How Can You Protect Your Mac?

| Updated on March 1, 2024

Cyber insecurity is becoming quite a challenge as the world becomes more digitized. However, you do not need to go to great lengths to secure your mac device from malware and other cyber threats. You can secure the data on your mac devices through a few simple steps.

Mac devices have inbuilt security settings that could protect your device from various malware and viruses. However, most people do not use these features effectively, and mac devices are often left vulnerable to cyber-attacks as private data and personal information is not 100% secured. This article gives you a few tips that will provide you with complete protection from external attacks. 

Tips to Securing your Mac

Secure the Device Using Strong Passwords

Setting up passwords that cannot be easily cracked keeps your information safe.

Encrypt the Data on Your Mac Device 

You can use FileVault to encrypt the data on your Mac device if it contains confidential information. Using FileVault encryption will protect the stored information from being copied or seen by unauthorized persons. The FileVault encodes the data in your mac device by locking it. Hence unauthorized persons cannot access the data unless they have a password to the vault. 

Set up logins for new users.

If several people use your mac device, you can secure the information stored inside by setting up separate users who only get access to your mac device through user login. This prevents unauthorized people from accessing the information on the device and separates user files so that users access files only in their settings. This prevents users from modifying or seeing information that belongs to other users. 

Set-up Log-out Option for Inactive Users.  

You can also protect your mac by automatically logging out users when the device is idle or remains inactive over a certain period. You should also set up a password requirement every time the user activates it from sleep or a screen saver. This can be a hustle, especially if you use your mac computer alone. To make your work easier, you need to set up a hot corner to click whenever you need to unlock your screen immediately.

Limit the Number of Administrative Users

If it’s a personal device, set up one administrator who will initially set up the mac for use by different users. However, if it is an office device, you could opt to have one or more administrators. These administrators can manage the users using the machine, create or delete users, install or uninstall software, and change the device’s settings. 

Limit the Number of Users with Administrative Privileges 

The administrator should also create a standard account to use when administrative privileges are not required. This will allow the administrator account only to execute administrative functions and prevent the loss or breach of data if the administrator is attacked. 

Protect Your Mac Using a Mac Antivirus

You might think that your Mac device doesn’t need an antivirus because the macOS does a good job in securing devices against cyberattacks. However, it does not provide 100% protection. You, therefore, need to boost your device’s protection using an antivirus designed for mac devices. Below is a list of top-rated antivirus for apple devices. Check which antivirus is good for your Mac device and protect it. While you search for the best antivirus for your device, ensure you check whether the antivirus has the following features: A comprehensive antivirus scanner, real-time malware detection, anti-phishing, ransomware, and network firewall. These features provide extra protection in addition to the macOS. 

Intego Antivirus

One of the most effective antiviruses for mac devices is the Intego antivirus. Intego quickly detects malware and viruses and comes with a variation of Mac-focused optimization and cybersecurity features. Its malware scanner can detect trojans, ransomware, and spyware quite fast. 

Other features that make this antimalware program one of the best for your mac device include; real-time malware protection, mac clean up and optimization, intelligent firewall, backup tools, and parental controls. 

Inigo’s firewall, NetBarrier, automatically optimizes the firewall settings depending on your current location. It also allows you to give permission or block programs trying to connect to your internet.

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee is one of the most reliable anti-malware programs for Mac devices. It detects a wide range of malware including spyware and hidden keyloggers and blocks all phishing pages and suspicious sites. It also provides real-time malware protection, has a network firewall, has scheduled antivirus scans, anti-phishing, VPN, and ID theft protection features. 

Although McAfee’s firewall is stronger than the macOS firewall, Intego antivirus is much better than both firewalls. Despite this, however, the McAfee firewall is reliable, easy to use, and flexible. It can be customized to fit particular network security.   

TotalAV Antivirus 

If you need an optimization tool for your Mac, the TotalAV malware detection program is a tool to go for. Besides Mac clean up and optimization, this tool also has VPN with unlimited data, a network firewall, and web protection. Although the real-time engine is not as effective as other programs, TotalAV antivirus has an easy interface to use and is perfect for people that are not tech-savvy.  

Bottom Line:

Mac devices need solid protection against harmful malware. You cannot rely on in-built macOS or use antiviruses to protect window devices because Mac devices experience unique malware that needs strong antimalware programs to keep the machines protected. Intego is one of the best antimalware programs you can use to protect your mac device. 

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