Orbit Assets Review: The In-depth Evaluation of Orbit Assets

| Updated on May 8, 2024

Orbit Assets is an online broker that gives its customers the opportunity to trade foreign currency (Forex). In this analysis of the online broker Orbit Assets, we will talk about the positives and negatives of the service, as well as its dependability and other crucial details. You will be able to properly orient yourself on Orbit Assets as an online broker if you do it this way.

Orbit Assets was established some years back and provide its customers with access to a comprehensive inventory of trading instruments. The Orbit Assets company is well-known for being a commission-friendly Forex and CFD supplier. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the benefits and drawbacks of using Orbit Assets.

The use of Orbit Assets comes with a number of benefits. Listed in order from most significant to least are the following:

• Traders may use platforms such as MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and even cTrader thanks to the availability of this organization;

• You are able to initiate a deal with as little as 0.01 Lot at this time. This may be different based on the kind of account you want to establish;

• Since Orbit Assets does not implement any requotes, the possibility of slippage is eliminated;

• The use of scalping and hedging strategies is permitted;

• The company does not assess a fee in the event that an account is dormant;

• Withdrawals and deposits of cash are both free of any applicable commissions;

• Traders may access the trading platforms through the web, via desktop software, or via an app on their mobile devices.

Orbit Assets Make Use of SSL Encryption.

Additionally crucial is the security of both the website and the platform that you use.

It is essential that both your financial information and personal data remain secure whenever you use the Orbit Assets services offered online.

As a result, both the Orbit Assets website and platform make use of SSL encryption.

Secure Sockets Layer is a technological feature that generates an encrypted connection between the device you are using and the platform you are using. 

This method prevents unauthorized parties from accessing your data as well as your financial information and other data.

The presence of SSL security is indicated by the presence of a lock symbol in the URL bar of the website that you are now viewing.


Orbit Assets provides its users with several educational resources in a variety of formats. These include walkthroughs that explain how the platform operates, films that provide overarching guidance on the online trading market, and a variety of webinars and articles that go even further into the aforementioned subjects.

Users may utilize the practice account that Orbit Assets provides so that they can learn about the platform at their own leisurely pace and without any immediate risks. This practice account can be considered an element of education since people can use it. On the other hand, it might be difficult to track down the video that is part of the instructional materials. This is due to the fact that they are not hosted on the Orbit Assets website, but rather on the Vimeo account associated with Orbit Assets.

Orbit Assets Customer Support

Customer care representatives are able to communicate with clients in a wide variety of tongues. You may communicate with the Orbit Assets platform either using the website’s built-in live chat tool or by sending an email to the customer support department.

You may also contact the firm by phone and speak with a member of staff who is familiar with the subject matter of your inquiry in person. Because customer support is accessible around the clock, you can have all of your inquiries answered whenever it is most convenient for you.

Orbit Assets Conclusion

The CFD and FX trading market is dominated by a lot of great brokers and Orbit Assets is one of them. The online broker’s minimal commission rates for Forex and CFDs make it particularly attractive. There are also no outrageous fees for depositing or withdrawing cash. A component of the Orbit Assets website is devoted to providing information to its visitors. Videos, webinars, blogs, and articles all provide excellent resources for learning. The platform is more interesting for beginners because of this schooling.

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