Top 4 Phone Trackers in the Market

| Updated on March 21, 2024
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GPS phone tracking isn’t a new technology. You have seen innumerable apps that may track a phone through its GPS location.

But day by day, you will find apps that take the bar to the next level by adding such a lot more features. This will make it perplexing for one to select their favorite GPS mobile tracker program.

This is why I’ll provide you the 4 top GPS phone tracker for Android in this article.


There cannot be a discussion of the best GPS mobile tracker without TheWiSpy asserting the initial place. It isn’t just the absolute best mobile location tracking program, but it is also the easiest to use.

Utilizing TheWiSpy GPS phone tracker to monitor phone place is a piece of cake. This is most likely why millions of users are using TheWiSpy worldwide to track cell phone location.

There are lots of reasons for somebody to enjoy TheWiSpy. Some of these include:

No Program Installations

You do not need to download any app on your phone or PC to track somebody’s GPS location. It functions via a dashboard that can open on ANY web browser.

Easy Installation

You can begin with TheWiSpy with three simple steps (as demonstrated in the following section). Consequently, you don’t have to do any hard work on your part.

Stealthy Program

TheWiSpy works quietly like a ninja. If you’re using TheWiSpy, the other person will not even know you track their location (if you don’t decide to inform them yourself).

There are many other reasons to appreciate TheWiSpy. However, I suggest you check them out in the free demo available on TheWiSpy ‘s website.

In TheWiSpy ‘s Location track, the device’s live location will be available here and in recent places. You can gain knowledge regarding the whereabouts of this individual ultimately.

Further, you can make the most of the Geofencing feature too. It allows you to limit the user’s location to a specific border as you desire. If the place crosses this border, you receive an alert.


When there is a program on the market that stands in precisely the same space as TheWiSpy, it’s Spyic. It offers a web-based GPS mobile tracker that will enable you to monitor any apparatus 24×7.

It’s straightforward and easy, does not need root or jailbreak, and is very enjoyable to use. 

In case you’re searching for an excellent GPS tracker, even if you are a fan of action sports and long-distance traveling — this app is for you!

Record tracks of your excursions and discusses them with your friends!


Glympse is a minimalistic app that may track GPS location. If you want to know the precise location, all you need to do would be to require a ‘Glympse’ through this program. If this person permits, you’ll get a short window of their live site.


Were you aware that even WhatsApp permits for live location sharing? Yes, that’s true.

If you’re blessed with someone, and suddenly, you want to understand where they are; you can ask them to send you their dwell location through WhatsApp. However, this place is only going to last for up to eight hours.


Now that I have given you one of the 4 best GPS phone tracker apps, it’s up to you to choose which program to choose. It mostly depends on what you require.

In my experience, there is nothing I enjoy more than TheWiSpy and Spyic. This is because these apps enable me to track a phone’s location without the individual, even finding out.

The best part is that they provide tons of other unimaginable features too!

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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