Is Spotify not Working? Here are the Top 5 Fixes for It

| Updated on February 14, 2024

In this busy world, there is one thing that literally all of us strive for – Music. And the king of audio streaming and media services, Spotify remains one of the most used apps for streaming music even now.  

So imagine being all set to leave for work feeling refreshed, and as you press play for your favorite playlist on Spotify, it doesn’t work. Must be so frustrating, no?

But fret not, as we are here to tell you the why’s and how’s for the issue of “Spotify not working”. In this article, we are going to discuss the probable reasons why Spotify is not working and also list some of the common issues that you may face. Not only that, but will explain in brief how you can get away from this issue. So, let’s roll in!

Why is Spotify not Working?

There can be many reasons why Spotify is not working. If you are unable to think of one, give a read to the following points.

  • Poor network connection: It usually happens that we forget to connect with Wi-Fi or the mobile data of our device while listening to songs, and so the songs don’t play. This tends us to think the app itself is not working. However, if the user has the paid version of Spotify, they can play the songs offline as well as the downloaded ones. 
  • Corrupted local files: Over time, there are many files that exist in the apps which get corrupted and damaged. And if one of such files is in your Spotify app, it can stop the app from working smoothly. 
  • Issues with the operating system: It doesn’t always have to be the app that is at fault. The operating system (Android or iOS) could also face issues that can lead to the malfunctioning of the app.
  • Local or Platform Outages: It is rare but not impossible for the apps to be down or there are issues with the servers. And if the network that you are using is having issues, that can stop the app from working as well. 

So these were some reasons why Spotify can stop working. Now let’s discuss the common issues that you may face on Spotify. 

Common Problems with Spotify

Apart from Spotify not working, there are other issues as well which can give users a hard time. You can take a proper solution only if you understand its cause first. So let’s discuss the common issues with Spotify:

  • The Playlists are not loading.
  • There is an error in downloading the songs.
  • There is no sound.
  • Spotify keeps stopping.
  • Music keeps stopping randomly.
  • Daily mixes on Spotify are not accessible.
  • Your playlist(s) got deleted by the app’s end.

And these were some of the common issues that you may encounter while using the Spotify app. 

How to Fix the Issue “Spotify is not Working”

So now, we have reached the part which you all are here for. If you were able to figure out which of the reasons was causing your Spotify to not work, you can try following the solutions given below step-by-step.

Check your Internet Connection

There is a strong possibility why Spotify isn’t working – an error in the internet connection. If you have a weak or poor internet connection, this can cause issues in the functioning of Spotify. So all you have to do is check the internet connection for the device on which Spotify is not working.

Restart your Device 

Another way to resolve the issue of Spotify not working is by restarting your device. It may seem futile, but there are bugs and glitches in the device which prevent the app from functioning properly, so once you restart it, it will clear them and the app will start to work just fine.

Clear App’s Cache

If your internet connection is working just fine and restarting the device didn’t help either, you can try clearing the cache of the app. To do that, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Spotify.
Open Spotify.
  • Now click on your Profile icon.
Click on your profile icon.
  • Select Settings.
Tap on Settings.
  • Now scroll down and tap on Storage and click on Clear Cache.
Click on Clear Cache.

After this, the app will do a soft reset and the app will most likely start functioning smoothly again. 


You can also clear the cache data from the website version of Spotify. However, the Settings for the process vary from browser to browser and device

Restart the App

Sometimes using the most basic ways can help us get through difficult situations, and the same might be the case with Spotify not working. You can restart the app and see if it works. All you have to do is clear it and refresh along with the other background apps. This way the app may start working again.

Contact Spotify Support

Even though at least one of the solutions mentioned above may have solved the issue of Spotify not working, there is one final resort for you in case it didn’t—contacting the Spotify support.

To do this, you can go to Spotify Support and register the issue that you are facing on the app. You can also visit their Twitter account @SpotifyCares and describe your query to them.

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If you want Spotify to look into the matter quickly, make sure that you mention them any error code.

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Is the Spotify server down right now?

If you are ever doubtful or want to confirm whether Spotify is down, simply Google “Is Spotify down?” and the websites will appear with the current results for that time.

Why is Spotify not working on Android?

It is not necessarily an Android problem if Spotify isn’t working on Android. There can be other reasons as well for why Spotify is not working on Android, like — network or connectivity issues or corrupted files in the app.

Why does Spotify suddenly Stop working?

There can be many reasons why Spotify stops working, but if it stops working suddenly, then there can be a clash between the app and the device.

Why is Spotify not working on iPhone?

Since using Spotify and logging in to it requires a fast and stable data connection, it is possible that there might not be the speed that is required for it.

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