3 Easy Steps to Add Music to Your Videos

| Updated on February 29, 2024

Lights, camera, action!  The ideal footage for your upcoming video has been captured, but it is still incomplete. What special ingredient will help your program reach its full potential? Obviously, music! 

When you just add songs to content, you can create an atmosphere, evoke strong feelings, and improve the overall viewing experience. However, how can you do it without having an audio production degree? 

It’s time to meet Flixier, a user-friendly editor that makes it simple to add music to your videos. Your content can go from amateur to professional in just three easy steps with the right soundtrack. Ready to learn how to add music to video online?

Why Choose Flixier to Add MP3 to Video?

First, let us understand the importance and beauty behind these melodious tunes. Music is not something different from the world. Instead, it is a part of this beautiful universe. Have you ever wondered why a completely empty place like an empty void can have a subtle tone of silence? If we dive deep into the science, except for vacuum, there is nothing in this world where sound cannot travel. Even a room full of darkness and emptiness has its own melody of silence. Similarly, music is a part of our universe that no one can ignore.

Music is a thing that makes moments memorable and builds nostalgia. Have you ever listened to a song that you used to jam to and instantly got flashbacks of that time? That’s the power. It makes everything worth remembering.

Even if we talk in technical terms, Adding MP3 audio can significantly improve your content if you’re looking to take them to the next level. It is heavily used in the entertainment industry or even used personally to make some slideshows or vlogs etc. 

To edit or add harmonious melodies to your media, there are hundreds of platforms available online that can serve you with the purpose for free. But why would you choose this tool when there are so many other content editing options? 

Well, the best video editor is the one that makes video production a simple process with a gleaming appearance. That editor should have a simple layout and easy-to-use interface which is smooth for anyone from professionals to a beginner, regardless of their skill levels, and provide high-quality soundtracks. Hence, technically, Flixier wins the race. And you can make engaging visuals that’ll be appealing without having to learn technical skills or any degree in video editing.

One of the most essential functions Flixier provides is the cloud-based functionality. This respective feature authorizes you to operate your pending projects from any device with a Wi-Fi connection. You can start resuming your work where you last left it, anytime, anywhere. And you can also work as a team by enabling multiple user features in the same project at the same time.

Even sharing your project with others makes it simple to solicit feedback and show your work to customers, colleagues, or close friends and relatives.

But that’s not all. It has sophisticated features that let you edit your films with transitions, text, and special effects. You can easily add MP3 audio to your video and change the timing so that it perfectly syncs with your visuals thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality. 

And guess what: it has a freemium pricing model, so you can add music to the video for free!

How to Add Songs to Videos Online: 3 Easy Steps 

Your videos can be improved with the ideal soundtrack in just three easy steps. This chapter will walk you through the process you need to follow to add background audio to video online with Flixier.

To make your cassette of memories unique from anyone else, Follow our video editing tips:

Upload your media to Flixier

The song and the film should be added to your app’s library. 

You can upload media files from your computer or cloud storage, or you can paste links to YouTube or Soundcloud. Use our collection of unprotected tracks to find a song if you don’t already have one.

Drag the song to the video timeline

Drag your song and accompanying visuals into the Timeline. 

Drag the song back and forth with your mouse button to make it play in time with the content. The menu on the right side of the screen allows you to adjust the volume, pan it left to right, and apply an equalizer.

Download or publish your video online

Click Export once you have finished adding music to your video. Choose if you want to publish your film immediately to your YouTube or Social Media accounts after giving it a name. In three minutes or less, your video will be available for download!

The Role of Music in Your Videos

Music undoubtedly plays a significant role in your videos, there are various reasons why you should add audio in your videos more often.

  1. Makes the Video Memorable – Music is the bliss to ears. It is essential to make memories or build nostalgia out of that moment. If you add audio to a video it stays in the viewer’s mind for a longer time, and there might be chances that whenever they listen to the same audio, your content will automatically pop up in their minds.
  2. Send Messages – Songs have the power to send effective messages than just mere words. You can fill a funny, emotional, nostalgic, or any other emotion to your video with the help of songs. And this does not only get to the sweeter side. Through its tunes and production, music can also rise rage and anger within you. It holds the capability to motivate you or demotivate you. It can express your anger or your love.
  3. Improves Mood – Music is one effective way of refreshing the mood of the viewer. Even, studies have also shown that audios impact learning outcomes among students and uplifts their mood while having a bad day. It can increase the productivity and can increase your stamina. Notice doing exercise or home chores with music, the work gets done with a finger snap. 

These were some of the benefits of having music in your content. If you are interested to add songs to your videos get it done with the help of a good editor. You can also learn video editing by yourself and can even pursue that as a profession. There are videos available for free on the internet that can teach you video editing without charging even a single penny. For more advanced skills, you can visit various educational websites that can upskill your editing within some months. Video editing is a great option as a career too.

Enhance Your Videos with Flixier’s Magical Music Adding

Adding songs or tones to your films has never been simpler thanks to this editing tool’s intuitive interface and sophisticated capabilities. With Flixier’s cloud-based platform, you can easily work with team members, view your projects from any location, and share your finished result.

Use this editor to unleash your creativity and see your content come to life. With Flixier, there are countless potential outcomes that are genuinely wonderful.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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