“Skype Randomly Closes Itself”: Issue Fixed

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Ever since covid-19 hit, many apps were already in the market but got a special bloom during the pandemic. Mostly apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Zoho became the means of communication for many – be it for school classes, college lectures, or simply for meetings of companies & the corporate world. 

One such app was Skype, and since it has already been used for meetings or conference calling and free group calls, it only increased over time. However, some users are facing issues with the app: “Skype keeps crashing.”

And if you are one of them, read the following article. In this article, we will discuss different reasons which can lead to the issue of “Skype keeps crashing” and also explain the different methods that can help solve the issue.

What Causes Skype to Keep Closing Itself? Here Are the Possible Reasons

As users have reported facing the issue of “Skype keeps crashing” after starting the app, the exact reason why this happens is hard to identify since there is no error message displayed. However, as much as we have gathered and identified the issue, there can be multiple reasons why Skype keeps restarting or keeps closing itself.

Now, we will discuss some of them below, so sit tight and read on to ensure you’re not letting any of those happen.

  • Forgotten Password: You may have forgotten your password; hence, Skype is not letting you log in to your account. Hence, it is also why Skype is restarting or keeps closing itself.
  • Audio Settings or Microphone Issue: Another reason for “Skype constantly freezing” can be an issue with its “Audio Settings.” If you ever logged out of Skype and then logged in, like in other apps, you may have been asked for microphone permissions and unknowingly denied it. Apart from this, the issue can also lie in the microphone, externally. 
  • Hardware Issue: The reasons why Skype keeps crashing don’t necessarily have to be internal only, and could also be due to problems in the hardware. If the device you’re using Skype on is having hardware issues, this can also result in errors in the functioning of the apps on it. 
  • Skype is not connecting: It is not compulsory for the issue to only be from your side, as it can be from Skype’s end too. If there is any bug in the app that needs fixes, it can also be a contributing factor to issues with the proper functioning of Skype. 
  • System Updates: While there is no decided reason why users face the issue of “Skype keeps crashing,” it has been mostly reported after they do system updates. So it can also lead to the issue of why Skype keeps restarting or closing itself. 
  • Skype is Not Supported on the Device: It might not cross everyone’s mind, but it also matters which device you use to have an app function. And for that, the device shouldn’t be too old or the app is no longer supported. Hence, one needs to go through the versions before starting any app.

Now that you may know why Skype keeps restarting or closing itself, let’s talk about its fixes and how the issue might get resolved. 

How to Fix “Skype Keeps Randomly Closing”?

The issue of “Skype keeps randomly closing” is not limited to only Windows users; others use it on different devices and face issues. They go something like “Skype closes immediately after opening” or “Skype opens and closes immediately on iPad.”

If you are looking for fixes for the issue “why does skype keep closing itself,” we will discuss some methods below to fix it. 

Check your Internet Connection

One of the most common technical issues is poor internet connection or connectivity. So before trying any method, ensure you have a working and stable internet connection, as this might be causing the “Skype keeps restarting” issue. 

Reset your Password

Another way to resolve the “Skype keeps crashing” issue is by resetting your Skype password. If you think this issue is due to Skype not letting you log in properly, you can try resetting your password and see if the issue gets resolved. All you have to do is simply follow the steps given below:

  • Now enter the email address you used for signing up for Skype and follow as instructed.
  • After that, your account’s password will be reset, and you will be able to make voice and video calls again.

If you want to create a new Skype account, you can go to the Create Account Page. You can also visit the Skype Support page for more information on this.

Update Skype 

One of the reasons, as discussed earlier, for the issue of “Skype keeps crashing” can be using an older version of the app. There is also an exception to any new version being buggy. So you may have to install the latest version of Skype. To do it, follow the given steps:

  • Open Skype and click on the three-dots menu icon next to your name. 
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Now click on Help and Feedback.
  • After that, Skype will look for any available updates itself, and if there is a new update, click on Install Now.
Click on Install Now
  • Once you click on it, the Skype installer will open and the installation will start. 

Clear Skype Cache/Reset Skype

If updating Skype didn’t help you, and you think the Skype cache has accumulated a bigger amount, this can also lead to the crashing of Skype. Resetting Skype will most probably help you in getting rid of the “Skype keeps crashing” issue and the Skype files which may have gotten damaged. 

Once you do it, your whole data on it will be restored to as it was in its original state. And to do that, you can follow the given steps to clear it.

  • Press Windows + I to go to Windows Settings and select Apps
  • Now scroll down and look for Skype in the list of Apps and Features, or simply search for it. 
  • After you find Skype, click on Advanced options.


Before clicking on Reset, make sure that you have backed up all your data, as once you click on it, all your data will be lost.

  • Now click on Reset.

