely motivated by what they see. 

Balance the color and brightness of your website by packing it with images that have very defined edges and with an original feel and you are sure to get as many clients as you can handle.!


No matter how much you are fond of traditional image upscales like photoshop, they are no match for AI image upscale. Also, the dynamic nature of their technology only points towards massive improvement, which means that we are likely to see AI images upscale and unlock possibilities that we could only have thought of as distant fantasies!

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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