Come to Another Level with the Virtual Number and Its Possibilities

| Updated on March 27, 2024
Possibilities of Virtual Numbers

Virtual phone numbers (VNs) are actively used today across the globe. You can conduct various negotiations and make calls to other countries with their help, while the cost of such conversations is practically worth nothing. There is not always enough money for five minutes of a conversation when using conventional mobile communications. Almost all call centers use a similar connection to contact customers. Virtual telephony helps you to successfully build your business and it does not require huge costs. However, in this case, it is important to choose the right IP provider, which can conceive the most advantageous offers. 

Get Acquainted with VNs and Their Features

SIP-number doesn’t differ from the usual and familiar to us mobile communications by external characteristics. However, there are also distinctive features. The main difference is the connection method. It’s easy to understand what kind of connection method is used when working with a Virtual Number. Even though the Internet is used to make these calls, the connection is not quite simple and familiar. It differs from the calls that people can make by installing various applications and instant messengers on their mobile gadgets. Everything happens as follows: there is a special SIP protocol with which a conversation signal is transmitted in turn between two subscribers.

Toll-free numbers (800)

These numbers are greatly widespread as they help you easily create a popular and very comfortable for customers free call service. All incoming calls are paid by the company that owns such a hotline. It is possible to forward calls to your SIP managers, mobile numbers, and landline telephones. It’s useful to set up an interactive voice menu, voice mail, record all conversations, create an IVR, etc. This is a comprehensive solution for your business, as well as optimizing existing communication channels. 

VN: Advantages and Possibilities

It should be noted that the great demand for such services is because this type of communication has many significant advantages. It is quite difficult to list all of them since you can talk about them forever. However, let’s highlight the main points that help you draw very rational conclusions.

  • Connecting SIP-telephony will cost the company much cheaper than providing conventional telephony for the same number of employees.
  • You do not need to sign any documents to get a VN. The agreement with a provider is valid until the client wants to terminate it unilaterally.
  • It helps create a common contact database for all employees. It allows you to see relevant information about the client calling the company on the phone screen or in the mobile application.
  • There are special VNs for receiving SMS. The Freezvon IP provider offers different types of features including VNs for calls, SMS, faxes, calls and faxes, multichannel VNs, etc.
  • The VNs can be used to send messages. They come either to the email box or to the phone of the number owner. It’s easy to read the received SMS from any gadget.
  • There’s an ability to use ready-made templates for call processing (according to a pre-agreed scenario, which facilitates the activities of departments).
  • Replacing regular beeps with a specific waiting melody can be used for additional advertising campaign purposes. You can also download a specific melody so that the subscriber on the other end of the wire can enjoy pleasant music.
  • There’s a possibility to increase the number of operators without special equipment. It is enough to have headphones with a headset to make calls via virtual telephony.
  • You can ensure that all incoming calls are handled completely by setting certain settings and selecting the appropriate routing scenario. Thus, no client will be left without attention.
  • The cost of a call using SIP telephony will be much cheaper than using a regular connection for the same calls outside the state.
  • The mobile application allows smartphone users to enjoy the services. Each SIP client will be able to make or receive calls within the virtual PBX by connecting to the network and installing the appropriate application.
  • Great attention is paid to security. Your data is protected since the number is not attached to an individual and is not linked to the client’s bank account.
  • It’s allowed to specify such contact in ads, information lines, marketing programs, and so on.

There’s an ability to join the conversation as it’s relevant when the manager wants to check what issues employees are discussing during working hours or to assess the quality of work. Moreover, a personal account has special settings that allow you to become a part of the conversation and discuss details. Modern digital virtual stations provide users with other additional features, so there is no need to hesitate – it is better to get acquainted with them and fully enjoy them.

Chitra Joshi

Content Writer & Marketer

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