• How to Save on Cartridge Ink Every Time?

    | Updated on January 9, 2023

    Are you frustrated by the prices for OEM cartridges? You are not alone. Printer ink from famous manufacturers is one of the most expensive liquids on this planet. Office inkjet equipment may be sold for as little as $100-$150, but cartridge replacement may cost almost as much every time. Follow our tips to make savings with every purchase and buy the right ink cartridge!

    Use Independent Brands

    Cartridges from independent brands like Smart Ink are not only cheaper — they also offer comparable quality. Usually, you can save 20% or more every time. For example, an XL pack of 4 compatible cartridges for hp 902 ink costs under $55. In comparison, the official Hewlett Packard store sells each item for roughly $24. This means you can save around 50% every time. 

    Know the Difference Between Compatible and Remanufactured

    Third-party stores usually have two categories of products — compatible and remanufactured. The first type includes cartridges designed and produced by independent companies. They fit specific models of printers and mimic the performance of OEM supplies.

    Remanufacturing involves refilling, but cartridges are also thoroughly cleaned and tested. Providers replace any worn elements. Essentially, these are original shells filled with fresh compatible ink. This form of recycling makes printing more sustainable, as there is less waste.

    Know Your Rights

    One of the most common questions is, ‘Will compatible or manufactured cartridges void my printer warranty?’ Do not worry — it is illegal for manufacturers to punish you for using cheaper ink. The rights of Canadian consumers are protected by the Provincial Consumer Protection Acts. They work similarly to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act in the USA. Your warranty for the equipment will still be valid.

    Choose Stores Wisely

    The demand for affordable ink is high, and this industry is highly competitive. Yet, you can still find shady providers that deliver substandard products without any guarantees. To make sure your money is well-spent, look for this combination of advantages: 

    • Compliance with international quality standards
    • Testing of every product before shipping
    • Newest versions of cartridge chips
    • A warranty covering defects and transportation damage
    • Reliable packaging

    If your provider offers free shipping, you will save even more. Popular stores also hold promotions and offer seasonal deals. Check websites like Trustpilot for customer feedback to find a store that delivers on its promises. 

    Switch off Firmware Updates

    Printer manufacturers may not prohibit these products, but they can prevent their recognition. Updates for printer firmware may program your machine to reject third-party supplies. The solution is simple — just turn them off!

    Do Not Try DIY Refilling 

    You can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube, but refilling must be done by qualified professionals. Not only is this process messy, but it also has intricacies. First, it is important to inject the exact amount of ink. Secondly, a wrong technique may result in the formation of bubbles. Thoroughly, you can damage the sensitive elements, rendering your cartridge useless.

    Janvi Panthri
    Senior Writer, Editor
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