And now your cache from Skype will be cleared, and it will be reset. 

See if it is Skype’s Problem 

When Skype randomly keeps closing itself, you have to make sure that you are not the only one facing this issue. As there is not much that you can do if it is an issue from Skype’s end. All you can do is wait and be sure that you have done all the security updates and have the latest version available.

You can simply go and check from Skype/Status or Heartbeat on Skype whether there is any problem with it. And if there is any, there won’t be an issue with just your device, but on other platforms like – mobile, browsers, computers, and others using Skype. 

Apart from the steps mentioned above, you can also ask your friends or colleagues if they are facing the same issue on the platform. And if they are, you can sit back and wait for the issue to get resolved from Skype’s end. 

And lastly, if you don’t think any ways are helping you, simply go to Down Detector and see if Skype is down. You can also visit social media to see if people are talking about the same. 

Check the Audio Settings and Permissions

If you are having trouble hearing the other person’s voice on Skype, but are able to hear music on your device, then it is most likely that there is an issue with the Audio Settings on Skype. So for that, you need to check whether Skype has full access to your microphone and speakers. Given below are steps for different devices:

  • For Mobile

    If you are using Skype on your mobile device, you need to make sure that the proper Skype permissions required are approved. To check that, follow the given steps: 

  • Android 

    Settings < Apps < Skype < Permissions < Select Allow for Microphone
  • iPhone/iPad

    Settings < Skype < Enable the toggle for Microphone if turned off 
  • For Computer 

    If you use Skype on your computer, you may face the issue “Skype closing automatically on Windows 10 or 11” and to solve it, follow the given step synopsis to check the Audio Settings of Skype on your computer. 

    Open Skype < Tap Alt < Tools < Audio and Video Settings < Enable Microphone if the toggle is turned off < Test Audio < Make a test call 

Apart from enabling the Microphone or checking out its Settings, it is also possible for the Microphone to not be working, a problem that might contain a hardware issue as well. 

Check the Video Settings and Permissions

Just like in the case of Audio Settings and Permissions for Skype, make sure that the same is done in the case of the Video Settings and Permissions as well. Follow the steps given below for different devices:

  • For Mobile

    If you are using Skype on your mobile device, you need to make sure that the proper Skype permissions required are approved. To check that, follow the given steps:

  • Android 

    Settings < Apps < Skype < Permissions < Select Allow for Camera
  • iPhone/iPad

    Settings < Skype < Enable the toggle for Camera if turned off 
  • For Computer

    Open Skype < Tap Alt < Tools < Audio and Video Settings < Enable Camera if the toggle is turned off < Check if there is a live video of yourself in front of the camera.

In case there isn’t a live video of yourself in front of the camera, you can try restarting the camera or maybe reattaching it if it is an external one. You can also choose a different camera if there is another option for it. 

Uninstall and then Reinstall Skype 

In case none of the methods mentioned above worked for you, then worry not. Because we have still got one final resort left for you – uninstall Skype and then reinstall it. It might sound like a lengthy process, but we have gathered simple steps to get this done easily. 

  • Go to the Control Panel of your computer.
  • Now select Uninstall A Program
  • After that, look for Skype and once it appears, click on Uninstall
  • Now the Uninstallation Window will appear and Skype will be uninstalled successfully.

    Once the whole uninstallation process is completed, you can wait for a bit and then reinstall Skype. To do the reinstallation process, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Microsoft Store, or simply look up Skype on Google.
Look for Skype
  • Once the results appear, install the app.
Tap on Launch
  • As you log in, you will be asked for all the details and permissions from the start and this will resolve all the issues with Skype.

    And with the help of methods, the issue of “Skype keeps crashing” will be solved by at least one. If you think that the issue is slightly less serious for following the steps discussed so far, you can try following the tips given in the next section. 

Other Tips to Try

If you think that the ‘Skype keeps crashing’ issue is only temporary and might get resolved by trying some simple methods, you can follow the tips given below and see if they help to resolve the issue.

  • Make sure that Skype is updated to the latest version available.
  • Try installing the Windows Media Feature Pack.
  • Change your Skype Password.
  • Check and confirm whether this is an issue from Skype’s end.
  • Make sure that the Skype system is reset.
  • Check your internet connection and try making a test call on Skype.
  • See the Permissions and Audio Setting on Skype. 
  • Check if there is an issue from Windows or Windows Update.


Is Skype still supported on Windows 7?

With Skype 8.56. 0.103 version, the app works completely fine on Windows 7 computers.

What is Skype’s latest application version for Windows?

For Windows 11, the latest application version of Skype is 15.

Is Skype getting discontinued by Microsoft?

As of September 2022, it has been said that Microsoft will begin inactivating Skype for Business Online Infrastructure on or from 30th June 2022 onwards.

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