• Toll-free Virtual Numbers Help Perform a Company’s Quantum Leap

    | Updated on March 26, 2022

    It is really important to have a reliable feedback channel with your customers in an increasingly competitive retail market. Anyone who ignores this demand can lose the battle for the buyer. Today’s leaders of retail divisions are sure that the Internet is an essential part of development. Virtual number is regarded as one of the most useful and widespread solutions for business, especially such a service (in the telecommunications segment this is really not just a number but a service), like the toll-free number 1-800.


    The main thing about the toll-free number is that only its owner pays for the conversation. Many people are familiar with advertisements that end with the phrase “Toll-free”. Such a feature not only enables customers to make an order and save on telephone call costs but also allows creating a certain image of respectability in their eyes. They are sure that when a large company can afford the 800 number, it means that such a business can be trusted.

    The popularity of the service is growing rapidly, as companies using 800 numbers return investments faster and get more income due to

    • Increasing sales.
    • Improving the quality of service (and therefore loyalty) of existing customers.
    • Enhancing the reputation of the company as reliable and customer-oriented.
    • Providing a free call as part of other services (such as technical support or a hotline).

    The use of 800 numbers in retail isn’t fenced in getting a feedback channel with consumers. Moreover, it helps companies to work much more efficiently while being multichannel (customers will always be able to get through, and you will not miss a single incoming call). The ability to call for free from anywhere in the country increases the number of customers. 

    A cloud PBX helps get the most efficient, reliable, and low-cost organization of work through a single toll-free number. In fact, this is an office telephone exchange located on the operator’s servers. You do not need to buy telephone exchange equipment to install a cloud-based PBX. It’s not necessary to lay new telephone lines because there is no additional wiring inside the office.



    The service users get the opportunity to

    • Perform flexible routing of incoming calls depending on the identified caller number, time of day, dialed extension number of an employee or department, etc.
    • Use voice greetings and interactive voice response (IVR) in call handling scenarios.
    • Record conversations to improve customer service.
    • Set up black or white lists.
    • Configure (according to a given scenario) call forwarding from 1-800 to any phone number or a SIP app.
    • Use many other features that the best modern PBXs have.

    Do You Need the Toll-Free Service?

    It’s convenient for business processes management, which is related to sales, marketing, and technical support. For example, for

    • Hotline. In this case, the 800 number is often used in conjunction with a call center, which can be either corporate or rented.
    • Telephone sales (telemarketing). The service helps to initiate a flow of calls from potential customers to increase sales and inform clients about goods and services.
    • Ordering services, for example, delivery of pizza, flowers, etc.
    • 24/7 help desk. A convenient service that allows you to promptly inform customers about the value-added incentive.
    • Support services. The 800 number is used to receive requests, complaints, and suggestions. It increases the availability of the support service and the degree of the company customers’ satisfaction.
    • Surveys and research conducting.
    • The most convenient and at the same time economical way of communication between employees (compared to traditional methods) who are on a business trip.

    All these benefits can be easily reached due to the decent IP provider that pays great attention to the customer’s needs.

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