7 Useful Methods for Parents to Read a Child’s Text-Messages [100% Works]

| Updated on February 28, 2024

For parents, it’s natural to worry about what children do on their devices. It’s crucial to know what kind of people they’re in touch with and if it’s for the right intentions. Thus, the need to want to find out what type of messages your child exchanges with friends and strangers.

One effective way to protect teens from toxic friendships and keep them safe from explicit content is by monitoring their texts. Checking every sent and received SMS helps a lot to know who’s in contact with them. 

Here, we present the seven useful methods for parents to read a child’s text messages without technical skills. Let’s see how they work to give you 24/7 surveillance on your kid’s phone:

Part 1: FoneMonitor – The Leader in Tracking Phone Text Messages  

FoneMonitor is a parental control software that has already helped countless parents to catch misbehaving kids. Besides, in cases where the parent was worried, but the kid wasn’t in trouble, the app clarifies. 

It works for both Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, no matter which device is used by your child, FoneMonitor will help take care of the problem. It’s an application you can trust since it’s featured many times on prominent media outlets like 9to5Mac and Mac world.

As the world’s leading text message monitor, the app has a vast user base and users in over 190 countries. Most people prefer FoneMonitor because it’s simple, reliable, effective, and very powerful. It can get you info regarding everything you need to know about your child.

Besides, you don’t need to alter your child’s device or compromise its security in any way. You’ll read iMessages without jailbreaking an iOS device or rooting an Android phone. There’s no need for technical programming skills. 

You can try the free demo to check out FoneMonitor’s potential. Without further to do, let’s see what you can obtain with this Message Monitor:

What Can Parents View Using the FoneMonitor Message Reader? 

FoneMonitor has a user-friendly online dashboard that contains all its useful features. Apart from reading text messages, you can monitor social apps, check web browser history, analyze call logs, track GPS location, etc. 

Here’s monitoring your kid’s SMSs with the FoneMonitor software gives you:

  • You’ll read all sent and received text messages in real-time to know what type of info your child consumes.
  • View contact details contained in each message to find out who they’re texting.
  • You can access important details like timestamps of each SMS to know when it was sent or received. 
  • Retrieve phone messages that were previously deleted to discover your kid’s most kept secrets and know their motives.
  • With FoneMonitor, you can see shared multimedia files such as videos, photos, and audio files.

How Can You Monitor Kid’s Phone SMS Undetected with FoneMonitor?

On iPhones and iPads

One good thing about the FoneMonitor text message monitor for iOS is that it works 100% remotely. You don’t have to install any app to begin monitoring. The software syncs with the iPhone’s iCloud backup account to automatically obtain data.  

You won’t need to access your son’s/daughter’s device at all physically. 

On Android Smartphone and Tablets

You can’t avoid the mandatory one-time access to the kid’s phone to download and install the FoneMonitor app for Android. It’s quick to set up; takes less than 5 minutes. Once installed, the app uses its cutting-edge technology to operate in the background and hide the app icon. 

In stealth mode, you’ll remain anonymous, and your child won’t ever suspect anything. 

Try out the free demo and check out the following easy-to-follow steps to monitor your children’s phone messages. 

Steps to Start Monitoring Kid’s Messages Without Jailbreak or Root

1. Sign Up  

Create a free FoneMonitor account with your email address and password. Proceed to buy a suitable subscription plan.

2. Configure

Advance with the set-up wizard and key in the kid’s name and age. Then, you’ll select their device operating system as either Android or iOS.

  • In iOS, verify the iCloud details linked to your child’s iPhone/iPad.
  • For Android phones, you’ll have to install the FoneMonitor app then wait for it to sync.

3. Read Text Messages

Access your dashboard and navigate to look for the Message Monitor tab to begin reading your kid’s SMS. 

Part 2: Spyic – The Runners-Up Message Monitor

The other useful parental control app to track kid’s text messages is Spyic. It fetches SMSs in real-time to help you keep tabs on your child’s conversations. It supports Android version 4.0 or higher and iOS version 7.0 to the latest.

Part 3: Spyine

Besides the two already mentioned applications, more reliable solutions function similarly. Spyine is a top-rated phone monitor tool that will not just track texts but all other device activities.

Part 4: Spyier

Next, we have a one-stop phone surveillance solution called Spyier. It has features made to cater to parents’ needs in looking after their kid’s online well-being. You can use its 35+ features to control your child’s screen time and much more.

Part 5: Minspy

Minspy has an excellent reputation for its set of powerful features. It can help you read a kid’s phone message from any web browser. You won’t need to touch your kid’s phone to see what they’re texting at the moment. 

Part 6: Neatspy

Neatspy is another renowned parental control app that uses advanced technology to monitor kid’s messages. You can use the app to track more than just text messages. It can help you view installed apps, check galleries, and much more.

Part 7: TeenSafe

The final solution on this list is the TeenSafe mobile tracker. It’s one of the best smartphone monitors that has helped millions of people to read their kid’s messages. You can use it to keep your child away from destructive persons or unwanted content. 


We hope our selection of the seven useful methods for parents to read a child’s text messages comes in handy. The apps discussed above work almost the same and are worth your time and money. Check out FoneMonitor today and have a feel of it.

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