• How to Remove Watermark from Photo?

    | Updated on July 7, 2023

    Smartphones & cameras add real date and time to the digital photos when they are taken and saved. This feature of the device can be turned off, but if remains enabled then the Watermark Remover Software is the best option to remove watermarks and date stamps from photos. 

    A photo is not just a single click on the camera but an art, imagination, expression, exploration, or creative innovation. It can discover the untold story and value a thousand words! But photos with watermarks or photos with any other unwelcome pieces of stuff create an enormous nuisance and spoil the photo itself.

    Why to Remove Watermark from Photos

    Sometimes, people go out with smartphones or a camera with a date and time stamp to take photos and by mistake forget to disable the time stamp option on the device. As a result, watermarks are stamped on the photos. Photos with the stamps are problematic for different reasons such as:

    • The watermarks and time stamps spoil the photo itself.
    • Date stamp photos look unprofessional and cheap. 
    • Cropping the photo for removing the time stamp loses the main theme of the photo.
    • The so-called red-colored photo date and time stamp look very old and create interruptions.  

    Considering these problems, it is necessary to remove watermarks from photos to make the photos unique and lucrative. There are different software are available in the market to remove these stamps from photos.

    Watermark Remover Software

    The Photo Stamp Remover software is the best watermark remover software to remove anyone from a photo. The unique features of this software are a very effective and user-friendly interface. The following features are the advantages of this software and will enable users about how to remove watermark and date stamps from a photo easily!

    You can download Photo Stamp Remover at Soft Orbits.


    Remove Multiple Items from Photos

    The Photo Stamp Remover will not only remove watermarks from the photo but also gives users the options for removing watermarks, emoji, texts, people, and any other unwanted objects from photos. 

    Batch Mode

    Users do not need to select photos one by one to remove watermarks and stamps from multiple photos by selecting the following options:

    • Select a specific area to remove.
    • Select a specific color to remove.
    • Crop to the selected area to remove.

    Using above mentioned options, users can remove any type of date stamps, watermarks, texts, unwanted objects from all photos without traces. 

    Smart Filling of Deleted Area

    The Photo Stamp Remover has four types of algorithms to remove anyone from photos.

    • In painting
    • Hole filling
    • Texture generation
    • Quick remove

    Users can use any one of the algorithms to remove date, watermark, text, or any unwanted objects from photos.

     Play with Watermark

    Users can edit out a watermark manually using the Clone Stamp tool, Smudge Brush, or the Concealer tool, remove the watermark automatically, save watermark musk using command line or the GUI and add their own watermark for output photos. 

    Freedom of Editing Photos

    Using the features of this software users will be able to complete the following editing tasks:

    • Easily remove texts from photos.
    • Remove scratches, damaged areas, and spots from old photos.
    • Cleaning up people, emoji, cars, birds, buildings, etc. from photos.
    • This software is compatible with all types of digital photo formats.
    • Undo any changes in the photos easily.

    How to use Watermark Remover Software Step-by-Step

    Just download and install the Photo Stamp Remover software on the targeted device and follow the following simple steps.

    Step One: Add Photo

    By clicking the Add Files button, add a selected photo.

    Step Two: Select Stamp by Color

    Using the Marker, highlight the date stamp, watermark, text, or any other unwanted object by color.  

    Step Three: Adjust Parameters

    Adjust parameters based on the photo and its background.  

    Step Four: Click the Remove Button

    Now, just use the Remover button for removing the date stamp and save the photo. Your task is complete.

    Step Five: Try on One Photo

    Select one photo and follow the above steps to remove the date stamp from the photo.

    Step Six: Run Batch Mode

    Run the Batch Mode to remove the date stamp from multiple photos at a time. Users can remove selected areas by color or can crop the area.  

    Alternate Ways to Remove Watermark from Photo

    There are different software available to remove watermarks & any other unwelcome kinds of stuff in the market such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, also download Old Restoration Software and etc.


    Using the features of GIMP, users can remove anyone from photos.

    1. First, need to download and install the GIMP software.
    2. Need to download the Resynthesizer plugin
    3. Just open the GIMP 
    4. Identify the plugins folder location
    5. Back to the first location and copy files from the downloaded Resynthesizer plugin
    6. Paste the copied files in the first location
    7. Close it and open the GIMP software
    8. The Resynthesizer plugin has been added to the GIMP software
    9. Now select & open the photo to remove the date stamp
    10. Select the Rectangle Select Tool in the  Toolbox
    11. Using the Rectangle Select Tool, select the date stamp area of the photo
    12. Go to the GIMP menu, select the Filter option and just click on the Heal selection
    13. Using the Content sampling width (pixels) box, select pixels to 50
    14. The Resynthesizer will take a few seconds for synthesizing the photo
    15. Go back to the GIMP menu, export, and save the file ensuring quality as 100
    16. Open the exported photo from the saved location

    Why Photo Stamp Remover is the Best Watermark Remover Software in the Market? 

    The Photo Stamp Remover is the master software among the software available in the market to remove watermark from photos because of its unique features. It also ensures data security, works without the internet and no one can access users’ personal photos. The software is very fast, easy to use and anyone can use it without prior knowledge.

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