TheWiSpy Review: Best Spy App for Android That Works Remotely

| Updated on May 8, 2024

The Internet has enormous dangers for its users apart from the advantages it provides. Studies have shown that kids are at the highest stake because of internet threats. The crimes such as sex predation, cyberbullying, identity theft are typical that target young children. 

TheWiSpy Review

In the innocence of such age, teens get trapped and start to get affected by the negative side of the internet. The most common results of such distress are mental health illnesses due to the abuse. Parents of the new generation are worried because they can’t provide a healthy online environment for kids. 

The reasons might be that they’re not around them all the time because of their work. Instead of forcing children to reduce mobile usage, you should adopt an alternative solution. TheWiSpy is one of the best spy apps that provide remote monitoring. You can get the TWS app on your child’s device and, without physical contact, have remote control over their digital life. 

TheWiSpy- An Overview 

TheWiSpy is the enormous help a parent can get to ensure children’s security by providing detailed insights into their social and digital life. It offers spying services for android phones and tablets where you can monitor every activity. 

You can install a mobile version of the best phone tracker app on your target phone, such as your child’s phone. It will get permission from the cell phone to enter and fetch necessary information when needed in the future. The user on the other end has a web-based interface that includes features listed on the screen. 

You, as a user, can command from your account and view the tracked data through your account. The app uploads all the results on the online portal after it worked all the data through a stealth mode. It is a good part about the Whatsapp spy app because the target won’t know that there is a spy app in the first place. 

How TheWiSpy is Best for Remote Spying?

The primary purpose of a tracking app is to offer a way for the user to spy from a distance. But the apps available in the market don’t offer many remote features apart from monitoring remotely. On the other hand, offers exceptional and unlimited remote features that you can use to control your kids’ lives for the better. Apart from that, it has many excellent qualities that make it one of the best spy apps worldwide. 


1. Remote Commands:

As mentioned above, TheWiSpy offers remote commands that help the user change files or block contacts remotely. For example, call recording, camera spy, surround recording, and many other. So you can make sure that no harasser can approach your kid as you can block them. 

2. Quality Output:

When you choose TheWiSpy to hack a phone number, you will get quality output. The app is designed on advanced technology and is improving with time. That’s why the latest versions of the app keep coming, because to TheWiSpy, quality matters.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

What matters is how a user can find ease to hack phone numbers through spy apps. TheWiSpy has a user-friendly interface where you will find features listed quickly. You can click on any function, and the app will start fetching data right away. You will receive a final output on your screen at the end of the process.

4. Reasonable Pricing:

TheWiSpy offers excellent tracking services at reasonable pricing that it’s almost surreal. In addition, it offers more than 30 features for tracking in different plans. So you can choose a plan under your budget and enjoy unlimited advantages of the app.

5. Accurate Information:

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on an app when it doesn’t provide correct information on time, and then there’s no use for it—TheWiSpy phone tracker app guarantees 100% authentic information in a fraction of seconds. So, for example, if you want to track your teen’s live location, then the best spy apps will start to gather information and provide the exact location and history of visited places in no time.

TheWiSpy Features:

Advanced Features:

Call Log Monitoring:

TheWiSpy can help you gain access to call logs to view details of call exchanges, duration, and contact details. As a result, you can keep a better track of who your children are contacting daily and track them down in case of an emergency. 

Whatsapp Spy App:

TheWiSpy is a Whatsapp spy app that offers a dedicated feature of spying text messages remotely. You will have free access to all social apps. You can also read texts exchanged with your friends and strangers. In addition, with this feature, you can hear voice messages sent through WhatsApp. 

App Monitoring:

Today’s generation strongly connects with applications, either its social media apps, entertainment apps, or gaming apps. But they get carried away with its usage, and that can be harmful to their life. It doesn’t offer android spy app remote installation, but you can remotely keep track of their activities. And when needed, you can also block accounts or uninstall apps from your end.


TheWiSpy stores all the typed keywords on the target device. You can use these loggers to enter into any app without permission. You won’t have to figure out passwords because the stored information will be entered by default anytime you log in. 

Web Browser Controls:

You can access the web browsers of your kids’ phones. So you’ll view browsed history, saved cookies, details of visited sites. So you can ensure that they’re not watching anything inappropriate through the Internet. It is essential to keep track because every type of content is accessible easily nowadays. 

Remote Features:

Camera Spy:

You can remotely click pictures using the target phone’s camera. The app captures the photos and then uploads them on the online portal. You can see the results in good quality and download if you want. It is an advanced feature in the spying world because you can view with your own eyes where your child is or either safe or not. 

Recording Calls:

You can use the app to record phone calls when you feel the need to spy in detail. For example, it can be for the benefit of your child as strangers may have harassed them. You can make sure by recording the call and listening remotely. The audio file is uploaded to the account after the recording ends.

Surround Recording:

If you want to hear the live conversation and can’t be at the spot, this feature is all you need. First, you should activate this feature, and the app starts recording through the microphone. Then, without sending any signals to the target, it uploads the files on the TWS account. You can even hack your phone number using this app. 

Multimedia Control:

The spy app for android remote installation allows you to make changes to the stored files such as delete, hide, transfer images and videos. You can also block a contact, account and even delete an app using this feature. 

TheWiSpy Price Plans:

Standard Package:

  • 1-month-$19.99
  • 3-month-$49.99
  • 6-month-$79.99

Premium Package:

  • 1-month- $29.99
  • 3-month-$59.99
  • 6-month-$89.99

Starter Package:

  • 15-days-$9.99

Yes, TheWiSpy is completely illegal. The main services that TWS provides are parental controls and employee monitoring. The users have the purpose of providing security or ensuring security. 

Can I Remotely Install TheWiSpy?

No, TheWiSpy does not offer android spy app remote installation. That’s because it is impossible to install it on another device remotely. Instead, you have to access the device one time and then quickly start monitoring remotely. 


TheWiSpy is a perfect android spy app because it has simple functionality that is understandable for most users. And at the equivalent time, it offers quality results like other competitors with complex interfaces. However, if you want to master remote tracking, then TWS is a better approach for you. With highly advanced remote features, you can get any data in no time. In addition, you can get different subscription packages under budget, so you don’t have to compromise over quality.

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