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| Updated on February 29, 2024

SyncMate is a software that helps to sync Mac with all the other accounts. The most extraordinary trait of this software is that it does not need buying; it can be easily downloaded. And it is only Mac supporting software that allows it to be synced to numerous devices, be it Android, Google Drive, Google sync, and backup or iCloud all at the same time. Moreover, it is not just about regular accounts even online accounts can also be synced. 

In today’s modern world, it is important to remain up to date about the new technological breakthroughs and how it will benefit humankind. It happens that one does not always have the documents and folder in hand because it is saved in some other document that the person was not carrying. 

Hence, it becomes essentially crucial that each device is connected and synced with each other so that the person can access information at the drop of the hat. SyncMate performs a similar task. So, if you lose your precious phone and you are worried about the data you have lost, you do not need to anymore. 

All your schedules, photos, calendars can be accessed from other devices. This software helps you to sync all your devices and numerous accounts from various platforms can be added all at the same time. Even after taking such a vast amount of information it does not lag in its service. 

Another point which becomes a head-turner for most is the fact that online accounts can also be synced with the help of SyncMate. The capabilities of this synchronizing software are not limited to the storage option. SyncMate lets you manage messages and call logs directly from your Mac device, all the while updating all the devices automatically in the background. 

How to Use SyncMate?

  • Download and install SyncMate. 
  • One can even update to the expert edition. 
  • Launch the software. 
  • Click on the “Add New” option in the left-hand menu and select the account you would like to stick to. 
  • Login to that specific account that you want to sync. 
  • Hit “Sync” to start the process. 
  • Do this every account that you want to sync, it’s the same process. 


SyncMate is not a typical synchronizing software. It is a software that helps you to synchronize a plethora of accounts, both online and offline which damages it. Moreover, it saves time and money for the individual who is getting it as now he/she does not have to install different synchronizing tools for each of the applications. One of the perks of getting this software is, you do not have to purchase but download it. Thus, SyncMate is an ideal synchronizing software for those who would like to save time and space. It is also ideal for people who would like to keep important information on hand and get quick access to important folders and documents.

L. Dias William

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