• Unique Promotional Ideas to Increase Orders from Your Cloud Kitchen

    | Updated on July 7, 2023

    Cloud kitchens have become one of the fastest-growing segments in the food and restaurant industry. In fact, the global cloud kitchen industry is set to reach 2.63 billion USD by 2026.

    With a lower footprint in terms of setting up, warehousing, and investment, a cloud kitchen business ensures fast growth. As easy as starting a cloud kitchen business is, it comes with its own challenges much like every other establishment. Cloud kitchens, apart from following conventional operational procedures also must adopt effective marketing strategies to ensure overall sales stay up and to retain customers.  

    Having said that, we have some marketing and promotional ideas for cloud kitchen businesses!

    promotional ideas for your cloud kitchen

    1. Quick Healthy Office Meals!

    With work from home quickly becoming the new normal, it’s becoming increasingly hard for people to balance work while staying healthy. Fixed or changing weekly, by offering quick and healthy office meals on the menu, your cloud kitchen offers the customer a break from cooking and makes it possible for co-workers to have socially distanced mid-day lunches together again, virtually!

    2. Live Entertainment!

    People crave the experience of not only dining out but also going out to live music and stand up gigs. Hiring musicians or stand-up comedians to perform on a particular day of the week and live-streaming the performance to customers ordering that day is sure to guarantee growing sales and keep customers coming back for more! You can send mass text messages to your regular customers to notify them about live gigs and special deals, thus increasing their overall engagement. 

    3. ‘Tis the Season!

    Offering customers festival or holiday-specific and limited-time meal packs, like halwa puri meals on Ashtami or a Christmas meal, is a great way to take the burden of cooking on a holiday off the people and help them enjoy their day with their families instead of slaving away in the kitchen. 

    4. Curate Themed Meal Packages!

    Granted the pandemic has left us with no choice but to remain indoors, our special days should still be celebrated well. What better way to ensure sales than to curate themed birthday, anniversary, or date night options on the menu. Offer curated pre-fixed and portioned meals along with special touches like candles, balloons, playlist options, or even birthday cake options to add value to these special packages. A cloud kitchen POS makes the facilitation of these packages seem like a piece of cake. By being a one-stop-shop for a celebration, the customers get a chance to enjoy their special day indoors while staying safe.

    5. Contests, contests, contests!

    The world is online, why shouldn’t you be? Harness the power of social media and run contests for people to comment and tag people with whom they’d like to share a meal. Deliver coupons or meals to the winners and their tagged friends, and facilitate a socially distanced date, meal, or party! This not only buys you brownie points with the customers but also helps in increasing reach and awareness about your cloud kitchen. With Petpooja incorporating these changes are a piece of cake. 

    6. Dessert Happy Hours!

    What better way to a customer’s heart (and phone) than through their sweet tooth? Offer special discounts on desserts or free desserts for a few hours in the day to prevent a sales slump. Make sure to keep the menu interesting and inviting enough for people to not be able to resist and keep coming back for more!

    Well if you start with these tips, we are sure the orders at your cloud kitchen will start multiplying. And with increased orders, you surely need a great management system in place. Petpooja offers you all the operational requirements and helps you manage your restaurant from any computer from everywhere. Now enjoy our specially curated marketing tips and leave the management to us. To know more visit  Petpooja 

    Happy Restaurant  = Happy Customer!

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