CoinMooner Platform Review 2023

| Updated on May 8, 2024
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If you’re interested in learning what cryptocurrencies whales are buying, you are probably looking for a good coin listing website. This article will review one such site: CoinMooner. In simple words, CoinMooner is a website or platform for selling cryptocurrency. In this review, you will find the features and new coin listing of CoinMooner, as well as how to use it. Read the article further to know if it is really worth the hype.

CoinMooner Platform Details

Crypto has become such a popular method to invest nowadays that the central banks are getting lost because of it. You can buy and sell unique coins here. CoinMooner is a cryptocurrency platform made for the crypto community. It holds the aim of making crypto more accessible to not only the big sharks but also to the beginners. 

It offers a new coin listing to buy and has many advantages as well, as it uses blockchain technology to host fun games. The platform contains the latest economic shifts, news, and many entertainment features. Not only that, but it features games and a coin tracker, making it easy to add your own new crypto listings. Read the article further to know all the features and services provided by Coinmooner. 

Features of CoinMooner 

If we talk about the advantages, then CoinMooner has several benefits for everyone! The first one starts with the first impression of the site, that is the interface. CoinMooner has quite a simple interface, which makes it clear and easy to access for everyone. Not only coins but there are lots of other useful information on the platform as well as the trends from the world of cryptocurrency. 

There is information about the cryptocurrency ranking, modern currency exchange as well as newly issued coins. The platform also offers lots of games based on the blockchain. Now you must be wondering if CoinMooner is really safe or not. Rest assured! CoinMooner is completely secure. It has introduced a KYC system. The customer data and the new currencies are carefully checked. Let’s know more about the advantages in detail. 

Lists of Coins

CoinMooner’s website has a coin ranking page that is handy for people looking to invest in tokens. Its token listings provide a lot of useful statistics for all of its coins. Each token listing includes the coin’s market cap, trading history, and launch date. A new crypto listing appears regularly on the site and the rating also updates daily.  

When deciding whether to invest in cryptocurrency or not, it’s always useful to get a sense of its general performance on the market. CoinMooner makes this information easy to find and understand so that even those with limited experience in crypto can get a sense of current trends. The new coin list will also help you track the market price of coins, the date of launch, and the percentage of its exchange within the next 24 hours.  

Blockchain Games

CoinMooner champions blockchain-based gaming, listing nearly seventy games on its site. Playing these games, CoinMooner’s users not only get to have a little fun but also have the chance of winning financial incentives while they play.

Today, blockchain technology is only becoming more and more popular. CoinMooner will likely host even more games on its site in the near future.


Airdrops are when crypto coin projects release tokens to the members of their community, usually for free. In short, airdrops are a way to encourage people to engage with the project and purchase more of the coin.

CoinMooner has a long list of ongoing airdrops on its site and also allows people to easily add their own airdrops.

Traffic Stats

There are promotion services on the platform that can be used to improve sales and views of the coin in the new token listing. Through this, at least 10 to 40 people will be able to view your development daily. There are also a lot of advertising options like rotating wide banners on the site and email and telegram community. 

Cryptocurrency Exchange 

The platform also offers a Cryptocurrency exchange service and users can follow the exchange rate. The exchange rate is presented on major payment systems and the process is quite easy and doesn’t take much time. 

Convenient Filter and Search 

The website also contains a very convenient search box. If there’s anything you can’t find on the website, simply search for the query in the special search box and you will get the desired results. 

There’s also a filter system in the coin section, which helps you to sort the coin based on certain criteria. The coins can be filtered by: 

  • the best of all time;
  • new products;
  • coins in pre-sale;
  • tested;
  • doxxed.
Convenient Filter

How to Add a Coin to the CoinMooner Platform

Adding a new crypto listing to CoinMooner couldn’t be simpler. You’ll need to input some details about your coin, including the name, symbol, description, price, and launch date.

Promoting the Coin

Once you’ve added your new token listing to CoinMooner’s crypto tracker, it’s super easy to promote your project. There are several different promotions available through the site, including banners, pop-ups, promotions, and KYC functions for projects. You can even arrange for a tech audit from blockchain security specialists.

CoinMooner’s promotions services start at the competitive price of 0.2 BNB (roughly USD 87). On top of that, CoinMooner offers discounts, too. All in all, the site makes it easy to get your coin all the exposure you want.


What is Mooner Coin?

Mooner Coin ($MOONER) is the name given to the CoinMooner coin. If you invest in this token, you can use it to get discounts on promotions for your own token listings. According to the $MOONER crypto listing, you can also use it for games, NFT purchases, and even more. Not to mention even the dark web works on these coins and cryptocurrency. 


On the whole, CoinMooner definitely seems like a website with a lot of promise. It is extremely easy to use, whether you just want some reliable information on token listings, or if you want to make a new crypto listing yourself. There are also plenty of opportunities for you to have a little fun on the site as well: you can play games to win financial rewards or participate in airdrops to get tokens for free. 


Is CoinMooner legit?

Yes! CoinMooner is a reputed and well-known website in the crypto world.

Is CoinMooner safe?

Yes! CoinMooner is completely safe! Not only that, but CoinMooner also offers a KYC system, and all the users and coins are properly checked. 

What is CoinMooner?

CoinMooner is a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency. There are many other features of this platform like fun games, new, economic trends, etc.

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