• 7 Underrated Shows on Disney+ Hotstar that are Worth Bingeing

    | Updated on July 7, 2023
    Seven Must-Watch Shows on Hotstar

    Disney Plus Hotstar is a one-stop solution for viewers who want to access Indian and international content on their desired devices. 

    Besides, they can easily watch sports content including cricket, hockey, football, tennis, etc. live on their screens hassle-free. Currently, you can access the Disney Plus Hotstar media library in a handful of countries like India, the US, and Canada. 

    However, India-based video-on-demand service is also popular in different countries like Australia, New Zealand, etc. as it allows viewers to watch local Indian and foreign media content under one roof.  

    For instance, more than 400k Indian people residing in Australia want to watch their favorite Indian TV shows, movies, and other content through Disney+ Hotstar. But they cannot access Disney+ Hotstar due to geo-restriction issues.

    Therefore, they will use a VPN to bypass such geo-restriction hassles. This way, they can access Hotstar in Australia successfully and watch a plethora of media content on multiple devices. 

    Coming back to the point, if you are a fan of Disney+ Hotstar like us and want to know about 7 underrated shows you can watch on the famous online streaming service, continue reading this post. 

    City of Dreams

    City of Dreams is a Disney + Hotstar original TV show that delicately describes the dark side of Delhi and Mumbai politics. If you prefer to watch shows based on social issues like a drug, human trafficking, and violence, City of Dreams should be included in your streaming list.

    Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice is another original TV show of Disney Plus Hotstar that relates to different genres like action, suspense, and crime. What makes this TV show worth watching is its impressive storyline that explores the life of a cab driver compellingly. Surprisingly, the cab driver finds himself in a difficult situation when he is accused of murder. 

    If you want to discover some harsh realities associated with the life of a common man, watch Criminal Justice.      


    Hundred is another intriguing TV show that allows you to witness a unique blend of comedy and crime in one story. The storyline of the show revolves around a terminally ill woman who takes help from her cop friend to arrest a notorious criminal. 

    The Affair

    The Affair is an excellent underrated show that portrays all the highs and lows related to long-standing relationships. The TV show depicts the story of a struggling writer and a caring husband who leaves everything for her girlfriend, who works as a waitress at a hotel located in the small town of Montauk.    

    Their lives take an upside turn when they decide to leave their spouses to live their lives in the company of each other. 

    Roar of The Lion

    The roar of The Lion is a treat for all M.S. Dhoni fans who want to know about the infamous ban that kept IPL winning team Chennai Super Kings out of the game for two years. 

    Through this documentary, you will understand the viewpoint of other players who were part of the Chennai Super Kings at that time including Ravindra Jadeja and Suresh Raina. 


    Jett is yet another impressive TV show you should watch alongside your loved ones. The show does have a catchy storyline equally supported by a strong performance from popular American actress Carla Gugino and Breaking Bad actor Giancarlo Esposito. 

    In this TV show, Carla Gugino has played the role of a famous burglar who has been approached by a group of criminals when she is released from prison.  

    If you are a fan of TV shows related to diverse genres like action, fiction, and crime, Jett is the right choice for you.   

    True Detective

    True Detective as the name suggests is a famous TV show based on the crime investigation genre. Luckily, you can watch all the three (3) seasons of this spectacular crime-solving detective story all in one place on Disney+ Hotstar trouble-free.

    Wrapping Things Up 

    Disney+ Hotstar is a preferred choice for viewers who want to stream local Indian and international media content all in one place under their budget. The best thing about Disney+ Hotstar is that it helps you watch some of the best TV shows and exclusive licensed content at no additional cost. 

    TV shows and licensed content aside, you are free to watch live sports events on your screens such as Indian Premier League (IPL), US Open, etc. on multiple devices like desktops, mobile phones, tablets, Smart TVs, Apple TV, and others.

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